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Around 50% of drivers use a Sat Nav system in their car to make journeys safer and more efficient. With a clear digital map and spoken route instructions, they make it far easier to get from A to B. At HotUKDeals, we collect all the best offers then publish them on our Sat Nav page. Read more
Preowned Hammerhead Karoo 2 GPS Bike Computer, B £310 delivered @ CeX
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Pretty niche item but those in the know will be aware that these get almost weekly updates. 50 quid off RRP but cex 2 year warranty. I bought one and it was immaculate no box. I wo… Read more

I can't argue with that, is there something to be said for software and the weekly updates? Much like the apple model of one software for one product and that having longevity and somewhat justifying the cost.


My point is the price of manufacturing vs the retail cost is so huge. I think it was a Garmin model that is based on a low cost Mediatek chip that probably only costs $1-2 and the rest of the product has no special components and yet retails at around £200 yet probably costs only about $15 or so to make. It's like margins even Apple would be impressed with. There are more expensive components that go into a £30 smartphone like an Alcatel. Just seems like another product for cyclists that has exploitative margins and pricing.


For most people yes, but for those that want a dedicated device this device fits most briefs. But, equally, the price is prohibitive.


Indeed the price is just too high


Great device but that price, the hardware doesn't merit that price point in my opinion. Seems like there is no real value option in the more advanced cycle computer category so prices are not that competitive. An old smartphone seems the budget option, configure it as you want it but you will need a phone mount, waterproof case and likely a small power bank depending on your model of phone. You can get suitable old smartphones on ebay for less than £20 if you don't want to use your main phone.

Garmin Edge 520 Plus GPS Cycle Computer - £149 with student discount) delivered @ Garmin Shop
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Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Garmin Edge 520 Plus cycle computer now £149 on Garmin site, 530 at £195, 130 Plus at £112.49. Only a £35 or so saving over other stores such as Halfords/Argos but still may be of … Read more

Same price here


I hoped they might. Reckon it will be next spring now. They've missed the boat for 2021, but are in danger of losing ground to karoo. Wahoo have lost the plot imo.


Hope garmin drop some new units this year, keep holding off buying 1030. This sale is a good sign of stock clearance.


The 530 for the extra is a no brainer!


Totally agree. This is the old one, much slower and not as power efficient and doesn’t have the MTB features, however it’s still a lot better than using your phone.

Garmin Edge Explore GPS Bike Sat Nav - Pre-Installed Europe Map, Navigation Functions, 3 Inch Touchscreen - £179.99 @ Amazon
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
Decent quality and popular bike computer for navigation (used a lot in my cycling club as the mapping is very good). It’s the same price on Argos at the moment, but has been at RRP… Read more

Can't show off in your spandex lycra...


I got this just before Christmas. Took a while to understand how to use without too much fuss. Best to plot start and end and one or two waypoints you want to go past - then off you go. Machine will create a route based on most commonly used routes. You can take a different route and will machine will guide you towards next waypoint. Excellent to keep roughly right direction


Agree with those that leave tech off bikes. Much better experience imo. I bought a Hammerhead karoo 2 last month. Great piece of kit, and lovely to see stats as I ride, but defo notice I'm looking at the screen more than my surroundings. Enjoyed the ride just as much before without computer, and didn't feel like I have to prove anything. One advantage is I'm happy to go further out due to no chance of battery dieing and access to maps. Leaves my phone for emergencies.


Is this what you get when your phone breaks?


Depends what you need. A lot of people like to see cadence, Heart Rate, elevation and power data wrapped up in one app and then transferred into meanfigul fitness data which is what garmin does. But for just bimbling around and enjoying the roads with a map then a phone works perfectly, if a battery killer. As many people have said here already, no tech = a nice ride. I use two garmin devices and prefer the tech but I also agree with that sentiment. My best rides are riding for ridings sake, not for data.

TomTom Start 52 5" Sat Nav UK and ROI Lifetime Maps - £79.99 @ Halfords
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Posted 13th AprPosted 13th AprLocalLocal
TomTom Start 52 5" Sat Nav UK and ROI Lifetime Maps Down from 119.99
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TomTom Car Sat Nav GO 5200 5" Handsfree Calling, Siri, Google Now, WiFi Updates, Lifetime Traffic via SIM Card and World Maps £162 Amazon
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Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
World lifetime maps: Get the maps by connecting your TomTom GO to your Wi-Fi network; TomTom issue free new updates seasonally for the life of your device Lifetime TomTom traffic:… Read more

"Ducking" the music whilst giving instructions is better than trying to listen to instructions on a crappy standalone navigation system over a loud multi-speaker car stereo system. Plug the charger in (or wireless charge if you're posh) and stick your phone on the dash with Google Maps or Waze (or Tomtom if you really have to have it) music/calls/texts and whatever else this unit claims to do can all be done from one device. No dirty saliva marks on the windscreen, no smashed windows because you forgot to remove it from sight. You never forget your phone and if you did your remember pretty quick and you always dash out and get it. How is a phone safely tucked away in the glove compartment safer than a standalone tomtom doing all the stuff that makes the phone unsafe in the first place?


I have built in on my car but to be honest I use a tomtom go with the live update and lifetime maps had it a few years now well better than the car one. Updates for the car cost a ridiculous amount of money. Your always gonna get people saying they use their phone but at the end of the day its personal taste and for me the tomtom is the one I'd choose. Oh and just to follow-up the traffic warnings on mine at least are very accurate. There is a sim card built into mine.


Being on the road 4 days a week, a Tom Tom is great with live traffic, use the 5001. Prefer having a dedicated device as sat nav. Heat


I have tom tom Go 5000 which I have used for over 8 year still it gets road updates. I use it over any built in or phone app any day of the week. I have considered updating but while it works keep putting it it off. Only problem I have had was the battery but I have changed that over, takes about 1 hour and costs about £20 with kit of tools. Tom tom say it cannot be done but look online it can. This is a steal at price and you would not regret upgrading from phone if you bought


Damn, these things still in use! Tom Tom have licenced out to OEMs and making their money that way. This division will struggle these days

Teclast M40 10.1" Full HD IPS Tablet 6GB/128GB/6000mAh/GPS/4G Dual Sim - £138.23 @ AliExpress / Teclast Official Store
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Posted 1st AprPosted 1st AprShipping from ChinaShipping from China
A 10" tablet with 6GB ram and 128Gb storage below £150. Great value and usually on sale around £160 on Amazon (£178 at the moment) The code is 328FAST12 to get to this price, VAT… Read more

Had my m40 for 4 months and the headphone jack has stopped working. Don't fancy my chances on getting a replacement.


I bought it from Sunsky but you could also get it from AliExpress too. They do the cases on both too.


Where did you get that from? AliExpress? Did you order a case for it? I was thinking of ordering one also.


Issue with these is that your stuck with the same android version, unless you know how to install android.


I ended up getting the Alldocube iplay 30 pro as well and that is a awesome tablet too!