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Good-looking, easy to use, powerful, and designed with the needs of today's consumers in mind, the Galaxy Watch family continues Samsung's tradition of innovation and quality. Whether they need a first-class fitness watch, or a smart watch for wearing at work, customers will find Samsung's flagship devices for less at the hotukdeals Samsung Galaxy Watch listings. Read more
New Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 40mm Silver Smartwatch - £129.99 Delivered @ Amazon
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
Nice cheap price, 20 pound less than other uk retailers from what I can see A smart essential - thin, lightweight and tough, the stylish Galaxy Active watch fits in with your l… Read more

Some people say it doesn't last long enough but I can quite easily get 3 days out of it with my use and I charge it every night anyway.


Cheers for the reply. My dad has the 46mm galaxy and it just looks a bit big. Whats battery like on the 42mm?


Looks alright. If you've got particularly big wrists it might look a bit small. I like the 42mm galaxy watch best, I've got medium sized wrists. Also the black coloured active watch would be slightly better for men but the grey one isn't particularly feminine.


Does this look good on men?


Got one of these a couple of weeks ago bnib on ebay for £74. Seen much better deals that this even if it is the cheapest available right now.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm and Galaxy Buds £216.95 or 46mm £231.52 @ Amazon Germany £224 with fee free card
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
£209 for 42 and 224 for 45mm with fee free card. Brilliant deal. Watch and Buds. 42mm in Silver and Rose Gold - 46mm in Silver.

Can we purchase this on the German amazon and get it sent to the UK then? First time... Also how do we translate the page


I have this watch, it has to be very close to your phone for the Bluetooth connection to work at all. I can't even leave my phone upstairs. So I don't think Samsung pay would be much of an issue as your phone would be very nearby as well.


Doesn't work with latest One UI 1.5 software


It's true that the CPU /screen and OS haven't changed much, so that shouldn't be the reason to get one, but the sensors have changed. The main ones are a proper blood pressure monitor and ECG!. That alone is worth it for me. Otherwise watches are a lovely toys / fashion accessories otherwise, and look great with a suit.


Although the Watch 3 doesn't look that much different from the Galaxy Watch 1 apart from being slightly thinner and smaller.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Bluetooth 42mm - Midnight Black (UK Version) only £216.36 @ Amazon
-177° Expired
Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
Available in 5 interest Free Installments too! Take calls and play music from your watch with built in speakers Leave bulky wallets at home and shop using your Galaxy Watch jus… Read more

The 46mm version with better battery life is a better deal than this. Its the same price on amazon. Don't know what district electrical are like but Its 175 quid and the 4g version under 200 quid of the 42mm I hot mine from amazon spain for 128.40 the other week. Great watch


New one is on the horizon, can't wait!


Yer it was on amazon France I think, but that's gone and this is about the best price out there atm


I'm positive my mate got one of these for about £135 the other week from Amazon Italy or Spain!

£75 off Galaxy Watch Active2 via email from Samsung e.g. 40mm BT version £194
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
I've been sent an email by Samsung with a code for £75 off any active2. Apparently this is for people who purchased the S20 (funny they'd send this as they included an active with … Read more

Samsung help is very confused. They each give a different answer


I don't rhink any watch could be just any random watch. I had a chat with them and they said it should be a fitness watch


Thanks. ORdered last night. Missed out on the free charge pad but still a good deal with the £25 for any watch. oing to try sending in an old Casio that cost me a fiver about 10 years ago


I ordered in 30th got the pad too. Amazing watch though there is a lack of apps.


Looks like the free charging pad promotion has ended

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 4g LTE 40mm with free duo pad charger - £279 @ Amazon
185° Expired
Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
A good reduction to the 4g LTE version, only £10 more than the Bluetooth version. Includes a free duo pad charger (until 30th June). Also reduced by same price on Currys if you pr… Read more

Jeez.. I’ll probably leave it


Just went through the Samsung Pay setup on my watch and was prompted to go through the setup & adding of my card on my phone. I have a Samsung phone so I think you'll need to install Samsung Wear and the Samsung Pay plugin manually to setup. This thread suggests it may work on a non Samsung phone also: Don't take that as gospel, you'll need to research it more as that thread mentions a Samsung Gear watch not Active, but you basically need the Galaxy Wear App (install from Google Play) and then download manually the APK to install the Samsung Pay plugin. As I said I can't test this.


Can we use Samsung pay without having a Samsung phone?


Samsung Pay.


does it comes with Google Pay? or just Samsung Pay?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm - Midnight Black - £133.46 [£128.31 with fee free card] Delivered @ Amazon Spain
1759° Expired
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Fab price for this watch. You can pick it up for £133.46 delivered from Amazon Spain or approx £128.31 with a fee free card. Next cheapest price is Amazon UK for £216.31 … Read more

Got this deal and Samsung Pay works fine out the box. Delivery was within 5 days! Happy all round!


Another cool feature is my phone charges in 40 mins from 0 and the phone can charge the watch up with the power share option. I will stop spamming this thread now.


It is all English including the box its just shipped with a 2 pin power charger but a decent adaptor to convert it if you later sell it is 5 quid. In the mean time use a decent usb plug not a cheap one as they take at least twice as long to charge it over a more powerful plug.


Yes when u first start it click the globe symbol and select english


Just got mine yes its 2 pin, its a micro usb charge cable so easy sorted, also had no issues with samsung pay cheers Op..

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 (44mm) and Wireless Fast Charger Duo Pad £240 @ Amazon
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Wirelessly charge two devices simultaneously With fast wireless charging 2.0 capabilities, power up your Galaxy S10e, S10, or S10+ with serious speed Intelligent wellness: using mu… Read more
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Hi guys, i am new to smart watch. Is therfe any you guys can recommend as i am a bit confused with the different watches available. I am looking for a watch not more than £150 and has the following Has long battery life Can make and receive calls play music and track my activities e.g running, heart rate etc. Thanks in advance


Yes in August


Do we know when? Are they coming out with note 20?


Hey @Crimbles_90 nide deal! Thanks for sharing this with us (y)


I’ve disabled continuous Heart rate monitoring, turned off WiFi, plus i use watch during my work time mostly (8-5pm). Once I’m home it goes on to do not disturb mode. my usage of the watch would be diff to others.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Bluetooth Aluminium 44mm - £219 @ Amazon
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Been looking for this watch. Best price I've found so far. This is the aqua black version. There's an option to pay in installments of £43.80 per month for 5 months too! Inte… Read more

Sorry, it was the 40mm The 44 was 209 at the time.


How did you manage to get it for £140!


Don't like mine. I ended up paying about £140 with discount and cashback. Battery is dire and the apps (strava and MapMyRun) are too basic and temperamental.





SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active2 + Wireless Charger - 4G Stainless Steel 40mm + £150 Quidco - £319/£169 W/ Cashback @ Currys PC World
410° Expired
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Canny offer this, buy the SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active2 4G - Black, Leather & Stainless Steel, 40 mm and get £150 by following this link Quid co link takes you t o all watches i… Read more

Yeah Quidco upped mine to 150 when I contacted them


Try to contact customer service of Quidco, after doing that, mine has been updated to 150. On the other side, the gold one purchased via Topcashback was never tracked, so I returned it.


Mines still not updated to 150


Anyone had their TCB update?


Thank you! I hope mine updates soon

Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G 128GB Smartphone + Free Galaxy Watch Active + 4 Months YouTube Premium - £849.10 With Code @ Samsung
331° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Same price at amazon if you prefer Get it for even less with trade in Back down in price thanks to the … Read more

Yes but I ordered from John Lewis for £849 and the claim was also validated. Sold the iPhone X separately makaing £90 extra compared to Samsung's messed up claim issues.


You get the Galaxy Watch Active SM-R500NZSABTU. I believe it's silver looking at the photo you don't get to choose colour. It does have Bluetooth, full spec here:


Is the free watch Bluetooth or 4G and can you change colour options?


Claim all sorted and validated instantly! (y) Did you order in the end?


Yes I followed that link, it says to open the members app and go to the benefits section and claim through there. Problem is that section is empty for me in the app & this is on the new phone. I'm at a loss of what to do? Have emailed customer services but not feeling optimistic. Edit: nevermind, put sim in phone and offers now appearing. How bizarre, thought it would work off wireless.

Galaxy Watch Active2 Golf Edition with free Wireless Duo charging pad £254.24 @ Samsung
60° Expired
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Galaxy watch active 2 golf edition 44mm which is currently cheaper than the standard model. The golf edition comes with a different wrist band and has a golf smart caddie app for f… Read more

Just looked. They have now but it back to RRP. I see they now have a 15% off code so might be a better option to get the standard model and use the code?


It's expected Q3 2020 (so sometime between July and September).


Any watch =10 pounds


I have opened the link on two seperate devices. One shows 288 and the other 339 :/


For some reason it still shows up in my basket for £339? Any one else?

Galaxy Watch Active 2 Golf Edition now with a free wireless duo charger worth £90 - £254.24 @ Samsung
76° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Galaxy watch active 2 golf edition 44mm which is currently cheaper than the standard model. The golf edition comes with a different wrist band and has a golf smart caddie app for f… Read more

I think the 40mm version only comes in the gold colour with white straps for the golf edition


It's strange coz I want the 40mm in the black and green strap but I can't seem to find it at all on the website. Starting to wonder if it even exists


No the discount only seems to be valid for the 44mm version. The Samsung store doesn't have a price listed at all for the 40mm version for some reason?


Is this not available in the 40mm?


Helpful info mate many thanks. Knowing Samsung you won't be able to delete the app (lol)

Grade A Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Silver Bluetooth £121.49 | Grade B £116.99 @ Stock Must Go Ebay
205° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Decent prices for these very popular proper smart-watches :) PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Live a stronger, smarter life with Galaxy Watch at your wrist. Rest well and stay active wit… Read more

(embarrassed) thank you <3


On another HUKD Antony kindly mentioned it works with iPhone X. Hubby Apple Watch needs replacing n he is keen to move to Samsung Galaxy will it last several days n will it all wrk ok with iOS. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Also Mr Switch Thank You u r so good. ;)


Apple's watch means it really has to come at some point. I Iove point scoring, we the consumers benefit!.


The ecg still hasn't been rolled out so be warned about that. I had a active 2 and loved it. Great piece of kit without it still.


Wear OS chews battery life (daily charging), but the features are nice and difficult to not like. I loved my Huawei W1, mainly for specs and looks, so much that I never really kept up with what's on the market... I was very satisfied.

4G Galaxy Watch Active2 (Stainless Steel) from £299.25 @ Samsung
-205° Expired
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Update 1
Free wireless charging Duo Pad
Samsung are selling the active 2 4G for £299.25 99only in gold ushally £399 Black is £399

Hi @steveMOT7 Thanks for this! I've added "Stainless Steel" to your title just so it is clearer which model this is as I think that'll help with price comparisons (especially against the aluminium model at Amazon for about £50 cheaper. Also this one from the Samsung Store comes with a free charging due pad :)


Honestly I can't say why, I just spotted a fact and shared for who may be concerned.


hi....what does this do that the Samsung Galaxy Fit with Heart Rate Monitor doesn't do in terms of health related stuff?


Out of interest why does it only work on the two network provider please? Is it due to the mobile network band it supports? Maybe for other global network support?


Look.. this is heat as it is a good price. Why y coly yyy

Galaxy Watch Active2 44mm / 4G Model - £314.25 + Upto £100 discount With Trade-in @ Samsung
76° Expired
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Good price at the mo for the 44mm 4G model, as opposed to the bluetooth ones. It looks like it's on the gold colour only, as the black is up at £419. Delivery costs are included he… Read more



The numbers from Samsung and other watch manufacturers for max battery life are with all but essential services disabled. Halve whatever the official numbers say. I think on this model it's <2 days with everything enabled. Best to read and watch some real life reviews. The best of battery life right now are the Huawei LiteOS watches, there isn't an LTE option though if that's what you need.


How long does the battery last?


Tempting, but to be fair Samsung one does not keep value very well against Apple watch.

Samsung galaxy watch active, A grade, £76.95 delivered @ CeX
325° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Samsung galaxy watch active A grade is £75 at cex right now, bit of a bargain considering the rrp is £199, plus it'll be as new condition with 2 year warranty. I realise Samsung ar… Read more
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+1 to this. Had mine for about a week now and very happy with it. All I really wanted it for was so I could go for a run without having to carry my phone around. Syncing to strava is a bit sporadic but my run is recorded on Samsung Health. Also, streaming music offline over Spotify to my headphones has been faultless and I've even added my Amex to Samsung Pay or whatever it is so I can duck into a Tesco on the way home. Service from CeX was great too. Came very quickly, fully in the box and everything.


I have one arriving tomorrow, good info, I will also report back!


Just to let anyone know who is on the fence about buying one of these seen as they're 'second hand'. Mine was brand new with an open box obviously, the charger and large strap both still sealed and the watch had no marks or use so I'm guessing they have hundreds of unused gift watches people have traded in with the s20 promos. When they dispatch you watch there is the serial number in the email which you can look up online and it will tell you the date of manufacture mine was january 2020 so pretty much confirms its brand new (y)


It's a 'good' watch, don't get me wrong. Just wouldn't class it above the Samsung in terms of functionality, the battery life is better but it's better because it has limited functionality, I wouldn't buy another myself as some aspects of it defeat the object of a 'smart' watch for me personally.


Well done on your first post getting nice and hot @Helen_Hamer - and thanks for coming back and helping out in the thread :)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Silver Case (Refurb - Good) £152.99 Delivered using code @ eBay / Music Magpie
232° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Good price for this refurb 46mm Galaxy watch from Samsung. As usual comes with a 12 month warranty, and 48 hour delivery. Use the code PLAYWITH10 at checkout. Good - This p… Read more

With you there. Ive got the BT only version new from Samsung for similar price. And ive benefited in the past from a seller mislabelling an item. An ipad LTE, which when arrived was a pleasant surprise.


Yeah, seller put wrong number in listing(but I don't mind that :) ) as on box was clearly said: BT & LTE What I wanted to say- never give up and search-finally you get one for amazing price...


Well youve put the wrong model number down (or the listing did) Go to "about phone" and it should say R805 Bargain though



I own the active 2 lte version and it gets two days which is all it advertises really, I did own the bigger 46mm one advertised here before it but found it too big to wear in bed to set alarms and track my sleep etc but it did last 4 days.

New SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch - Silver, 46 mm - £200.15 @ Currys PC World Ebay
403° Expired
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
5% auto applies, plus use the code PRICE8 Key Features Top features: - Receive notifications right on your wrist - Track your fitness with the built-in routines and GPS - E… Read more

Just pop it on charge each night when you go bed.


I had this watch and got 7 days,have now got the 42mm version and get 4 days from that, no big deal having to charge my watch every 4 days..


Everything is 10/10 but the battery sucks even the lowest settings you get 4 days max and you need to charge again. Low settings are horrible why buy something nice and go eco mode lmao


Private message me if you still have it and what price you would like for it. Thanks


Did you ever sell this?

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active2 - Black, Aluminium, 40 mm £201.48 @ Ebay / Currys
291° Expired
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
The SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active2 - Black, Aluminium, 40 mm - Currys/eBay is available for £191.41 using a 5% automatic discount coupled with voucher code PRICE8 Alternatively, p… Read more

RaiKush and scoon, I've figured out why it wasn't working for me. I was trying to buy the 40mm Under Armour edition, with the grey strap and for some reason, that particular combination doesn't have the 8% coupon. Bit strange, as the other Under Armour editions have the 8% off? You can see in the picture below:


Only worked on standard black for me.


Thanks for the help, but it just doesn't work for me, for some reason? Tried mobile, the app, different browsers and two different accounts. I just get this, when I try and add PRICE8.............


Add the item to basket, the 5% is automatically deducted. When you're in your basket there is an option to add voucher, use PRICE8. That should reduce the price.


No they keep promising soon

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 44mm - £239 (15% Topcashback = £210) at Currys PC World
-66° Expired
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Seems John Lewis dropped the RRP price by £50 and Currys and Argos have price matched. Possible to combine with: * 7.5% perkbox at Currys * 15% Topcashback on Samsung wearables … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I've just bought the 4G one from a new thread and it's been pointed out to me that the Currys TCB T&C's specifically excludes paying with a gift card. Apologies for the duff info. If it makes you feel better, it's meant I'm going to end up with £320 of Currys gift cards I don't need when I refund the order I used Perkbox for (annoyed) (annoyed)


Should be if the perkbox and topcashback still exist. Obviously Currys put the price up now. TCB is also need on price without VAT so factor that into your math!


Is this possible to use for the 40mm version?


Amazon price matched


Seems to have worked, cashback tracked. Got the 44mm £185 for £200 voucher from Perkbox £39 left over to pay £224 - 29.95 top cashback (15% of 199, 40 is VAT) ---- £194

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