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TomTom Touch Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate - Indigo - Small £19.99 at Argos/ebay
Posted 9th SepPosted 9th Sep
Good price and decent tracker. Gerneral Information: Size: Small. Built-in heart rate monitor. 24/7 activity tracking. Connects to Smart Phone through TomTom Sports App Size … Read more
Dude1971 Mediocre review but that was in 2016 and priced at £129 - worth a look though


When it says size 'small' does that mean it's supposed to git a childs wrist?

Tomtom Go Premium 6" Satnav with case £210.68 @ Halfords
Posted 27th AugPosted 27th Aug
I know its a lot for a satnav and there are plenty of free options that run on mobile phones, but i still prefer a dedicated Satnav unit. No doubt people will say what alernatives… Read more

350 now the robbing gits


Happy to help :)


Yes that’s right, but I still reserved one & went into store with the screenshot you put on here & they honoured the price, result! Thank you so much!


Yes, I can confirm voucher definitely finished yesterday.


Looks like it's expired, must have been yesterday only. Price is now £299

TomTom GO Basic 5" Sat Nav with Lifetime Full Europe Maps (WiFi updates) £83.11 @ Halfords
32° Expired
Posted 27th AugPosted 27th Aug
Code FLASH14 runs out today. TomTom GO Basic 5" Sat Nav with Lifetime Full Europe Maps Basic at its best. WiFi enabled, fast updates, and phone notifications, the TomTom Go Basic… Read more

"Lifetime" maps should be good for about 4 more years on this model.


I would. I almost bit yesterday but then noticed the price drop today.


Besides the bigger screen and world maps (rather than just Europe) the main differences seem to be voice recognition and automatic live traffic updates via the built in sim rather than via a link to an app on your phone, but I'm no expert on these things. I just wanted a good but simple (and cheap!) sat nav for getting from A to B. Others will no doubt be better informed than me.


I’ve bought this yesterday evening from halfords @£102.5. Today they’ve slashed price by £10. Shall I return it back and re order? Disappointed that it went down 10 quids overnight


I'm finding it very difficult to compare the different satnav brands and models, don't really understand the 'must have' features and it's hard to see which offer best value for money. How does this deal compare with : £210.68 - Tomtom Go Premium 6" Sat with case

TomTom  6 inch Car Sat Nav GO 620 - £149.99 @ Amazon
Posted 22nd AugPosted 22nd Aug
TomTom Car Sat Nav GO 620, 6 Inch with Handsfree Calling, Siri, Google Now, Updates via WiFi, Lifetime Traffic via Smartphone and World Maps, Smartphone Messages, Capacitive Screen
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google is awful constantly need "re centring" and very basic. Waze is ok and I use it but real sat nav is still way better.


Each to their own I guess. I have a stand alone Garmin and it's my first choice for navigation. I use my phone mostly for music, podcasting or calls when driving


Thanks for the info.


With traffic updates, of course you need data as its real time but with google maops you can save locations so it doesnt need data. I save section anyway just incase there is no singal anyway and of course, your not going to get a more update map than google maps. The offline maps can be set to auto update weekly etc. when your on wifi too


I have never used my smartphone as a sat nav as I still have an old Navigon sat nav with free map downloads and cams. Do you have to turn on the data with a smartphone to make it work, I'm on PAYG with my smartphone so that would probably cost me to use it as a sat nav, is this correct? Sat Navs are a one off payment for the unit, free to use with no data charges but I suppose you do have to pay for the official updates or speedcam additions, is that correct?

Tomtom GO ESSENTIAL 6" 15cm / 6'' - £175.96 @ Tom Tom Shop
-108° Expired
Posted 6th AugPosted 6th Aug
Updates via Wi-Fi® Lifetime* TomTom Traffic Lifetime* Europe Maps Hands-free calling 6 Months Speed Cameras
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TomTom support is a nightmare. They stopped support to tens of thousands of users when WNRO kicked in. People paid up to £300 and after 4 years or less, there were no more support updates on many products, which can’t calculate times any longer. TomTom changed their T&C on lifetime support, from “10 years support”, to “lifetime support if available”.TomTom does not fix bugs, they just issue a newer product and advise you to buy that one, or offer 20% off full priced item as an apology for the product failing. Avoid or regret.


who's lifetime? my one will never be updated again because tomtom discontinued it,


Tom Tom is way better then garmin


Tried Garmin and hated it. Tom Tom is far better. Not comparable to a phone app. This one seems expensive.


Would avoid Tomtom. Netter get Waze or Garmin

TomTom GO Professional 520 5 Inch EU Traffic Truck Sat Nav now £199.99 free click and collect at Argos
169° Expired
Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd Jul
Imagine a route that's tailored to your truck, coach or van. TomTom GO PROFESSIONAL welcomes you to priority driving, bringing better ways to drive efficiently. It has Lifetime Map… Read more
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Is this an older slower version of the 6200 ?


Yeah I think we would have paid for it back in the day when good options were limited but now not so much. I always get the feeling that company's don't want to create the product that kills off another one of their products but better they do it than a competitor. Anyway that being said I think people would pay a subscription for the truck, coach or motorcycle one.


I can't see people going with the Tomtom app if it's a monthly subscription - I went on their website and if I got things right, they now charge a monthly fee to get the full set of features.


Dedicated sat navs are slighlty better than GM & Waze but TomTom and Garmin massively overprice them in this shrinking market. Only a matter of time before they integrate the truck and coach stuff into phone apps too, I'd imagine.


They can't help themselves - they see "sat nav" and have to jump in to tell people they're pointless.

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TomTom Car Sat Nav Start 52, 5 Inch with Lifetime W/Europe Maps, Resistive Screen
£64.50 @Amazon (Used Good) 20% off at Checkout
74° Expired
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
20% Discount at Checkout Product Description The TomTom START 52 offers essential navigation and free lifetime map updates. Finding destinations is simple from the search men… Read more

The best I could find at CEX. Chraper than the two TomToms ive posted, and way more features



No Wi-Fi on this model, so you have to go through the hassle of connecting it up to a PC to update the maps every couple of months.


Dont see a point buying tomtom now. With all data roaming and stuff Google does the job perfectly on your phone. They even show speedcams not everywhere but it comes more and more.


Nicked!! TRUST ME !!

TomTom Car Sat Nav Start 62, 6 Inch with Lifetime W/Europe Maps, Resistive Screen (Used Very Good) £89.28 @ Amazon 20% discount at Checkout
53° Expired
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
20% Discount at Checkout Product Description The TomTom START 62 provides essential navigation and free lifetime map updates of UK and Ireland. Finding destinations is simple f… Read more

I was thinking about buying a new sat nav for my Mother - she wanted one with a bigger display, but I think I would be better off using an old phone and setting it up as a dedicated sat nav now.


£64.50 for 5inch model here. Its the one I bought, Used Very Good. Practically brand new when you receive it


1) Google maps uses up a very small amout of data. Dont think you'll use over 500mb a month. 2) The benefit of the TomTom is it wont be interupted by phone calls, whatsapp msgs and instagram notifications etc. I believe there's a way to turn off calls and notifications while using phone as a sat nav (you'll have to go to a phone store and ask) 3) with a mounted phone, youre tempted to make phone calls, send texts msgs etc while driving. Even in slow traffic you can still cause accidents. 4) the 3d like display on a TomTom device makes maneuvering bigger roundabouts, intersections and motorway interchanges alot more easier. Even for experienced drivers! 5) This model only comes with 3 months speed camera updates and doesnt have lifetime traffic updates. So if thats gonna be an issue, this particular model isnt for you


Serious question time......I'm buying a car for my daughter which doesn't have satnav. She has Google maps on her phone which I can attach a cradle to the dash for her to follow when required. What is the advantage of a TomTom unit such as this over a Google map mobile? Also, following Google maps -;does that use up monthly data allowance? Any helpful responses would be much appreciated.

2019 Car Sat Nav TomTom GO Premium X £257.46 @ Tom Tom
-100° Expired
Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
My TomTom broke today and needed a new one stumbled on this link and works for all so not exclusive! This is the 6 inch with all the extras like extra mount etc. Also GO PREMIU… Read more

well waze is worthless against tomtom i drive daily the same time as my colleague and i always arrive first as i use tomtom


Just as a very cheap alternative pay the £14 tomtom subscription then buy an old HTC One with Boom sound. Then get the Three network data sim that gives you 200mb data free each month. This gives you everything but at less than £60. You can then get fancy with a wireless charging receiver and a magnetic qi car charger and your set. It's not as good but I thought I would give it a go and its fine for me!


TBF I have the 510 and use it every day as a delivery driver, I have Bluetooth in my van now so don't need Hans free but the traffic keeps dropping out that is what I use it for mainly so having the SIM is a upgrade for me also the extra inch. Mine old one has put in hard graft for 2 years, I look on it as a tool for my job like a carpenter has a hammer or a drill things wear out. I will now reset it and put it into cex and sell the extra mount. Job done. I could use my phone but I like to have a dedicated unit just for navigation as I use my phone for other things when working. Also it is a grey area when it come to the police.


This seems like a lot for a Sat Nav! Just stick to Waze if I am honest.


I actually verified what this edition was few weeks ago. This is identical to its lower counterpart but comes with premium accessories so unless you fancy a nice case delivered with your Tomtom you may as well save yourself a disappointment. Under the hood it's the same spec as Go 62xx series only lacking IFTTT

Tom Tom 1 year Speed Cam Updates £6.64 with code
189° Expired
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Tom Tom 1 year Speed Cam Updates £6.64 with code
£6.64£13.9953%TomTom Shop Deals
Just had an email saying. We just sent you an email about a deal on Live Services. This should have been an email about Speed Camera Updates. The trouble: Live Services is incomp… Read more

I was able to buy a 1.5 year and a 1 year subscription for my VIA 52 for £16.64 with the code, and it gives the expected expiration date.


And?? I'm a professional driver and I use a designated hgv sat nav and phone with Google maps for the street view of the place I'm delivering to. That way I can decide on the best and safest way in.


Can't belive people still use these!


Tomtom cancelled mine after a year or s ;(


Anyone else here still enjoying the lifetime speed cam subscription at a cost of 50p via the polish tomtom website deal ages ago? (lol)

Tom Tom Live services half price subscription £24.97 12 months / £34.97 18 months
57° Expired
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Tom Tom Live services half price subscription £24.97 12 months / £34.97 18 months
£24.97£49.9550%TomTom Shop Deals
Tom Tom love services half price as per a email sent to me.... it works on all the subscriptions. The 1.5 year is £34.97. Might not be for everyone as most use mobiles these days… Read more

My TomTom LIVE used to consist of traffic, weather, a google 'nearby' service and couple of other things. They then scrapped all the Google stuff and now its just traffic info. £10 or under I might bite. £25 is poor. £50 is plain ridiculous.


If true-feel sorry for you!


Last line of defence is offence.


Thank you TOMTOM for refining the car satnav to what it is today. Unfortunately, Google now leads the way with Waze and maps. Now they are pulling out of the sports tracker market not sure whats left.


I do 20,000 miles a year and with apple car play using Waze/google maps I can honestly say never felt like it was subpar, hasn’t let me down. Must be a reason why the sat nav market is struggling right now.

TomTom GO 5200 Car Sat Nav with Wi-Fi, Traffic, World Maps, Siri and Google Now integration Ex Display - £209 @ Halfords
-151° Expired
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
TomTom GO 5200 Car Sat Nav with Wi-Fi, Traffic, World Maps, Siri and Google Now integration Ex Display - £209 @ Halfords
£209£292.7829%Halfords Deals
TomTom GO5200 lifetime map updates and traffic.

you wouldn't even need a flagship phone to outdo this.


They're asking too much for these when you could put that towards a flagship phone with the tomtom app what wont go out of date due to not being updated like these end up being


So I have ALL variations of TomTom, Google & Waze some built into car. Google & Waze, ok, they are free of charge and offer some good features. BUT the map data is no as good as TomTom and is missing key roads, also routing not so good. TomTom PND - Yes theres an initial cost but map data, live traffic and routing far better. TomTom Iphone or Android - As per the TomTom points but without the initial cost. This also has the CarPlay option so the best integrated solution. Yes CarPlay is coming....


No mention of SD card slot. My first (And last) TomTom ran out of space for Map updates very quickly. Trashed it when not even a fresh, restricted area download possible. Use pre-downloaded google maps now.


When working I used to use a stand alone sat nav as it was much easier to add customers locations as poi rather than hoping to get a signal and use google maps. The company used EE as the carrier.There's still plenty of areas in the south west with poor coverage once you leave main roads and populated areas.

TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch Grey [+ Desk Dock, TomTom Bike Mount] £114.57 @ Amazon
128° Expired
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch Grey [+ Desk Dock, TomTom Bike Mount] £114.57 @ Amazon
£114.57£22950%Amazon Deals
Thought this was a good price including the desk Dock and bike mount. Product description TOMTOM - RETAIL TOMTOM MULTI-SPORT GPS WATCH+CYCLE D.GREY IN Box Contains To… Read more

Had one of these when they first came out. Not bad at the time and good value but you'd be mad to buy one nowm


Tom Tom support was useless. My wife's phone (a Sony compact z3) was on their compatible list, but the watch wouldnt pair with the phone, in the end they said i needed a Bluetooth upgrade from Sony from Bluetooth 4 to Bluetooth 5... That's not possible without replacing the Bluetooth chip on the motherboard! The GPS is a pita as well. You have to connect your watch every few days for it to update the locations of the GPS satellites, otherwise it won't pick up a signal even after trying for an hours run. Not an issue if you are synced by Bluetooth..... After a year and a half the battery in mine died.not user serviceable, no support to help change battery and there only seems limited availability of similar batteries from China with no instructions. Tom Tom stopped making watches in Oct 2017. This has been sat on a shelf for a while.


TomTom have stopped making running watches. No guarantee the software will keep working. Definitely would not invest in one now. This doesn't seem like that good a deal for an old discontinued model.


Thanks op We need more Swatch deals


Spend the extra on a garmin. I've had two tomtom watches and both have had several issues and this model is a good few years old now

Tomtom Speed Camera Updates Europe 18 months - £18 @ TomTom Shop
-115° Expired
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Code is taking £6 on 18 months updates an £4 on 12 months. speed Camera Updates Europe - 1 year Directly downloadable/activated £ 19.99 £ 15.99 Speed Camera Updates Europe - 1.5 y… Read more

Maybe iOS and android are different prices?


I believe they stopped 3 year subscriptions in 2017 and that is also the last year I saw them offering discounts on the subscription. Hence my interest in a discounted 3 year subscription. I'm surprised at the price of your 1 year subscription. I thought it was £14.99 for everyone.



The offer was clearly there for 3 years. I have the subscription till 2020. It’s saying £17.99 for 1 year. How are you getting it for £15...? Still better to go with the mobile app and pay as you can use multiple devices and download any map.


But dedicated device does job best! Phone for GPS is just for occasional use, as if you use it frequently- inconvenient. And I have tried TomTom on mobile(easy to get one with unlimited mileage for free :) ) and dedicated TomTom Go 5200. Difference as day and night!

TomTom Start 52 5 Inch Sat Nav Lifetime Maps EU £89.99 at Argos
154° Expired
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Nice price drop on this, making it a whole lot cheaper than elsewhere. If you have been looking for a sat nav this is worth considering, as it comes with Lifetime EU maps, meaning … Read more

Garmin is your friend.


Don't do it, seriously. It's an awful satnav. I've had it a month, bought from Lidl when they did it at 79 quid, and I've been thinking of returning it from day one. It's unbelievably slow, lags all the damn time, but much worse is that it doesn't manage postcode search properly (Google it and see for yourselves). If I can be bothered, I'll return it as 'not fit for purpose' - a satnav sold in the UK that doesn't do postcode only search easily isn't fit


Waze app got live update and speed camera warning (y)


This model is very slow, it picked up the satellites faster than the basic Garmin but thats about it. Every click and selection moves in a snail pace. I am not sure if this is the device specific issue, I had to return it.


Problem is the newer phones are so expensive its just cheaper to get a satnav with lifetime traffic.

TomTom Go Premium X 6 inch from TomTom for £295.20
-154° Expired
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Have an email that was sent to me with this offer, seems to be £349 on amazon for the 6 inch model, I just use tomtom app now but may be useful to someone




Hi which email address did you use to contact tomtom?


Well, I find dedicated satnavs are *slightly* better than GM and Waze, but after you factor in cost of buying the unit, maps and speed camera updates, then no way. I use an old HTC phone that I bought in 2011.


Weirdly I get emails off TomTom saying my ancient (must be 10+ years old) 4" SatNav needs a software update!

TomTom Heart Monitor Smart Watch Touch - Large £34.99 at Argos/ebay
60° Expired
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
TomTom Heart Monitor Smart Watch Touch - Large £34.99 at Argos/ebay
£34.99£79.9856%eBay Deals
Price drop. Fitness starts from the heart. Monitor your heart rate throughout the day to find out your resting heart rate, which is a great indicator of your fitness leve… Read more

So ugly with the prominent silver button thing - what an eye sore !!

TomTom GO 6200 with Wi-Fi, World Maps and built in Sim for TomTom Traffic £195 @ Halfords
190° Expired
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
TomTom GO 6200 with Wi-Fi, World Maps and built in Sim for TomTom Traffic £195 @ Halfords
£195£23517%Halfords Deals
with 3.03% off tcb too Smarter, faster, better connected the TomTom GO 6200 with Wi-Fi, World Maps and built in Sim for TomTom Traffic . It Lets you update without a computer with… Read more
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I use the tomtom app as I use a satnav to avoid traffic commuting and park on street so didn't want to pack a satnav away twice a day. However, I find my dedicated device was less laggy I also ended up with quite severe burn in on my s7.


hi mate yeah just checked it has gone back up ive expired it thanks for letting me know


Comes up as £296 when I try to add it to my basket - both for delivery and reserve and collect (despite what the listings says) ?Expired


Cold. Apple and Google maps are always free and updated. TomTom maps are not free even if it says lifetime free maps.


Had this satnav for a few months and I hated how laggy the interface was as well as how unreliable the link between the phone app and the satnav was. I've since sold it and now happily using Google maps.

TomTom GO 6200, 6 Inch Lifetime Traffic via SIM Card and World Maps Amazon UK - £195 (down from £339.99)
38° Expired
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
TomTom GO 6200, 6 Inch Lifetime Traffic via SIM Card and World Maps Amazon UK - £195 (down from £339.99)
World lifetime maps: Get the latest maps by connecting your TomTom GO to your Wi-Fi network; we issue free new updates seasonally for the life of your device Lifetime TomTom traff… Read more
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What’s the point these days, your phone will do the job for next to nothing, and when you return to the car side window still intact as you have removed the valuable item. Dinosaur tech.


I will never buy another TomTom again as LIFETIME with them is a total scam... Lifetime should mean your lifetime... not a few years


Rubbish maps that take you down single track roads that are obviously slower than sticking to main roads. Known issue that TT have not addresses for a long time. Stick to your phone and a good dash holder as previous posts state.


If you're still using this it's not your GPS that needs an upgrade. :)


Agreed. Just took my Tomtom out after about 6 months of not being used and after it had "updated" via Tomtom Home on the PC it no longer supports various functions. After a previous one was stolen , no concession was given for the previously purchased maps etc. As others have noted a company that considers customer service optional. Twice bitten, forever shy. Agree with Sam. Just get a good holder for your phone instead and leave these expensive dinosaurs in the dustbin of history.

TomTom Start 52 SAT NAV, £79.99 at Lidl (instore)
50° Expired
Posted 4th AprPosted 4th AprLocalLocal
If like me you didn't manage to get the great deal from selected Aldi stores that was posted by @viper668 - they ran out in my local Aldi :( Lidl have the same sat nav now at:… Read more
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Additional note, just been in the Chester store and they did not have any on display, however there was a price label up on the overhead panel and they had wrote on it that you needed to ask at checkout to get one, I guess it's a security thing so worth bearing in mind if you don't see them out in your store.


Waze does everything I need and has slowly evolved into a very polished sat-nav solution although I can see the attraction of a sat-nav only device for some people. My rank on Waze is 1,487. Not sure if that is good or not :)


If there is still stock left you could get this for £69.99 now as well, using the £10 voucher (see here)


My Tomtom was ok when working but the desktop app for the lifetime updates has put me off TomTom, it was absolutely awful. It was forever crashing. Between constantly logging me out, being unable to connect to the server or being unable to connect with the sat nav. When it did work it would take hours to update. I went to update it last year and the app crashed mid update. Ended up the sat nav had no maps on it at all now. It will no longer allow new maps to be uploaded. To be honest I now use the Waze app on my phone. Its top notch, far better than both my TomTom and Google maps. Real time traffic and route calculations. Also alerts for crashes, fixed cameras, speed vans etc.


Or just drive properly......

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