Unfortunately, this deal has expired 9 August 2023.
Posted 21 July 2023

Tassimo Assorted Bundle Coffee & Hot Chocolate 5 Packs (56 Drinks) - £25 Minimum Order For Free Delivery

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Down by another £5 on these now. The best before dates vary and are highlighted below. The nearest is the 29th August on the L’Or Latte Macchiato. They now work out about £2 per pack.

Limited to 1 per customer

Min spend to order is £25, at which point you get free delivery

  • Tassimo Assorted Bundle Coffee & Hot Chocolate 5 Packs (56 Drinks)
  • Indulge in a Variety of Flavours: Our assorted Tassimo bundle offers a delightful range to satisfy all your coffee and hot chocolate cravings
  • From the rich and creamy Cadbury hot chocolate to the bold and smooth Costa Americano, there’s something for everyone in this bundle
  • Bring the coffee shop experience right into your home with the Costa Cappuccino and Kenco Americano Grande
  • All prepared effortlessly with your Tassimo machine
  • Cadbury Hot Chocolate: Contains 8 drinks. Minimum Best Before 05/10/2023
  • L’Or Latte Macchiato: Contains 8 drinks. Minimum Best Before 29/08/2023
  • Kenco Americano Grande XL: Contains 16 drinks. Minimum Best Before 29/12/2023
  • Costa Cappuccino: Contains 8 drinks. Minimum Best Before 22/11/2023
  • Costa Americano: Contains 16 drinks. Minimum Best Before 03/01/2024
  • Total 5 packs. 56 drinks. Please note that all dates are approximate and may vary +/-.


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  1. BrianButterfield's avatar
    Yeh these limits are just so you have to buy everything else.... Why I stopped using the site, you do not save any more, you just spend more money on crap you do not want.
    JDUK2020's avatar
    I was tempted but yes. Used to order in the past but expired/short dated items usually and then having to make it up to £25 spend to get free delivery, not worth it. Theres always compatible deals to be had elsewhere, even Asda Nespresso Ristretto 10 for £1.49, drinkable.
  2. orlovekat's avatar
    Get a bean to cup and not waste money
    Bonky_Art's avatar
    if you dont like it dont comment. Cracking deal OP thanks
  3. Shadow_Snickers's avatar
    Great deal also have milky bar choc chips 400g £1.99 each, Nestle choc sauce 754ml £1.49 and a beard travel kit for £1.99 also with the newsletter you can get 5% and if you sign up with your birthday being the following day you should receive a 10% discount the following day as I did great find im stocked up now thank you so much
  4. MemoryExport's avatar
    Yesterday I ordered this for 15. Can I get a compensation?
    Ljsdad's avatar
    I did as price changed couple hours after purchase they gsve me the difference as a one off 5 pound code  good luck 
  5. GreekGeekUCS's avatar
    Good price.... limited to 1 though 🤷
  6. quake.ee's avatar
  7. billymacs's avatar
    Please note – Maximum 1 Per Customer
  8. Mr_Troy's avatar
    what are people putting with this to get the value up! ..
    Bogami's avatar
    Chocolates :/
  9. suejb2's avatar
    Already posted
  10. Sienio48's avatar
    Added few TEAs , chocolates and Weetabix. Thanks
  11. Franzkill's avatar
    Any similar offer for Dolce Gusto pods?
  12. MeistroUK's avatar
    Was thinking it was great till I realised it was just the bundle of 5, I only drink the americanos... Oh well. I made the days you could order multiples of each product too, noticed on a few deals 1 per order
  13. rob_kerrigan's avatar
    Is no one going to mention that you need to spend £25 just to be able to make an order!
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