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Posted 31 May 2023

[Steam] Humble Metroidvania Bundle (PC) Inc Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night, Hollow Knight, Blasphemous + More - £12.05 @ Humble Bundle

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Items included in the bundle are:

  • Hollow Knight
  • Rain World
  • Blasphemous
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
  • Lost Ruins
  • Lone Fungus
  • Haiku, the Robot
  • Zapling Bygone 50% Off Coupon
  • Rain World: Downpour 20% Off Coupon

Get lost in these great Metroidvania games. Explore interconnected worlds, unlock new abilities, and discover rewarding secrets in this bundle of masterful Metroidvania games! Forge your path through a ruined kingdom in the acclaimed modern classic Hollow Knight. Hunt the industrial wastes as a slugcat in Rain World. Delve into Lost Ruins, Lone Fungus, and much more, and help support Girls Who Code with your purchase!

Pay £12.05 or more. Normally, the total cost for the games in this bundle is as much as US$164. Here at Humble Bundle, you choose the price and increase your contribution to upgrade your bundle! This bundle has a minimum £12.05 purchase. Pay £12.05 or more to access Steam keys.

Redeem on Steam. All of the games in this bundle are available on Steam for Windows — and some for Mac and Linux too. Please check out the full system requirements here prior to purchasing.

Support charity. Choose where the money goes - between the developers and to support Girls Who Code. If you like what we do, you can leave us a Humble Tip too!
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  1. EQL's avatar
    Reviews (one Overwhelmingly Positive, the others Very Positive on Steam) and Steam Deck info:
    Hollow Knight Metacritic: 87% (27 critics, 9 from 2,139 users), Steam: Overwhelmingly Positive 97% (257,505 reviews) (Steam Deck: Verified)
    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Metacritic: 83% (26 critics, 8.3 from 375 users), Steam: Very Positive 94% (24,514 reviews) (Steam Deck: Playable)
    Rain World Metacritic: 66% (16 critics, 8.8 from 142 users), Steam: Very Positive 93% (13,400 reviews) (Steam Deck: Verified)
    Haiku, the Robot Reviews of an earlier/alternative version: Metacritic: 79% (4 critics, 9 from 4 users), Steam: Very Positive 91% (1,376 reviews) (Steam Deck: Verified)
    Lone Fungus Steam: Very Positive 91% (350 reviews), Metacritic: (2 critics, 9.2 from 5 users) (Steam Deck: Verified)
    Blasphemous Metacritic: 77% (21 critics, 6.7 from 358 users), Steam: Very Positive 90% (24,906 reviews) (Steam Deck: Verified)
    Lost Ruins Metacritic: 59% (8 critics, 7.4 from 11 users), Steam: Very Positive 89% (3,546 reviews) (Steam Deck: Playable)

    Rain World: Downpour Steam: Very Positive 93% (874 reviews) (Steam Deck: Verified)
    Zapling Bygone Reviews of an earlier/alternative version: Metacritic: 73% (5 critics), Steam: Very Positive 88% (76 reviews) (Steam Deck: Playable) (edited)
  2. Sardonicus's avatar
    Got it, thank you!
  3. mfcnorth's avatar
    Hollowknight, blasphemous and bloodstained are all 10/10 games, worth it for those alone.
  4. EteoclesP's avatar
    Well that looks pretty decent. Played Bloodstained to death on Xbox but want it on Steam too. No brainer with all the other games in there too
  5. sean.gallacher's avatar
    "silksong coming soon" why must you tease me
  6. enclavemarine's avatar
    Slightly disappointed as I already own hollow knight so was hoping a lower tier was available. When did they alter the tiered bundle sales?
    Great value for the whole lot though so heat added (edited)
    Markabs's avatar
    This. Bit annoying when you own one or more
    Fantastic bundle though.
  7. nickname_esco's avatar
    I hate how so many metroidvanias go for the souls like die 100x approach.
    EteoclesP's avatar
    I think that's why I loved Bloodstained so much. It isn't like that. It can be pretty easy but it was fun as well. I don't mind a bit of a challenge but I am not interested in being punished while playing a video game
  8. crack_shot's avatar
    I do often double dip on games for steam that i have also got on windows store/xbox/ps5

    and the reason for that is the absolute joy of playing these games on steam deck

    I highly recommend
  9. Liverpoolvk's avatar
    These are all bangers and this is my favorite genre. Please, more people should buy them and support these games.
  10. gamer_bb's avatar
    Anyone have a spare key for Blasphemous and Bloodstained
  11. mudcat's avatar
    Great collection, bargain
  12. Riverlution's avatar
    Damn good value.
    Buy it if you don't have them.
  13. pcmustard's avatar
    I don't have any of these
  14. LagunaLoire's avatar
    Strong bundle if you don't already own some of the heavy hitters. Heat!
  15. gmoore's avatar
    Got bloodstained, blasphemous and hollow knight (on another platform) but the remaining games make it still worth it possibly, can’t see them cheaper buying individually
  16. Hatsworth's avatar
    Anyone played any of these besides the main 3?
    81980085's avatar
    I tried a demo of Lost Ruins on PS4. It was really hard and annoying, so I didn't like it.
  17. EugeneVictorTooms's avatar
    Great price, I was excited when I saw this earlier until I realised I only need 2 of them. Will skulk around the key sites and see if I can get them cheap following this bundle. (edited)
  18. Drazhen's avatar
    I didn't like Bloodstained that much, but Hollow Knight and Blasphemous are absolute masterpieces. Total bargain if you haven't played any of them.
  19. Greg_D's avatar
    Seems I'm in the minority but I didn't like hollow knight.
    JollyCoOperation's avatar
    Same. I tried really hard to like it and persevered long past the point I wanted to stop - I think the hype precedes it and it's a case of the Emperor's New Clothes in action.
  20. drunkenairguitar's avatar
    As usual with these, a good deal if you own none of the games already.
  21. turkfidz's avatar
    Will these all run on my Steamdeck?
    im new to steam deck and i apologise if this is a stupid question!
    _sion's avatar
    Steam store will tell you if they're SD verified or not and protondb.com will tell you whether they run on SD and what settings you need.
  22. GQ.Man's avatar
    Im after these 3 happy to make a contribution towards the cost if anyone can sort me out.
    • Lost Ruins
    • Lone Fungus
    • Haiku, the Robot
  23. lol_tum's avatar
    If any one has spare Blasphemous or Rain World keys I'd massively appreciate a PM! Thanks in advance if anyone is kind enough!
  24. Ramiren's avatar
    Worth it for Bloodstained, Hollow Knight, and Blasphemous alone.

    Hollow Knight is one of the best metroidvania's ever to grace gaming.
  25. zohair_hussain's avatar
    love hollow knight I've played so much of it on gamepass is there anyway I can transfer saves to steam?
    zohair_hussain's avatar
    it worked
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