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Posted 29 November 2022

Unibond Aero 360 Moisture Absorber - £7.50 (Clubcard Price) instore @ Tesco (Sale)

In store: Greater Manchester · Tesco Deals
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Saw this at Tesco (Sale) after looking at them on Amazon earlier, at £14.97.

Not sure if nationwide but feeling thems algorithms today...

WARNING be prepared for so called experts posting in here, having a moan overlooking the deal itself.


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    If previously tried to use these when we had damp in our 1930s house. Didn’t really help much at all. Recently bought a dehumidifier for £100 and that’s had completely resolved it.

    These might be good for small amounts of moisture but I’d consider a dehumidifier if you’ve got a more serious moisture issue that needs fixing.
    Do you have a link to the dehumidifier you bought?
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    My understanding and experience is that these aren't very useful. They will collect moisture but unless you have it in a tiny cupboard, it's not going to be enough and you're better off investing in an a powered dehumidifier, as well as trying to tackle the root cause of any moisture problems. (edited)
    Exactly same crew buying new kettles and air fryers and electric clothes dryers.
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    These are useless.
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    Compared to the cost to run a powered dehumidifier these are a good option for any small ish rooms. Doing a decent job in my lads box room atm.
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    Honestly, these are pretty useless. If you have a damp problem caused by condensation or similar then you need a dehumidifier. If it's anything worse like rising damp then you require some real work to be done.

    The times when you need this? Open the window a bit. 
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    🤦🏻 just bought 5 from b&q for £10 each 2 weeks ago .. typical
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    Or BandM have loads in of the disposable type 4 for £3.50.
    I got a pack two weeks ago from B&M, they only had the scented ones in. Don't know if it's anything to do with them being scented but they've barely worked at all, never had a problem with then before. Unless there's loads more moisture in the air this year I don't know!
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    Nationwide...bought at Tesco Corby a week ago
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    These used to regularly be around £7
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    I think these are great. They will never work as well as an electric dehumidifier, but they help remove damp and musty smells also.
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    Do not really wanted to put people off. They are useless.

    Best is to try address the cause of humidity.
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    Wouldn't waste your money
    Seen them used with great impact
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    £7 in Wilko at the moment
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    £9 B&M also
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    Bought one today 31.12.2022 from the Tesco Store in Frodsham Street Chester…are
    As you walk into the store there is a rack of them on the left hand side opposite the fruit and veg.
    The refills are cheaper at Wilko with a four pack reduced to £9.50
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    Wilko produce their own brand refills at £4 for 2 and they do fit into these.