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Tenda 4G/LTE 300mbps Wifi Router - £46.19 @ Amazon

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Tenda 4G03 4G LTE 300mbps WiFi Router, 2.4GHz Wireless Band, Parental Control, Data Traffic Monitoring, LAN/WAN Port, with SIM Card Slot, White
Features & details
  • 4G SIM ROUTER Share the 4G LTE network with 32 devices and enjoy download speeds of up to 150 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 50 Mbps.
  • 4G MOBILE ROUTER WITH LAN/WAN PORT offers more options and flexibility by allowing you to choose your connection type. (Router mode/4G mode)
  • STRONGER WIRELESS SIGNAL The high-power wireless gain signal in the 2.4 GHz band extends Wi-Fi coverage.
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: data traffic monitoring, PIN code, SMS, parental control, Wi-Fi for customers, Wi-Fi programming, and more.
  • EASY TO USE Compatible with SIM cards from over 135 countries, simply insert the selected SIM card and enjoy high-speed Internet with no configuration required.
  • After-sales service if you have any problems with the products, feel free to email us at support.es@ tenda .cn and call 34 (810) 810779. The technical team of Tenda will provide you with professional solutions.
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  1. joyf4536's avatar
    Got 2 of these in different locations plus one of these

    Basically the same thing with a port to plug a DECT phone into to make calls as well.

    All 3 have been working for over a year (one of them quite a bit longer) without fault.
    No setting up just put a sim card in, they also have the ability to alter the settings from anywhere via the app.

    innocent's avatar
    Thanks. You can't beat helpful comment based on first hand experience
  2. gary333's avatar
    Not the posters fault but the 300mbps is VERY misleading coming straight after mentioning 4G. This isn’t a 300mbps 4G router, it’s only CAT4 so 150mbps max. This means no carrier aggregation and is the most basic possible 4G router today.

    I have the 4G09 model that is CAT6 thus carrier aggregation. This is the 300mbps max version. It’s a decent router too and often has many laptops and phones connected to it in a massive office building and is very reliable.
    gary333's avatar
    Before someone says I know it’s the WiFi speed that’s 300mbps, but it’s clear manufacturers label things this way to mislead.
  3. devilsadv0cate's avatar
    Has anyone used one of these as a temporary (6 months) home broadband solution with a 4G SIM? Only need a laptop and Hive hub connecting to it.
    joyf4536's avatar
    That's what I use them for, not temporary.
  4. PureMAD4's avatar
    Most routers have a usb port at the back that allows the plug in of SIM dongles but you can also plug in a phone using usb tethering in the hotspot settings. Or you could just use an old phone as a hotspot as others opinions if you have them already and don't want to purchase. I did this for a few months when our cable was cut through by builder's
  5. innocent's avatar
    I am sticking my neck out here but you might also like to look at this but please read the comments there carefully
    hotukdeals.com/dea…811 (edited)
  6. Rmcstar's avatar
  7. HughJarse's avatar
    Will this work with my worktop jig?
    innocent's avatar
    Go online with the Ethernet cable provided via the WAN port.
  8. rudey_valentino's avatar
    Just cancelled my virgin media.. With the greedy price rise.. Still got two of the 3 £3 untld internet Sims.. Would those be a good enough stop gap for a bit? With this router or. Should I fork out for the Huawei 5G ( don't think we have 5g where i live atm
    ws007's avatar
    if you're just after a wifi signal, it maybe cheaper using an old/second hand or even your own phone with the hotspot turned on,

    as there are phone's with much better data connections.
  9. Gh0st1's avatar
    Looking at the image on the amazon page, could this also double up as a wifi range extender in conjunction with a zyxel style of plug?
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