Unfortunately, this deal has expired 11 September 2023.
Posted 12 July 2023

Return flights Heathrow to Sydney - various dates in October and November (e.g. 30th October to 6th November) - £665pp @ Skyscanner

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Various dates in October and November

Example - 30th Oct to 6th Nov

Example - 30th Oct to 7th Nov

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  1. Gravitastrophe's avatar
    Probably a silly question but would it be possible to book this and just not take the return flight, instead stay longer - say a month - and book a single flight back to the UK later?
    Edge21's avatar
    You're much better off calling the airline and telling them your circumstances have changed. That way they can sell the seat again and you'll get a credit to use on another flight (should you wish to fly with them again).

    Otherwise, the airline actually have the legal right to change the price of the (now) one-way flight you took to something much higher (i.e. doubling the price) because they weren't able to re-sell your seat. Whether they enforce that or not though remains to be seen.

    Also, don't overstay your eVisitor visa in Oz - you're allowed up to 3 months on the free visa.
  2. darkh0rse's avatar
    Cold. Travel to Aus for a week? If you depart on 30th with those times you arrive on the 1st! Bonkers.
    blammo's avatar
    It's worse than that. You leave on the Monday evening and arrive Wednesday morning, then you leave the following Monday so you have 5 days at best. Even less if you lose a day to jetlag (edited)
  3. happenstance's avatar
    how about flights with a longer stop off? I'd rather stop off somewhere like singapore or hong kong for a night or two than spend a few hours transfering and getting on another flight
    darkh0rse's avatar
    Exactly. Complete waste of money booking these flights, unless you need to travel for a specific event, in which case it would be a bargain.

    For holiday or getaway these times are dreadful and by the time you've got over the boredom/jetlag of travel it'll be time to come home again!

    Edit: no Tier points to be earned either, Avios only (edited)
  4. Connor_Wattam's avatar
    I personally wouldn't go all that way for all that money for the sake of 5 days in Australia by the time you've got there as you're leaving Monday evening and getting their Wednesday morning.

    I'd rather pay a bit more and stay out there a while.
  5. Ukguy101's avatar
    I think I'd go raving mad stuck on a plane for so long.
    Joey.Bloggsy's avatar
    Pretty sure that ship has sailed.
  6. SunnyUpNorth's avatar
    Goes up to £713 if you knock it on to a 13th November return. Not too bad.
    darkh0rse's avatar
    Now that's worth a look-in! Heat for that one!
  7. roguess's avatar
    China southern with a stop in Guangzhou, so make sure your TWOV is okay.
    colt1209's avatar
    what is TWOV?
  8. grahamohara2's avatar
    Good price and good airlines
  9. shug119's avatar
    Nice price
  10. Snipperuk_Andy's avatar
    5days ..... Nice place but the opera house is smaller than you expect as is Bondi beach 😁
  11. saucymonk's avatar
    Yeah, I would really wanna flay to Oz for 5 days!
  12. Adam.Jackson's avatar
    You can extend an extra 4 days so your there to the 10th and the price is still the £665 (edited)
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