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Posted 26 June 2023

TomTom Go App - 12 months free via TomTom DE with voucher code @ TomTom

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Good and well known navigation app for free (just follow few easy steps below). Navigation also works offline (without data connection).

1. Click on the link (the code should already be entered) tomtom.com/de_de/store/basket-recover.html?article=1OLD.001.12.00M&voucher=BILD-TT-2023
2. Don't change the store to GB, it must stay DE
3. Enter your email and any German address. (Address generator here) prepostseo.com/tool/fr/fake-address-generator
4. Complete your purchase
5. install the application and log in to the same account to which you received the e-mail (point 3)
TomTom More details at
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  1. xtreme123's avatar
    Why go through hassle when we have Google maps?
    bigpapa's avatar
    Good to have a backup, especially when you don't have a signal or you're travelling to a country where you have to pay for data.
  2. fbloise's avatar
    Thanks OP, used Revolut single-use card to validate, a charge of €1.01 was made but reverted immediately. All working 12 months free thanks to you!

    For all others

    Once you done the above steps, download TomTom Go app open it and on the page "Your 7 Day Trial" tap where it says "See car and truck plans" then tap "Restore Purchases". That will take you to the login screen where you can put the details used previously on the web form.
    50454568-3Zz2S.jpg (edited)
    Canopus's avatar
    I just tried the same method, but it keeps on giving me an error message, "We are sorry, an error has occurred. Please try again" did charge me 87p but the money reverted right back.
  3. bobbyh89's avatar
    Worked fine for me but my god the UI of that app is horrendous and makes your eyes bleed.

    I'll stick with Google Maps / Waze.
  4. Purist's avatar
    I paid £9.99 a few weeks ago as I got a special offer on my iPhone, it’s an awful app, with awful interface, finding addresses is not great, for some reason it can’t find my home! I guess some people will like TomTom and this is a good deal for nothing but I would never pay £19.99 for it!
    18nine04's avatar
    Assuming that you have downloaded all relevant maps to be able to pick up the address? ONly asking because I had this issue a few years back when started using it and I hadn't downloaded all UK maps (North, South & Central)
  5. IggyM's avatar
    Just noticed this is set to auto-renew. To disable, login to TomTom via browser, go to Subscriptions, and then Options. The auto-renew option is not clearly obvious, as it mentions you won’t get speed camera updates if you cancel (rather than just saying the subscription will end)
    marky489's avatar
    Did you find an English website? I seem to remember last year when I went through this it was in German & almost impossible to navigate. Also if you cancel auto renew do you still have the full year?
  6. ckcchan.hk's avatar
    Didn't know Tomtom still exist.
    SpamJavelin's avatar
    Their business is in data now, not as much money to be made in selling hardware. They use data from vehicle GPS and sell it back in the form of live speed data.
    You can even buy historic data for roads going back years! If you want to have a look at your area register here for free move.tomtom.com/login
    Only October 2022 data right now but very representative.
  7. BigBlackClock's avatar
    For those of you struggling with the 'Restore purchase' step. Follow the below steps:

    - Download the app
    - Tap on 'See all plans'
    - Scroll down to tap on 'Restore purchase'
    - It will ask you to login to your Apple ID email. Presumably, you have used another email, still enter your Apple ID password to login
    - It will come up that you don't have a subscription but will give you an option to Login
    - Enter the login details which you used to make this free purchase and enjoy! (edited)
    zak_.'s avatar
    Thank u
  8. AndyT328's avatar
    I have just cancelled the payment subscription that I added via paypal. Just cancelled the subscription via main TomTom site, after signing in, top of page is subscriptions, click, then cancel... Seems Tom Tom is still working
  9. Darren_22's avatar
    Needs card/PayPal details. No deal I'm afraid.
    Kombucha69's avatar
    Use disposable debit card, like Revolut or whatever
  10. Cozmokaz's avatar
    expired now
    Rimi's avatar
    No, all working fine, just checked.
  11. smegal's avatar
    I pay for this app as I find it so good compared to the competition. If it was worth the faff, I'd be all over this
    UnicornHunter's avatar
    Literally took me about 2 minutes
  12. catchya's avatar
    Was great 10 years ago. Now Google maps is more widely used. Free or not free I think people wont bother (edited)
    Professor_Chaos's avatar
    agree. I think Waze is even better than Google Maps though
    I cant believe Tom Tom feel the need to charge for this when most will use Google Maps (or Waze!) for free (edited)
  13. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's avatar
    Waze is free to use also and in my opinion a much better option
    lonechump's avatar
    Have you used the paid Tomtom recently and if so how long ago. Never heard anyone who pays for the app say the free options are better - that said if you can confirm then it will give us an idea of your experience?
  14. AdamMuny's avatar
    Just because its free dont mean u need it.. google maps n waze all the way
  15. Niz's avatar
    Tomtom is way better than Google maps for lane guidance, better for long trips, europe etc. For day to day traffic locally its google maps. I use amigo which needs the Internet but this version always feels reassuring.
    A57ton's avatar
    Completely, always puts you in the wrong lane!
  16. grslfc76's avatar
    I use this app everyday. Miles better than google maps. Give it ago.
    Zosia's avatar
    I use TomTom app since 2017 and it's great. I never like Google Maps, too basic for me.
  17. Iamthesam's avatar
    For iOS:
    1. Install app TomTom Go Navigation
    2. Choose ‘Restore purchase’ option on the subscription plan page
    3. Use your Apple ID to login.
    4. Will say it didn’t find any active subscription and will ask you to login.
    5. Click login button and now use the email address and the password you used to register as per the deal link.

    6. Enjoy the 12 months subscription and in some cases even enjoy one more month free like I got.

    Btw.. thanks OP. This app is very good in terms of those lanes and intersections etc. (edited)
  18. Azzin's avatar
  19. DZ_T's avatar
    Tomtom was my first ever sat nav, with out, i would have less adventurous days in my teen
    Hiyayou's avatar
    Yep, I was only thinking this the other day. Bought my wife one so she should go out and about.
  20. dingdong777's avatar
    Whats wrong with google maps?
    gen271674's avatar
    What's wrong with your question?
  21. karl.thornley's avatar
    Have TomTom sat nav and have Google maps on Android auto TomTom always better with traffic and speed cameras
    So just downloaded this to phone to use on android auto screen was easy to understand instructions and install thanks
  22. Weirdy's avatar
    I got this last night and compared it with Google Maps for the same journeys I took today (out from Central London to and around Bucks) and the calutations were longer for each Tomtom version of the journey.
    Strangely, my boss was with me today in his own motor, using Tomtom for his tool and I was getting to places quicker than him each time via G Maps ?
    Good backup for the offline map, if your out and about in the sticks with no signal
    warmasice's avatar
    Yeh, hardly anyone uses Tomtom so their traffic modelling is weak.
  23. mb1's avatar
    Used a Halifax Clarity and filled out the postcode with zeros. Seemed to work and didn't need the fake address generator.
  24. thewolf8u's avatar
    Why would I use this over google maps?
    ozk's avatar
    Much better on speed cameras, speed you are going and road speed limits.
    Completely offline if required - great if you are going remote regions with poor signal.
    Really good when you are abroad.
    I think apple and google maps are great - but for long journeys on roads i don't know, this remains the best.
  25. radvan's avatar
    is it hgv too?
    Niz's avatar
    When I loaded it up just now it did ask what vehicle so I'd assume yes
  26. rjhbirm's avatar
    Historically I've always used TomTom devices but I'm interested to try this going forward, on iOS.

    Since I already have a UK TomTom account for map updates to my standalone unit, would I have to create a whole new account in order to make use of this deal on my iPhone, does anyone know? (I don't currently have the TomTom app on my phone). Many thanks! (edited)
    ash143's avatar
    No, just sign out and remove Tomtom go apps, Reinstall after you purchase and sign in, You possibly need to start free trial and then sign in on iPhone, it works for me that way so hoping works for you too.
  27. warmasice's avatar
    Appreciate the deal op. But really, why bother when we all have Google maps, waze, apple maps. TomTom are hoping you forget to cancel your subscription, so they're really getting desperate now. (edited)
    HistoricDealer's avatar
    I find tomtom miles more reliable than both google maps and waze. I use all 3, but always end up back on tomtom as a daily driver (pun intended)
  28. DunDunFather's avatar
    Excellent find, thanks! I used an old Prepaid card with a couple of quid on it for payment and BMW HQ in Munich for the address!

    I also prefer TomTom to Google Maps, I used to have a GO 5000 and it was great but the battery recently died so this will come in handy on the rare occasions I need it. Thanks again
    cootcee64's avatar
    Your can buy battery repair kit as your battery should still be able to be replaced on your TT Go 500

    Bit fiddly to do and as you know probaly no updates from TT but map updates can be sourced online.... ahem

  29. Wolfylee's avatar
    Unless I'm using it wrong you can't ask siri to navigate to a business using Tomtom. It tells me it cant show search results using tomtom.

    This means that it's utterly useless for carplay - with Waze, Google maps and apple maps I can press a button on my steering wheel and say navigate to tesco using whichever app I choose and it shows me a list of options which I press and away I go - not with TomTom.
  30. Professor_Chaos's avatar
    How is this compared to Waze?

    Waze is just amazing, especially when you are driving at obscure hours when junctions are closed/motorway roadworks etc.
    SnoopZ's avatar
    Wondering this too, Waze is awesome and free, I thought about trying but I can't see the point of faffing around.
  31. Sandmannn's avatar
    How on earth is this can be hot?
    No navigation can come close to Google maps or waze and those are free... except the massive data harvesting.
  32. farzana.ali's avatar
    Is waze not much better now?
    hisknibbs's avatar
    Much better. 
  33. KenKorda's avatar
    There’s no way anyone under the age of 40 is going for this.
    gen271674's avatar
    It's clear to see the young uns in here "janky, wake is da best" etc. Hilarious
  34. munva's avatar
    Waze is the best sat nav app ever
    smegal's avatar
    I disagree
  35. pauljanet's avatar
    I believe Tom Tom provide the maps for many in car systems. Personally I hate the sat nav in my VW which is based on Tom Tom so I just use Google maps via Android auto. Maybe Tom Tom is good but the interface is so fiddly compared to Google for me I just can't be bothered with it. (edited)
  36. phiras's avatar
    Do you need to cancel this, or does the subscription just automatically end after 12 months?
    Popeye_the_Sailor's avatar
    Interested in knowing this also. Do you have to give payment details?
  37. rjhbirm's avatar
    I've given up with this. Too much faff.

    My existing TomTom account now has a German address associated with it, with no option to change back to my real UK address. What a mess.
    HistoricDealer's avatar
    that you yourself caused...
  38. bigted's avatar
    On your mobile, press the home button for two seconds and Google assistant will appear. Say "navigate ten downing Street London navigate"
    and your phone will become a satnav with no typing needed. No TomTom subscription needed
    rmtheatre's avatar
    Will this work for other destinations?
  39. MikeWard1701's avatar
    A satnav app? In 2023? That isn't Google Maps or Apple Maps? Blimey how quaint!
  40. dooper's avatar
    I subscribed to this deal the last time it was available. I used TomTom a few times, but much preferred Google Maps. I can’t be bothered to try to subscribe to this new deal.
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