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Posted 15 January 2023

V - The Complete Collection (DVD) - £10.34 @ Amazon

£10.34£19.9948% off
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Next best £19.99 at HMV. Even cheaper than the recent Entertainment Store deal. Not released on UK Blu-ray. Contains the 1980s entire collection of V Original Mini Series, V Complete Series and V Final Battle.

They came for water. And for food. And as it turned out, we were the food. But humanity bravely resisted - a struggle seen in the hit miniseries V and V: The Final Battle. Yet the war continues. The heroic conflict comes to a surprising outcome in V: The Series. Once again, Earth is the main battleground. But now the aliens whose human disguise hides their true reptilian natures are wiser.


Season 1 V: The Original Miniseries

1. 1-1 01 May 83 V - Part 1
2. 1-2 02 May 83 V - Part 2

Season 2 V: The Final Battle

3. 2-1 06 May 84 V: The Final Battle - Part 1 (120 min)
4. 2-2 07 May 84 V: The Final Battle - Part 2 (120 min)
5. 2-3 08 May 84 V: The Final Battle - Part 3 (120 min)

Season 3 'The Series'

6. 3-1 26 Oct 84 Liberation Day
7. 3-2 02 Nov 84 Dreadnaught
8. 3-3 24 May 85 Breakout
9. 3-4 09 Nov 84 The Deception
10. 3-5 16 Nov 84 The Sanction
11. 3-6 23 Nov 84 Visitor's Choice
12. 3-7 30 Nov 84 The Overlord
13. 3-8 07 Dec 84 The Dissident
14. 3-9 14 Dec 84 Reflections in Terror
15. 3-10 04 Jan 85 The Conversion
16. 3-11 11 Jan 85 The Hero
17. 3-12 18 Jan 85 The Betrayal
18. 3-13 01 Feb 85 The Rescue
19. 3-14 08 Feb 85 The Champion
20. 3-15 15 Feb 85 The Wildcats
21. 3-16 22 Feb 85 The Littlest Dragon
22. 3-17 08 Mar 85 War of Illusions
23. 3-18 15 Mar 85 The Secret Underground
24. 3-19 22 Mar 85 The Return
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  1. chris_allen's avatar
    Great series in its day , remember having a soft spot for Diana lol
    Gollywood's avatar
    I remember her. Lots of hairspray?
  2. Apex_Predator's avatar
    Loved this when I was a young boy and still love it now. Aged well I think (both V and I)
  3. Royhid's avatar
    Excellent series, Diana eating the Guinea Pig whilst still looking good.
  4. aquapiranha's avatar
    Great series
  5. Jevarell's avatar
    The mini series and final battle have had a US blu ray release and I think they are region free. But a great price for the lot, not sure if I remember the series getting gradually worse. Had a thing for Diana even back then when I was 9 or 10 lol
    TALON1973's avatar
    Can anyone confirm the blu ray is region free?
  6. adamderak's avatar
    Our street was empty when this was on, all kids in watching v
  7. sdaspland's avatar
    Some of the worse over dramatic acting I have seen but I loved this program
    zippy99's avatar
    What did you think of the 2009 remake?
  8. trojanasante's avatar
    Ahhh the memories These kids don't know what they missed out on.
  9. saucymonk's avatar
    Great series back in the day. Absolutely terrible to watch now.
    Nom_De_Plume's avatar
    I loved it back then, pretty scary as I wasn't very old. I've always thought I might like to rewatch it but thought it might have aged poorly. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.
  10. dennissabre's avatar
    I bought this from Amazon in 2009 for £28.99,
    zippy99's avatar
    Its crazy when you think about it. Two or three years we'll be looking at 4K discs for £1 in CeX.
  11. Stephen_Ensell's avatar
    Given up waiting for a Blu-ray release in the UK, I caved and brought, great find OP.
    prankster101's avatar
    Going to wait for a blu ray release... If only because DVD is REALLY blurry on 55"+ TVs.
  12. HaloSpartan's avatar
    Still great to watch. They don’t make good stuff like this anymore. The 2009 version was a load of old rubbish. I have two V guns from when I was a kid. The small one and the larger gun with the site on it. Both still boxed and in pristine condition. I’m so glad I kept them. They look great. 😜
  13. WalterSmith's avatar
    Mousey Mousey ...
    zippy99's avatar
    If you type in 'v remake rat' (shortest term) on YouTube you can compare the two and the remake version CGI was just terrible. Lost all shock value of the practical effects version.
  14. Fasterv12's avatar
    Diana. What a woman well sort of
  15. xenophon's avatar
    I remember watching the mini series but never the longer series after. Although in my mind's eye I thought this came out later in the 80's not 1983.
    zippy99's avatar
    Years are US broadcast dates from epguides.com if interested

    I don't know. Some of it looks more dated to late 1970s in design, others are certainly more established 80s.
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