Tevion Wireless mouse and Wireless keyboard Set for £9.99 @ ALDI

Tevion Wireless mouse and Wireless keyboard Set for £9.99 @ ALDI

Found 6th Feb 2012
Seems a decent price for a basic wireless keyboard and mouse set

This is instore @ ALDI they were £12.99 but reduced to £9.99 now

10 Special keys (preprogrammed)
Optical mouse with 3 buttons
Radio selection (automatic)
1,000 dpi mouse sensor
Plug and Play
USB receiver
3 years warranty
The special keys are programmed for various Internet and multimedia applications. In high-gloss finish and with a narrow margin, the keyboard is quite noble.

Batteries included.
- Groovii D
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Nipped out n bought this at the weekend, already has batteries in aswell, really good price
is this in all stores or just the one nearest you?

Nipped out n bought this at the weekend, already has batteries in aswell, … Nipped out n bought this at the weekend, already has batteries in aswell, really good price

was looking @ these last week,, very quiet keyboard?
was is £9.99?
yep quiet and a tenner, nice and flat compared to my other keyboard which now looks like the rocky mountains compared to this haha
What's the range like on this?
Says on the box 'operating range up to 5m'
that's a nice looking keyboard - might have to grab one if my local has them at that price

Says on the box 'operating range up to 5m'

Cool, thanks.
Does it say how long the battery lasts for? thanks.
Cheers OP, great find.
Just at the Coventry, Walsgrave Aldi now. Price is £15.99. Got it scanned and still came up to £15.99. Looks like a store only offer.
wtf are they playing at?
people going especially to buy this and only reduced in the odd store.!!!
cmon aldi either drop the price or leave it @ £15.99,,,,,,stop messing about!!!
£15.99 in leicestershire too
Its original price was £12.99 so where they get £15.99 from I dont know I have seen it in a few ALDIs for £12.99 for the last few weeks but only last few days at reduced price
Does anyone know if this is Mac compatible
Good price for wireless.
not bad for the price
so annoying .. went to upminster to have a look and couldn't find any. came back and went to the branch in grays and found one. "slight" problem though..

box was trashed and mouse, receiver and battery cover to the keyboard were all missing. was tempted to make them an offer for it but realised it would ultimately defeat the object of getting the set for £10 quid.

but word of advice though - the grays branch actually had a sale section with a few racks of reduced items and this is where i found it, so i'd look for one of those if anyone goes looking for it.

just makes me curse the fact that I didn't think to look for sale items in upminster and may well have missed it. still, will try another one tomorrow.

Does anyone know if this is Mac compatible

Not sure what MAC compatible means lol but guessing it has something to do with system requirements (dont no how to upload a photo good god I'm poo at this haha) but I'll type what it says on the box........
System Requirements
>Microsoft Windows 7/
Vista SP1/XP SP3
>Free USB port

Hope that helps
Also Keyboard & Mouse take 2 AAA batteries each
Got one today, only 2 left one sealed and one minus the mouse and receiver.

Now I can stream movies without leaving the comfort of my nice warm bed....cheers op

I've got one as well - had to travel all the way to romford to bloody get it though. It scanned at £12.99 and I mentioned to the person on the till that the receiver was missing, which was fundamental to it working, and he offered to reduce it to £9.99 but no further, so I took a chance and got it.

Rang Medion and told them i've just bought one and that the receiver was missing. They said they couldn't send me a seperate receiver but they could send me a replacement keyboard and mouse set (complete with receiver) free of charge !!

Seems a bit too good to be true TBH, but it's apparently due within the next 10 working days so i'll update this if i get it.
well here's a turn-up for the books. earlier this morning i decided to repair the box that my keyboard and mouse came in and return it to the grays branch of aldi's to see if i would get a refund. i figured that if the other set was delivered and they wanted to take the old one in exchange i could just tell them i disposed of it and forget about it.

so i fixed up the box, took it back to grays and they did indeed refund me. for the original price of £12.99. So that made me £3 quid profit on the deal

And to put the icing on the cake, about an hour after i got home my brand new Tevion Wireless Keyboard and Mouse set was delivered .. here's some proof ..


So I now have a brand new wireless keyboard and mouse set that Aldi basically paid me £3 quid to take off their hands

So i'd certainly advise people to give it a punt - ring Tevion and tell them you've bought a set and the the IR receiver is missing. Worst case scenario, they'll send you a replacement IR receiver that you can probably flog on ebay.

Best case scenario you get a brand new full set
Anyone know is this is still on stock?
i've been in aldi's a number of times in the past few weeks and i haven't seen any
its not in the stores....
i'd still try what i did - ring them up and tell them you've bought one and need a replacement IR receiver - see if they send you a replacement set

worst case scenario, you get a free IR receiver you can stick on ebay
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