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Posted 6 August 2023

Saucony Peregrine 12 Gore-Tex Trail Men's Waterproof Running Shoes | Size: 6-13 - W/Code

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Reduced from £139.99 to £69.99, use code BEN10 to get extra 10% off and Free Delivery (Otherwise £4.99)

I cannot find past posts for this, saw some non Gore-Tex version posted for higher price. It seems like £62.99 for this is a really good price.

Saucony Peregrine 12 GORE-TEX Trail Men's Running Shoes - £62.99 with code

Saucony Peregrine 12 GORE-TEX Women's Trail Running Shoes- £62.99 with code

Saucony Peregrine 12 GORE-TEX Trail Running Shoes
Even in the wettest conditions, you'll stay dry and comfortable in the incredibly light and agile Peregrine 12 GORE-TEX. With better traction and waterproof GORE-TEX protection, nothing gets between you and the trail ahead. Lighter, faster, and more comfortable than ever, your trail run just got exponentially more fun.

The upper features GORE-TEX Invisible Fit technology that provides best-in-class waterproof protection without making the shoe feel stiff or bulky. Whilst keeping water out, the Saucony Peregrine 12 GORE-TEX retains airflow, allowing cool air to permeate the construction and hot air to escape, preventing an uncomfortable build-up of heat and giving your feet the perfect conditions to thrive in. The flexibility of the material also provides durability to protect you on all terrains. As well as this, the FormFit upper conforms tightly to the foot, further shutting out debris and keeping you comfortable and protected. Perforations in the fabric increase airflow to create a better, healthier environment for your feet to thrive in. An extremely secure lacing system will embrace the midfoot, providing a secure and steady fit and reducing any unwanted movement within the shoe so you can enjoy uninterrupted strides. Finishing the upper, a flat-lying tongue will remove the risk of irritation being caused by rubbing and chafing, and will also block the entry of dirt and debris.

This updated upper contains recycled materials.

PWRRUN Midsole
PWRRUN cushioning provides a responsive feel while a rock plate ensures additional protection for pushing uphill and driving downhill with confidence. The thick material has shock-absorbing properties to reduce impact and strain on the foot. FormFit technology has been used within the midsole to create a dynamic fit system, by adapting to the shape and motion of the runner's foot, eliminating millimetres of movement with each stride. This 3D approach to fit uses an underfoot cradle construction that is topped with cushioning that shapes to your foot. Not only does FormFit work to provide a comfortable and supportive fit but, it is also highly flexible and hardwearing increasing the overall durability and comfort over long periods of time. FormFit surrounds the foot in a made-for-me feel which accommodates the feet giving them a feeling like these shoes were made specifically for you. A PWRRUN+ sockliner offers additional comfort for your trail run.

PWRTRAC Rubber Outsole
The outsole features a redesigned lug pattern of sharp and aggressive rugged lugs that conform to dig in and confidently grip a wide variety of terrains, keeping your gait cycle as efficient as possible. The rubber is extremely tough, able to stand up against abuse from below. The immense durability of this design further extends the life of the shoe while the chevron tread pattern lets the sole easily flex, so you get fluid, unhindered movement.

Lightweight - Over an ounce lighter than its predecessor, the Peregrine 12 GTX delivers more speed on the trail.
GORE-TEX Invisible Fit Technology - Provides best-in-class waterproof protection with a flexible, made-for-you feel.
Durable Mesh - Increases ventilation to keep you comfortable at all times.
FormFit Upper - Conforms tightly to the feet for personalised comfort.
Lacing System - Secures the shoe to the midfoot for a personalised fit.
Recycled Materials - This style contains recycled upper materials.
Rock Plate - Offers added underfoot protection.
PWRRUN Midsole - Innovative next generation of Saucony midsole.
FormFit Technology - Dynamic fit system that adapts to your individual gait.
Flexible - Midsole will flex for improved durability and responsiveness.
PWRRUN+ Sockliner - For additional comfort.
PWRTRAC Rubber Outsole - Firm grip is guaranteed for supreme traction.
Abrasion-Resistant Rubber - Stands up against abuse from below.
Chevron Tread - Durable chevron tread design digs in for even more control.
Weight - 300g.
Drop - 4mm.
Lugs - 5mm.

Additional Information

Features: Lightweight
Features: Waterproof
Features: Breathable
Gender: Mens
Sport: Running
Product Type: Shoes
Terrain: Light Trail
Type: Trail
Shoe Width: D
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  1. rayman1970's avatar
    Was sat outside looking at my normal running trainers and socks drying after yesterday's soaking... Then this offer appears and was too good to miss. Thanks OP. I just hope they are ok as only ever worn ASICS
    highdon's avatar
    Just so that you don't go in with high expectations and get disapointed - these shoes are not completely waterproof and neither are any other on the market. If you're out running in pouring rain for hours, every shoe will get soaked. Water will find its way in.

    Waterproofing in shoes like these is there to protect you from some showers, running through puddles or wet grass, but that's about it.

    For running in pouring rain I actually choose super breathable shoes - ones that can dry quickly after the rain stops rather ones that will try and prevent it coming in and then weigh you down and make you slosh around for miles. (edited)
  2. patricklu's avatar
    What's this brand? Is it any good? I've been looking for waterproof trainers fir a while, tempted to buy this one if it's a good one
    lawsmill's avatar
    Saucony are a well established running brand. The peregrine are a great pair of trail shoes. I’ve never tried the gortex version as I tend to stay away from gortex full running. Knocking about walking etc I’d imagine they’ll be fine. The version 13 has recently come out. Which is why there’s deals for the 12.
  3. davidjohnfarmer's avatar
    Peregrine's are absolutely mint. They were my go to shoe for nearly all trail races I entered - I wouldn't personally run longer than 6 miles in gtx though as they don't breathe as well as non-gtx. But for this price, great for 10k and under
  4. L_VJ4k's avatar
    Bad reviews online
    nedwinchesterIII's avatar
    Each to their own. I've been through a lot of trail running shoes and these are by far my personal favourites (Non gore-tex). If anyone interested can get some good deals on Saucony and other brands at getthelabel.com/ and can use VC10GTM759 for 10% off
  5. Sleepy1968's avatar
    Has anyone got any recommenations on the sizing, because the sports shoes size guide recommends a 9.5 UK for me, based on me wearing size 11 in Addidas shoes. Thanks.
    Wooj's avatar
    50737221-UIXN2.jpgApparently their sizing is on the smaller side, so go up a size / half
  6. nevergofull's avatar
    I had Peregrine 11's and they were ok, no overly durable, and struggled on wet mud / root trails.

    I have Inov8 Trailfly Ultra G 300 and they make my Peffergines feel like a ballet shoe!

    Light firetracks the Saucony are excellent, anything more and they can struggle
  7. ZiggySTW's avatar
    Do they have free returns in case they don’t fit?
    TheGalaxy's avatar
    Unfortunately not, it's the main thing that puts me off ordering some of these shoe deals as I can't find many of them in stores near me to try on to find my size

    Returns cost £4/can arrange an alternate courier
  8. take_a_look's avatar
    Proper bo deal.
  9. DodgeySolenoid's avatar
    At what point do you put the code in? I've got to the point to make payment, un-yet I can't see where to put the code. Do you have to be logged in as a member? (edited)
    Random1234's avatar
    Code input option is available in the payment page, under the delivery address form
  10. Googlebore's avatar
    ) l
  11. sully01's avatar
  12. socrates28's avatar
    How do you get free delivery?
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