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Logitech G903 Wireless Gaming Mouse with Powerplay Wireless Charging Compatibility Lightspeed @ Amazon Warehouse Used Good £50.15
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
game have this mouse @ £224.49 now yes that is extreme.there are plenty in warehouse.description and prices as follows.used good @ £50.15 used very good @ £53 used like new @ £55.8… Read more
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Careful these should be returned for the well known Double Click Issue ...


When the RMB was actuated it often intermittantly registered multiple clicks.


What was the fault


Yes, definitely wait if you can (y)


Thank you for confirming this, will give this a miss and *hope* for the £59.99 deal to come back at some point. (cheeky)

Epic Keyboard and Mouse Bundle - K70 Mk.2 Rapidfire Keyboard and M65 Elite Mouse £138.65 delivered at Overclockers
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
Decent saving for this bundle. • Premium Durable Anodized Aluminum Frame: Built to withstand a lifetime of gaming. • CORSAIR’s Most Advanced Optical Gaming Sensor: Native 18,… Read more

That mouse has had an unresolved firmware issue for years that causes unwanted double clicks


I use a logitech g502 which has more buttons than this and i use all of them apart from the one about the scroll wheel. Especially useful for productivity. Each to their own i guess. Also for less than this you could get a g502 and g910 which to me is better.


2 buttons is more than enough that's what i would call minimal for a mouse any more is just overkill and pointless.


The amount of buttons makes me want to vomit, really just like minimal mice, no way you could map and actually use all of them comfortably

Logitech MK850 keyboard and mouse combo £53.99 Amazon (£48.59 Student)
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
£48.59 with Prime Student Package Contents - Wireless keyboard - Wireless mouse - Unifying receiver - 2 AAA batteries in keyboard, 1 AA battery in mouse (pre-installed) - USB ra… Read more
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Thanks, just trying to factor cost/effectiveness. USB switch is £20 which allows me to use my current keyboards and mice. Will see how both options work and return accordingly.


I think it's only one.. I've got my pc connected through dongle, and laptop over Bluetooth. that may help


Do I need to order extra unifying receiver for mac/pc? Guessing it only comes with one.




you can conmect 3 deviceas at time.. but obviously write(move mouse) only on one. you just switch between those three

CORSAIR Ironclaw RGB Optical Gaming Mouse £44.99 at PCWorld/Currys.
LocalLocalFound 17th AprFound 17th Apr
£10 off CORSAIR Ironclaw RGB Optical Gaming Mouse at PCWorld. 7 programmable buttons Up to 18000 DPI RGB LED lighting Not a bad price for an entry level gaming mo… Read more

I guess it depends on how big your hands are and if you like a bigger mouse ;)


Better mouses out there. I would recommend this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-Optical-Gaming-Million-Colours/dp/B01KT8D7FM/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=logitech+g304&qid=1555531734&s=gateway&sr=8-1


I tried this the other day in the Swindon store and have to say this mouse is so super comfortable for me...fits my hand perfectly. My roccat kone xtd is still working well for me though, but when I want a new mouse this will definitely be on the shortlist. Head added

Corsair Dark Core RGB SE Wireless Gaming Mouse With Qi Wireless Charging - £58.49 @ Amazon
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
The CORSAIR DARK CORE RGB SE gaming mouse lets you choose between ultra-fast 1ms wireless, bluetooth compatibility or wired mode for performance gaming with versatile connectivity.… Read more

I have a corsair, not wireless, totally satisfied! no nee to buy a wireless unless you do not like the wires :D


Yeah Logitech's G900 series of mice are the gold standard right now if you can afford them. Better than wired in every way (apart from price).


I replaced this with a Logitech G903 Mouse, and Logitech Powerplay wireless charging mat. Admittedly more expensive, but without a doubt, the 2 are a million miles apart, totally uncomparable. Never having to worry about charging the mouse (at all), no jitter or lag of any kind, its as good as pc gaming, (and all other uses) has ever been for me


I can't speak for this mouse but I've got the logitech g900 wireless and it's been perfect. No jitter, as responsive as wired, good battery life and good placement of the two side panels. Best mouse I've ever had for gaming.


I had the non wireless charging version of this. Not great at all. Didn't fit my hand which can be a personal thing obviously, but the mouse did stutter as mentioned and the software was not great. Can't find anything to replace my logitech g700s with that feels anywhere near as comfortable.

Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse - £15.49 (£19.98 without Prime) @ Amazon.co.uk
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
It looks to be a comfortable right-handed mouse. Please note though that it uses a USB receiver for the wireless connectivity. If you want a fully-wireless mouse, I suggest the M5… Read more
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I have one great bit of kit at this price... Nice work OP


Been using these for years, great mice. Essential if you work long hours on a PC In a quiet environment (i work from home mostly) as a clicky mouse can drive you bonkers


It won't rat you out when watching ... stuff late at night


I presume its squeak-less....


Plus 10% off for student prime. Heat added.

Well regarded Logitech G203 gaming mouse at John Lewis & Partners with 2 year warranty
Found 14th AprFound 14th Apr
A well regarded quality mouse, voted best budget buy by pcgamer. https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/the-best-gaming-mouse/ You may see this cheaper here and there but this way you get … Read more
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Its currently £35 in argos ! Which I think is too much too! There were lots less that £23 but I'd question the build quality. Theres not a lot out there advice wise. Pcgamer reviews were mainly £50-100 models.


I get that it has hot keys but £23 for a mouse is a little excessive IMO


got this for £9.99 from Tesco last year


This is the normal price - some recent good prices which could return: Logitech G203 Gaming Mouse, Optical 8000 DPI, 16.8 M Colour LED £13.99 (Prime) / £18.48 (non Prime) / £12.60 (students prime) at Amazon Logitech G203 Gaming Mouse, Optical 8000 DPI, 16.8 M Colour LED £13.59 at Currys-with code Logitech G203 Prodigy Gaming Mouse + Logitech G240 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad - £16.99 Prime / £21.48 Non Prime @ Amazon


The come with a 2 year warranty from Logitech when you buy anywhere. Yes no time machine but only couple of days ago was £14.

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Roccat Kone Pure Owl Eye Optical Gaming Mouse, £27.99 at Argos
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Cheaper than Amazon (not for long).

Excellent mouse for FPS. Recommended for hands 18cm and under


The mouse just arrived and I love it, feels so nice and soft in the hand and perfect fit for my hands (18cm long, 9cm wide). The RGB alternates colours, I wish i could set it to red that's my only gripe. Thanks OP


no lights on this one? i have the XTD it lights and crap, kones are perfect mice! the XTD is massive though, built for bigger hands, my previous kone was a bit smaller and a bit better grip. Ive ordered this to give it a go... but yeh shame about the lights :\


Guess I got lucky - I have the white Kone Pure+ and the software for that is solid (it's not the Swarm software, which I found incomprehensible, but one from the driver disc that came with the mouse). I did have to scavenge the program from my Win 7 drive since it would not install under Win 10, though. Really nice mouse, and this one is a bit more refined still so I recall (the sensor in particular). Terrific price, have some heat!


I currently use a g305 but I reserved one. I have small to med hands so I think this'll be great.

Logitech G502 HERO Gaming Mouse with HERO Sensor  £44.44 (Prime students £40) @ Amazon
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
HERO sensor - The G502 gaming mouse features our most advanced optical sensor and next generation HERO sensor. The sensor delivers precision tracking up to 16'000 DPI with zero smo… Read more
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You probably have very small hands, I guess it doesn’t work for everyone but all my mates own one and they all purchased it after using mine. None had small hands though.


I've been looking for a new mouse to replace my ailing G500s and was about to buy this one from Amazon Germany a few days ago, but decided not to because the return would cost me if I didn't like the fit (and the shipping cost brought it up to 55 quid). Glad this popped up, was just about to post it! Nice find!


the wires would tend to fray meaning it would catch onto a lot of things. This is an issue i know a lot of people have had


Fixed issues? I have the old model now ans don't know about any issues that need fixing!?


+1 for roccat kone/emp/aimo if you favour a palm grip and have larger hands. Not tried this G502 but tempted as it's spoken about highly.

Logitech G402 Gaming Mouse Hyperion Fury with 8 Programmable Buttons - Black for £18.99 Prime/£22.48 Non Prime Delivered @ Amazon UK
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Deal of the day Fusion engine delivers one of the high tracking speed. Physical specifications : Height is 136 mm ,Width is 72 mm and Depth is 41 mm Eight programmable buttons;… Read more

Will check this when it drops back down. Forgot to order a mouse when I bought a new laptop


Cracking mouse and at this price can't complain. Superior build quality to other mouses around this price point. Takes a while getting used to some buttons but all in all a very good mouse


Funny I was looking at this yesterday and my son walked in and mentioned his corsair k65 middle button was a bit sticky, so i of course jumped on this... Any excuse eh (lol) If he uses it, i get his old one, and if he doesn't use it, then I do!... I win either way ;) Arrived this morning, 10am...also I did try to blag the keyboard by pleading ignorant,.... Don't waste your time folks, they ain't buying it (you might be, on the other hand lol) 😁 Edit - heat added 🔥 many thanks ;)


It's been a pleasure, try CS chat if G413 doesn't turn up, at least could end up extra month of prime or some voucher ,, (y)


Ordered (with a G413 keyboard separately, as I'm not expecting to get one bundled with the mouse!) Thanks @Brutes , good call!

HP Z3700 Wireless Optical Mouse - Gold or Blue & Black for £9.99 delivered @ Currys (Black/White version @ Rymans)
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Just spotted this nice looking HP mouse on offer at Currys. Reduced to £9.99 in two colours with free delivery. Connection: Wireless 2.4 GHz 1 year battery life Scroll wh… Read more
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Ryman’s have them at the same price too


I have one of these for each of my desktop and laptop computers. I've been through all the fancy mice with multiple buttons and "ergonomic" grips - but settled on this mouse which works really well for the things you need a mouse to do, giving an excellent response to movement on any surfaces I use it on.


Agreed, it might be handy for quick use with a laptop though since it looks pretty compact it will fit in any laptop bag. I wouldn't use it for any length of time though unless i feel like torturing myself.


This ‘nice ‘ looking mouse seems to have the ergonomics of a brick.


Got something similar in white it's Decent. Heat.

HP Z3200 Wireless Optical Mouse (Silver) - £7.97 delivered @ Currys
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Love the sleek sporty look of this mouse (y) With blue LED optical tracking and an ergonomic clamshell design, you can enjoy simple, portable computing with the HP Z3200 Wire… Read more
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Those grills. Reminds me of an Audi or Porsche for some reason ;)


Might be possible with the right kind of hand exercise...


I'd need to see some impressice zero to 60 times before I'd consider buying.


Really good drag coefficient though.


Unfortunately, it states not available for delivery this morning. Maybe they have all gone. None to pick up either, withing 50 miles.

Logitech MX Anywhere 2 AMZ Wireless Bluetooth Mouse for Windows and Mac - Black for £29.99 Delivered @ Amazon UK
Refreshed 11th AprRefreshed 11th Apr
High-productivity mobile wireless mouse that provides the comfort and control you need at home, at work or on the go. Wireless operating distance: 10 meter Dual connectivity conne… Read more

You don't. Sincerely, Mother Nature


(shock) I believe that may leed to my bankruptcy :S


Now there's a product opportunity- combined battery bank and mouse! That way all of us obsessive mouse-and-battery-bank-buyers can spend more money!


Don't need one. £26.99 if you prime student.


Had this for a few months and its great. Highly recommended! Trying to decide if I actually need a second for home... (I do bring my work one home with the laptop anyway...)

Logitech MX Master AMZ Wireless Bluetooth Mouse, USB Receiver for £37.56 Delivered @ Amazon UK
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Prime Students get extra 10% Off Multi-device pairing - pair up to three different devices to easily switch across computers with the touch of a button; the MX Master PC mouse i… Read more

Probably should have paid more attention to the reviews, not particularly keen on the scroll wheel so far.


this - my only gripe with it goes into non clicking scroll mode on it's own... annoying.


Cheers, ended up buying. When I added to basket, had a mystery £10 off voucher on my account so for £27.56 seemed rude not to. I'll take the M510 back into work where it can replace an M305.


Thanks for that. It's s hit steep for me. Has prompted me to change the button settings on my master so that in Navis, the sids buttons are shift and scroll button for 1 handed panning around models.


I have both, keep them I often find myself still using the anywhere at home, they're both great mice and the anywhere is the perfect carry around

Hama 1200 DPI  Wired Optical Mouse  Black @ Amazon Warehouse Used Like New £4.17 (20% Reduction @ Checkout)
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
just one of these available. Compact optical 6-button mouse for precise and soft mouse pointer control Browser buttons provide quick access to the forward/back functions in the W… Read more
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Missed out again.. love a good mouse!..


This looks like, and the spec reads like - the Trust Comfort mouse; THE most comfortable mouse I have owned*. Can anyone tell me if they are in fact the same mouse under different badging?? *Comfortable for us giant handed people.


True say need quicker fingers haha


fair enough this will be fast and furious on a lot of the items.wish there was 100s as always. :)



TeckNet Wireless Mouse, Pro 2.4G USB Optical PC Mouse w/ 24 Month Battery Life £7.49 Prime / £11.98 Non Prime Sold by BLUETREE and FBA
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Nice price for this very well reviewed wireless mouse which boasts a 24 month battery life! 2600DPi. 5 adjustment levels with nano receiver, and 6 buttons make this a fair feature… Read more

Either or should be perfectly fine. Personally I'd go with the wireless one for laptop use. The difference would be minimal in-comparison to the Bluetooth one, so either will be fine.


I plan to use it on a laptop.


All depends how you plan to use it. Mobilephone / tablet? Bluetooth. PC/laptop can be either. If you laptop has Bluetooth built in then no need for the dongle. One thing to note if you plan to by wireless (2.4G) sitting next to a router/cordless telephones/microwave) may give connectivity issues.


Should I buy Bluetooth or Wireless, hmmmm?


These are the screws on mine. Obviously if you take the feet off you may damage the pad, your risk. Looks like a slightly different model. hmm

Logitech G603 Wireless Gaming Mouse Only £29.99 @ GAME
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Key Features 12,000 dpi Hero Gaming Sensor Lightspeed Wireless 6 Programmable buttons Up to 500 hours battery life PLAY WITHOUT LIMITS G603, with the revolutionary HERO sensor … Read more
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Says unavailable.


Option to add to basket isn't showing at the moment :|


Been using the G600 family for a while for gaming. Best mice I've ever used.


Thanks for posting - I've been waiting for a deal on this mouse


HOT ! Great price ....fantastic gaming mouse !

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