Unfortunately, this deal has expired 15 October 2022.
Posted 15 September 2022

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro Titanium 45mm 16GB Smart Watch (No Strap) + £100 Google Play Voucher - £324 / £224 With Trade In @ Samsung EPP

£324£36010% off
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Get this price going via perks at work, however you can try others like student beans, totum, reward gateway etc. Reduced to £324, £224 with any trade in, plus claim the £100 google play voucher (2021.samsungpromotions.claims/sam…-GB). You can pick up cheap straps to save you some money.

  • About this item:
  • GPS route tracking guides turn-by-turn directions for cyclist and hikers
  • The biggest battery in a Galaxy Watch - built for outdoor adventure
  • Measure your body composition with Samsung BioActive sensor
  • Monitor your health around the clock even at night
  • GPS route tracking - The all-new Route Workout feature lets you import GPX format workout routes from your smartphone to your watch, syncing your route list.
  • Long lasting battery - Go hard knowing that your watch can keep up, with the biggest battery capacity among our wearable series.
  • Bioactive sensor – The powerful 3-in-1 Samsung BioActive Sensor controls three health sensors effectively, monitors your heart rate and tracks your cardiovascular health to detect unusual heart rates and blood pressure.
  • Sleep tracker - Our improved sleep tracking technology tracks your sleep stages to help you create healthier sleep habits and identify your sleep.
  • Durable smart watch - Now 2x tougher front display thanks to Sapphire crystal. It even looks indestructible with Black Titanium or Gray Titanium body.

  • Provided when GPX format route file is imported for hiking and cycling and route is set as target under Samsung Health settings.
  • Intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only. Not intended for use in detection, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring or management of any medical condition or disease. Any health-related information accessed through the device and/or application should not be treated as medical advice. Users should seek any medical advice from a physician.
  • Requires Samsung Health app version 6.22.1 or later and paired with Samsung Galaxy Phone with Android 8.0 and minimum 1.5GB RAM.

2. Purchase from Samsung.com before 30.09.22 £100 value based on any working smartwatch. Charges apply if you fail to send us your trade-in device. T&Cs apply.

Samsung More details at

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  1. Phlom's avatar
    For everyone questioning the 'chunky' sizes of the new 5 Pro:
    To the right is the old Galaxy Watch 46 mm version:
    Height comparison:
    Comparison with the Huawei GT 3 Pro:
    On hand, the SGW 5 Pro, it feels very well. I like the strap and the new features. The battery is OK, 2 - 3 and half days, probably. But I've used it a lot for measuring different parameters. Not for GPS and sport activities yet. It can't measure push-ups. But it doesn't even compare to the GT 3 Pro's battery.
    I've paid more than this offer through student portal (trade-in the Watch 46mm 100 quids and the Google Play 100 quids voucher, but it's worth the money).
    Blakmumba911's avatar
    Thank you
  2. jaju123's avatar
    Looks like you can trade in anything. Does a Xiaomi Mi band count as smartwatch?
    MrSwitch's avatar
    It does, yeah
  3. SB7's avatar
    For watch5 after £50 trade in via Perks at work:
    40mm = £161.50
    44mm = £179.50

    Replace the last 4 letters of the SM-R... with "DWEU" in the address bar to get the non strap version (edited)
  4. iBird90's avatar
    Trying to remove the band and can't work out how. I'm clicking the UI for the band to try and de-select but it's not .

    Any help would be appreciated?
    mercuryin's avatar
    Same thing happened to me. You need to do a search for this SM-R920NZKDWEU
  5. feeder16's avatar
    Got this watch at launch, absolutely love it. But be aware some of the features are tied to Samsung phones.
  6. ec9wrr's avatar
    Grey version is SM-R920NZTDWEU
    Black standard 5, 44mm is SM-R910NZADWEU
    Michael_Bell's avatar
    The grey version only comes with the strap through doesn't it?
  7. vassy4u's avatar
    What's the watch band you've chosen pal? I'm only getting it for 354.60
    Amit_Khatri's avatar
    This price is valid only for strap less watch, not with any strap watch.
  8. Amit_Khatri's avatar
    I didnt find any option where its says you get £100 Google Play Voucher. Either its misleading or they have removed that offer and kept only £100 trade in.

    Correct me if I am wrong.
    Blakmumba911's avatar
    It's advertised on their normal site (not perks etc). Buy the watch and then claim through their site bud.
  9. AndrewFarrar's avatar
    Be warned if you are considering the LTE version , it has inherited the same overheating problem the Watch 4 LTE has. 😡

    For this very reason I will not be upgrading mine.
  10. guildfordhighstreet's avatar
    This or Garmin
    Msx98's avatar
    Different watches in many ways. As a smart watch the Samsung, but battery life is 2, maybe 3, days. Garmin for fitness tracking and battery for at least a week, but likely more.

    Check out dc rainmaker website and his YouTube channel, who reviews both brands and all their watches in much detail. (edited)
  11. Rudz's avatar
    How does one choose the no strap version please? The cheapest I am able to get is £354
    sdhm's avatar
    You can search SM-R920NZKDWEU in the search bar once you reach the EPP store. mentioned this in the thread further down.
  12. khodos's avatar
    I have one and the battery life is being very erratic even with light use
    originalusername's avatar
    Mine was draining quickly about two weeks ago, reboot and all was good again.
  13. deleted2836750's avatar
    hmmm perksatwork + trade-in for me gives me a price of £286 with strap (no option not to for me) but no £100 google play voucher.
  14. MaybeMaverick's avatar
    sorry if im being thick here, how do i get this deal?
    ec9wrr's avatar
    Visit samsung through an EPP.
    That's totum, bluelight or perksatwork.

    Search for the item you want (codes above).
  15. genieuk2008's avatar
    When you receive the watch5 pro, do they send you a package and return label to pop you old device in at the same time, or do you have to go somewhere on their website to start the process?
    ec9wrr's avatar
    The label and packaging comes in the same parcel as your watch 5 Pro.
  16. CyberDuck's avatar
    Received a Google Play voucher of £50 instead of £100 for purchasing the Watch 5 pro (without strap - SM-R920NZKDWEU)
    Puddlehopper's avatar
    Thought I read somewhere that the code comes up @ 2x £50 vouchers when used? :/ .I haven't received mine yet but will post the results when they do
  17. Gin_Wong's avatar
    Is the deal for the watch still ongoing? I can't seem to find it.
    dabear11's avatar
    I checked yesterday and the watches without strap are no longer available on EPP (edited)
  18. Darthballs's avatar
    Some people prefer to wear it like this:
    Not everyone needs a strap
  19. EvilGazebo's avatar
    Hmmm, man maths:

    Trade-in rubbish smartband = £224
    Treat Google Play voucher as cash even though it isn't = £124
    Sell Galaxy Watch 4 to CeX = £25

    I mean it's err basically free right?

    Only question is whether it's worth the upgrade. I like the promise of better battery life but it's a chunky old thing and not sure about the raised lip having seen one in the flesh now.

    Still, hot deal as ever Mr S
    Potterified's avatar
    The single thing that is causing me to hang on to my 4 Classic is the lack of a rotating bezel.

    Having said that, Switchy is up to his usual antics testing my resolve with these deals.
  20. thefunkygibbon's avatar
    still overpriced for something which will be outdated in a couple of years
    miketg89's avatar
    That's just tech in general
  21. willlucas's avatar
    Anyway to get EPP ?
    xlxaiwa55xlx's avatar
    That's where I'm stuck, sadly
  22. fredjweaver's avatar
    Hey Switchy. Managed to order one through Totum. When I clicked through it removed the strap and lowered the price. Happy days! Many thanks

    £11.20 in curve cash if you pay with Samsung Pay (edited)
    MrSwitch's avatar
    My pleasure fella
  23. yiu's avatar
    This would be no brianer for me if it had the rotating bezel!!! I've upgraded every year, so gutted this doesn't have it. Hope 6 will introduce it back!
  24. tfn's avatar
    Google play voucher can be used for

    Light room mobile subscription especially if you use samsung camera raw.

    Also for Google one storage.
  25. Vortal's avatar
    If only you could connect this to an iPhone - hence sticking with my Watch3 still
  26. deleted2602167's avatar
    Battery is a big upgrade compared to the watch 4 classic.
  27. Blazzz's avatar
    Is the 224 including the Google play voucher? Or final price is 124?
  28. DimitrisMitaras's avatar
    Any links of a cheap watch that is eligible for the trade in? Got a gt2 but rather give it to my girlfriend lol
  29. GregorMacDonald's avatar
    No rotating bezel, no buy.
    senorsombrero3k's avatar
    Old school
  30. candyman86's avatar
    No more paypal credit options on samsung?
    Phlom's avatar

    743709861663256289.jpg (edited)
  31. Adamdealfan09's avatar
    LTE version without the strap also available?
    sompan's avatar
    how do you find that one? cant se it
  32. deleted1482994's avatar
    Voted hot but sticking with my watch 4 classic RB. Get two days battery and it does what I need it to.
    3LeggedDog's avatar
    Same, was considering this to upgrade from original GW 46mm but there's nothing wrong with it so I'll keep using it till it dies
  33. MXRRXM's avatar
    Got it in my basket on the consumer website for £198.90. Black Titanium, no strap. Need to add £100 trade in, add 10% off code and also add any smartphone to basket which will further reduce the cost by 15%. Just checked and this time around the SKU code for Black Titanium with no strap is included in the promo terms to get the £100 Google Play store voucher, whereas the last promo where Galaxy Buds Live were being given out, the code wasn't listed on the terms page as being eligible.

    Add to that the cashback on Quidco (Premium) today has increased to 16.5% for Wearables and 7.7% for Smartphone purchases. Add 5% Samsung Pay+ cashback and 1% Samsung Reward points cashback and there is a potential for around £44.75 in cashback to be had from all 3 sources for the watch, though likely less since Quidco possibly only deals with non VAT value. Still roughly £155-£160 with trade in of a garbage smartwatch from eBay. £100 Google Play store voucher I would personally count as £100 value since I have lots of Play Store sunscriptions, and if I sell my 46mm Watch 4 Classic on eBay we have a "free upgrade" technically. Though I do have to buy a smartphone to sell on to achieve this price. However at the moment I can claim a 4 pack of smarttags and a free case with the A53 5g. That's 399 minus trade in of one of the worthless phones in my drawer for £100 off so £299. 10% off code brings it to £269.10. Then 7.7% Quidco, 5% Samsung Pay+ and 1% Samsung Reward Points bring it down to £232.24 with the free 4 pack of Smarttags and Clear Case. Might go for it. (edited)
    Harry_Meadows's avatar
    How did you get the 10% code? (edited)
  34. AbuHafs's avatar
    Firstly Apple stops providing chargers with phones, now Samsung without a strap for their watch, next it’ll be a Tesla without tyres lol
    Puddlehopper's avatar
    On a similar note I read that BMW will charge you a yearly subscription through their app for using heated seats!
  35. attila87's avatar
    Can someone pm me a student beans discount code pretty please?
  36. Noosei's avatar
    Does the trade in work with any generic or no name smart watch/band as long as it has a screen, so I can buy a cheap used fitness band from eBay etc and trade it in for £100?
    industrial's avatar
    Yeah, I really want to know. I've emailed them and waiting on an answer.... Anyone have any luck with a 20 quid generic one from amazon?
  37. Flahspjo's avatar
    Just got via works EPP. £206. £6 for trade in watch from ebay and £12 work cashback so £200 all in. Add the £100 google play which I use for Audible and sorted (edited)
    YikYak's avatar
    What watch did you get from ebay? confirmed that you can trade it in?
  38. lord_belial78's avatar
    How they can even sell a watch without a strap??It is like selling a car without wheels lol
  39. fredjweaver's avatar
    £386 on totum before trade in 😪
    neilix's avatar
    I'm getting the same price via Perks at Work
  40. Blazzz's avatar
    Can't see the Google play voucher anymore. Is it removed??
's avatar