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Scoville 4.3L Digital Air Fryer £25.37 in store @ ASDA Carlisle

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Scoville 4.3L Digital Air Fryer £25.37 in store.

Grabbed the last one on the shelf in Carlisle, could be some in store at other locations. Was down as special offer on the shelf. Receipt to prove.

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    49395033-sQkW5.jpg49395033-rziUO.jpgI've had this for about a fortnight, and unfortunately had to return it yesterday. It was working great for 2 weeks, with regular use, but then yesterday I notice that the drawer is no longer closing properly on the left hand side. The machine was still able to work, but the draw inclemently was pushing out further and further. It seems like a bit of the plastic cover that the screw goes in to had snapped internally and so there was nothing for the screw to bite.
    Ah that’s frustrating mate, do Scoville have a warranty at all?
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    Some feedback after the purchase! Put some frozen burgers and sausages in, 15 minutes and they were cooked much cleaner then what I can do on the grill, very very impressed.
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    People saying it's still £59 has anyone actually checked at the tills? Just wondering as saw this in an Asda today and was £59 on the sign, didn't consider buying one, but now seen this on here, and just wondering if the price hadn't been changed on the shelf.
    Tried scanning in the scan and go app to price check
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    Cheap way of trying an Airfryer out, I’ve used a cheap one daily for the last two years and cook anything in it that previously have gone in the oven or microwave, they’re pretty economical relatively because the heat is concentrated in one small area. I also find they cook much more consistently than an oven. I do wish I’d bought a digital timer version, which this one has.
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    Still £59 in Roehampton’s Asda
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    Still £59 in Asda Hull too
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    Shall I jump on air fryer bandwagon?
    I think so. So what size do you guys recommend for single person?
    I'd agree with the above, I have a 4.3l also (not this one, a basic manual Tower one I think it is) and it's OK for 1/2 people, I wouldn't want to go any smaller really. It's not "too big" for just one or two things, and you can squeeze in a fair bit. if needed. And there's always the main oven still for bigger stuff or when you need to do a combination of stuff
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    Would someone be kind enough to provide the dimentions, and even better the depth both with and without the handle?
    20cm x 19cm x 11cm deep
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    £59 at asda cribbs Causeway bristol and scan at tills at £59 😔
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    They are also selling this at Asda Preston for the same price
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    49404416-1WUrA.jpg£25.35. I got the last one
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    Wow that cheap was £39 in December. Wonder why the price is so low? Mines still in the box as purchase as a gift. Wondering now if worth a visit and return the one I have still boxed?
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    I got this for £40 when it was online. It's pretty good
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    which one, the one up kingstown or the st nicholas gate one.
    It’s the one on St Nicholas gate, last one but could be some at Kingstown.
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    How much was it before?
    Down as £59 before, expected higher tbh good reviews on these.
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    Bagged a couple in Worcester store ..still about 4 left on shelf
    Thanks I'll nip into town tomorrow, hopefully they have one.
    I did see scoville slow cooker for £25 in Pershore ASDA tonight
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    Wow great price for first go.
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    Still £59 in Bradford.
    Which store in Bradford did you try?
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    Store specific?
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    £59 in Wigan
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    Got the11ltr and it's been great up to now, the spit will only take a small chicken though!
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    One left in ml Asda with the box torn to smitherns. Wish me luck about to check price plus what should come in box so I know jic please

    £59! In my doh (edited)
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    Still £59 in Asda Filton, Bristol.
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    Two left in Chesterfield. Got someone to check the price....still £59.
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    Still £59 on the shelf, didn’t try till point. As had quite a few so thinking it isn’t reduced yet
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