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Posted 15 July 2023

Vitus Mach 1 Seven (Tourney) Hybrid City Bike

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I do not know the expiry date of this deal. I do know the brand and it is NOT a cheap brand. I have owned 2 Vitus MTB, a Sentier and a Nucleus. Brilliant. More details below, spec on CRC site.

This hybrid city bike is well-equipped for your urban adventures thanks to its strong 6061-T6 aluminium frame, high-tensile (hi-ten) steel fork and Shimano 7-speed gearing. With a no-nonsense design that’s versatile to its core, this ride offers simplicity, style and performance as it transports you across the city. As a result, it’s a perfect choice for commuting as well as leisure trips into town and everything in between.

Aluminium Frame and Hi-Ten Steel ForkThe Vitus Mach-1 is a go-getter. It’s the bike that simplifies how you move around, making it easier to stay active, fit and in love with life on two wheels. Vitus has equipped this model with a durable aluminium frame and a high-tensile (hi-ten) steel fork for an excellent balance of stiffness and strength on your journey. For nipping around town and the admin of daily life, the Mach-1 is a robust and ready hybrid that’s well equipped for the full-on schedule of busy living.

Vitus Shining Rims and Shimano 7-Speed GearingThe Vitus Shining 650b rims and Vee Tyre Co. Speedster tyres are brisk off the mark and will absorb the lumps and bumps of roads, cyclepaths or tracks. Alhonga mechanical disc brakes also keep the stopping power high for negotiating traffic or wet conditions and reliable 7-speed Shimano gears, complete with chainguard, make this the perfect low-maintenance workhorse.

Not one to shy away from the nitty-gritty of year round riding and everyday errands, the Vitus Mach 1 Seven (Tourney) excels when all you need is a simple, no-fuss bike for getting from A to B.

Built, Tuned and Ready to RideWhen you order a bike, one of our trained mechanics will carefully prepare and pack your bike for shipping. Upon delivery, the assembly is simple and all necessary tools and plastic pedals are conveniently included in the box.

Please Note: Due to ongoing issues in the global bike supply chain, manufacturers may substitute certain component items due to availability. In this situation, they will be replaced with the same quality or better performing parts.
Chain Reaction Cycles More details at
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  1. Jonnyblock's avatar
    Be a bit a rough ride with no suspension though?
    ArthurDent1's avatar
    It's a hybrid bike for use on roads and paths, suspension of any kind at this price would make it heavier and slower while doing nothing useful.

    If you really want front suspension make sure it has an adjustable preload and can be locked. Otherwise it'll do more harm than good. But you probably don't need it.

    If you really want full suspension;
    1. Don't. You don't need it unless you're racing down mountains
    2. Don't. It won't be any good unless you send £1000+
    3. Don't.

    If you're not comfy on the bike;
    1. Make sure you've got it set up right, particularly the saddle height and angle.
    2. Get some padded shorts/undershorts
    3. Get used to riding.
    4. Consider a better saddle - measure your sitbones (lots of videos on YouTube) to make sure it's an appropriate size for you. There are currently deals on a Charge Spoon for £15 and a Brooks B17 for £70 that are worth considering. (edited)
  2. Sphere's avatar
    Plus 19.99 postage, so total 239.98. But yeah, lovely looking bike. Not sure if suitable for gravel tracks though.
    finknottle's avatar
    Sorry, not a bike expert, but looking at it - why on Earth would it not be able to handle gravel?
  3. bonzobanana's avatar
    Seems to have a freehub and cassette rather than a basic freewheel. A 1x with a 7 speed cassette is going to be ultra-reliable for shifting. It's such a simple gearing setup. At one point Amazon were selling a 7 speed cassette with 11-36T range. If you can find one it would make the bike better for hill climbing. Also having high tensile steel forks (straight blade) would make this ideal for a ebike front hub motor conversion.
  4. HotDan's avatar
    I have their Vitus Dee 29er single speed. This looks like that with a few gears. Can say that after about 8 years my bike is solid. I use it nearly every day, the brakes are fine for road/bit of off road in London. Due to the amount of glass/sharp stuff on streets, after about 7 years I put Schwalbe Marathon tires on it but that's the only change I felt was necessary. It hasn't missed a beat.
  5. banton1's avatar
    From my perspective, after building 15 bikes and having owned two Vitus, this is not the perfect bike for the money. BUT it also is.

    The brakes are not the highest of quality but you can change that for between 40-60 quid and then sell the ones fitted. But that is if they are really no good. I bet they are better than any budget end rim brakes. And if they are working at least ok, the only thing that will ruin them quick is if YOU contaminate the pads. The fact they are mechanical is two fold. The calipers aren't the best and the cable will stretch a little and need re-adjusting after a week or two. So if you don't know anything, you could quickly think they are poor brakes. I know, you can spend a grand on brakes but we're not pros at this level and snobbery is a waste of money.

    The drive train concept is something I ridiculed and upset people with, some years ago when I came out with a 3d drawing of a 13 gear set of cogs. Both my bikes have 12 gear rear cassette and its overkill. Going for a 13th is stupid. 14 and so on, you need your head looking at. 7 is absolutely fine with this ratio. 9 or 10 is the most you ever need if you are maxing the ratio for climbing and speed. IE the larger the 1st gear, the easier the climb, the smaller the last gear, the more speed you can try to achieve. 11t-51t is that maximum really. 11 is speed, 51 is climbing. This bike does NOT need 51t. 46 maybe, for steep cornish hills but you won't be doing anything crazier. And as it is a 7 speed, I think it can be upgraded to a 9 or maybe even 10. But that requires changing the cassette, shifter and rear mech.

    These two ideas wont suit everyone but you can do it when you choose to upgrade worn parts if you wish and that would be the best time. IF you upgrade sooner, sell the used parts and recoup some money. It's not the end of the world... here's why:

    I suspect the wheels, tubes and tyres are worth at least £85-£100. Tyres alone are £25 a pair. Tubes, £7 for two. You will struggle to get wheels for under £80 and I doubt you can buy these official Vitus rims.
    Try and buy a similar fork. Cheap ones will cost you around £40.
    The frame is worth easily over £100. I'd call it £180 all day, more even. A brand X quality frame in the very least is an understatement Vitus is not far short of Ragley quality and their frames retail at £350 standard.
    A crank is minimum £35-40 for a basic one. Including the bottom bracket. I would upgrade it all when the bottom bracket is worn. At least for an IXF.
    The finishing kit, seatpost, bars, grips, saddle, cables and so on is an easy £40 minimum.

    Chuck in a KMC chain and you've easily surpassed that sale price.
    john...'s avatar
    Hi mate I sent you a message
  6. This.Is.Dog's avatar
    The Vitus would be my preference.
  7. vb90's avatar
    there is no cycle to work scheme on this right? I googled a bit and it looks like chain reaction cycle do not support it? let me know if anyone else thinks otherwise.
    ArthurDent1's avatar
    For a bike this cheap it's barely worth bothering.
    There are downsides to Cycle to Work - you don't own the bike, your employer does. At the end of the scheme you can buy the bike off them (which wipes out a lot of your saving) or continue to "borrow" it from them for free. After 5 years it can be written off. If you leave your employer in those 5 years you need to either buy the bike from them or return it.
  8. Optique's avatar
    Great deal. Sadly now out of stock in all three sizes. Annoyingly the website only reveals this when you try to add it to basket…
    banton1's avatar
    I just tried large and it is ready for me to pay, no out of stock notice. 50658777-lC6Bx.jpg
  9. freebynoob's avatar
    Is this bike suitable for a heavier guy 110kg?
    bonzobanana's avatar
    I'm not sure Chain Reaction give any weight limit information on their site but presumably someone who bought one of these got that information in the manual or even printed on the frame. However its really a mountain bike with rigid steel forks and the smaller 650B wheels with a high spoke count look capable of off-road use. This should be a very strong bike so I really can't see any issues with it and using it on the road and gravel paths. It's probably good for anyone up to 140kg maybe even more because of its specification. I think the similar Carrera Subway has a weight limit of 120kg for the rider and combined weight limit of 160kg which includes the bike weight and any accessories or luggage fitted and see no reason why this wouldn't be similar. Like the Carrera Subway they call it a hybrid but what it really looks like is a mountain bike with rigid steel forks hence the 650B wheels.
  10. gemmalouise4's avatar
    Few reviews not so great about the brake set up! But an easy upgrade.

    I’m seriously tempted! Looks like a nice bike for the price.
    mattd555's avatar
    Mechanical Disc are fine for this sort of bike, if it were a mountain bike i'd be worried.

    And what 220 bike is gonna have hydraulic brakes!
  11. toolslinger's avatar
    Hi everyone 
    I'm torn between this and 3 speed hub bike.This is £40 cheaper and lighter,3 speed hub bike has hydraulic brakes,are they night and day better than mechanical discs.
    Oblix82's avatar
    I picked the 3 speed hub one up last week and can confirm the hydro brakes are a lot better than the mechanical one it replaced. Also the 3 gears cover a very good range. I have a decent size hill on my commute and it doesn’t struggle.
  12. imiy's avatar
    Finally I've purchased a bike, hopefully I don't regret it.
    Thanks Banton1, have some heat for posting a good deal.
    banton1's avatar
    I doubt you will regret it. A lot of people don't realise what this bike is supposed to cost compared to what you are getting. I did say on one reply that the brakes and drive train are worth upgrading. But see how you go. I'd be very happy with this bike if I wasn't already sorted. Vitus is a great brand.
  13. wotguvnotmeguv's avatar
    You need to add £19.99 for delivery
    banton1's avatar
    Sent the edit in now. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. LadyEleanor's avatar
    Seems to be 10.9 kg so absolute bargain at that price. 7 speed is liveable.
    Ormally £400+ (edited)
  15. Amazing's avatar
    I live on a hill and the area is nothing but long steep hills. Can the bike handle them?

    I am still deciding between this and the 3 gear hub bike.
    AverageJoeseph's avatar
    I assume this is down to your athletics, not the bike.
  16. wotguvnotmeguv's avatar
    Mine arrived today. Interestingly, because the seat post won’t allow the saddle to be flush to the frame (it can’t go in at full length because of notches for a bottle attachment), the minimum ride height out of the box for my size S frame works out at roughly the same height as I was experiencing with the size M Carrera Parva that it’s replacing.

    As a result, on my to-do list is almost certainly going to be taking an 1-2 inches off the length off the seat post.

    Haven’t ridden yet but took me about 45 mins to fix front wheel, handlebars, seat, pedals and reflectors etc. Looks good and feels both light and solid. So far I’m impressed. Brakes aren’t the most responsive at first glance but I’m happy to throw money there at an upgrade if they don’t do the job. (edited)
    banton1's avatar
    How you getting on with it after two weeks ?
  17. BrianButterfield's avatar
    I just wouldn't want disc brakes for this price, rim me any day.
    Sphere's avatar
    Sounds strange? Surely Disc brakes are far superior to rim brakes?
  18. N0bodyOfTheGoat's avatar
    Approx 37.6-87.7 gear inches with this 38T chainring and 12-28 cassette plus 27.5x1.9" tyres, according to sheldonbrown.com/gea…tml

    That's not going to take much of a climb gradient to need a fair bit of effort (power), my road bike in comparison has four easier gears on a 34/50 chainring plus 11-34 cassette with 700x32mm rear tyre (36.7; 34.0; 30.6; 27.0)

    A replacement cassette such as chainreactioncycles.com/p/s…32t 12-32 will help for the hills for £7.99, if you shop around there may well be an 11-34 or 12-34 available. (edited)
  19. This.Is.Dog's avatar
    Lovely budget bike, if you don't ride much this is a no brainer, well worth it

    Not for areas with steep hills though. Lowest gear isn't that low. (edited)
  20. ArthurDent1's avatar
    Fantastic budget hybrid bike, ideal for leisure/family rides, commuting or just transport to the shops, etc.
    There should be more simple, sensibly specced hybrids like this instead of the usual garbage BSOs.
    3 speed hub gears version is worth considering if you want less maintenance and don't need to get up too many serious hills.
  21. banton1's avatar
    Yessssss, the drive train and brakes are why this hasn't sold so well at the original price. However, do remember this isn't built for avalanche or 20ft drop ins. No suspension is standard for this type of bike and if you find it a bit harsh, you can lower the tyre pressure to suit.

    I have been using CRC for some years now, modified and built 15 bikes since I got back into cycling, from boardman to nukeproof. The frame alone on this is worth £220 given the high end frames are £500 plus. If you have a look at the range of Vitus bikes you quickly see this truly is a bargain price. And you can upgrade and sell parts to offset the cost or wait until they need changing.

    >>>> I am so used to years of free delivery, I didn't realise there is a £20 charge to deliver bikes now. That is a new thing to me. Sorry !
    JC7's avatar
    You might have sold me this bike with that pitch!
  22. MrSprkle's avatar
    Ive been looking for something for a while for a very simple commute to work less than 5 miles and pretty much flat town centre & cycle paths 90% of the way for those more pleasant days.. didnt want to spend much either, I will try the brakes to begin with and if they need upgrading ill do that too. but from the reviews i read doesnt seem for this price you can get a better budget ride.
    mattd555's avatar
    Nexus 3-spd for extra 40 would be the better option
  23. Sphere's avatar
    Instructions were pants, a link to a video would have been nice. Tapered handlebars do make fixing some things to it impossible. (i.e.. the front reflector they actually provide!!) No pressure markings on the tyres, which seemed a bit weird. Going to set around 30psi and see what it feels like.

    Not sure why they didn't put the quick release rod through the front wheel in the first place, I started undoing the central bolt, before I realised I shouldn't have been doing!! They just assume everyone knows about quick-release, some of us haven't bought a new bike for 30+ years!....
    banton1's avatar
    Hey Sphere. CRC have a live chat and you can ask them anything, they will put you thru to someone if they have to. Tapered bars are a standard now. Usually fittings like lights and phone holders often come with two spacers to fit the two dimensions. Depending on where you wish or need to fit things.
    Tyre pressures would be a maximum so still best to old skool it and see how you feel. The experienced riders today all say its personal choice.
    The QR wouldnt be in the wheel for packaging reasons. They usually tape them to the spokes or put them in another box inside.
    I don't use reflectors, any of them. Pedals, wheels front or rear bar/seat mounted etc. I just use lights. But that's how I prefer it.
    If you have any questions, just ask. Frustration is a pain but we can solve things somehow.
  24. wotguvnotmeguv's avatar
    Just been out for my first ride on it and am so impressed. I’d already replaced the saddle with a £9 Bikeroo effort from Amazon, which is infinitely more comfortable (the one supplied was immediately painful even with padded shorts).

    I also sawed three inches from the seat post (which still leaves it with plenty more than the minimum length stipulated).

    Am so impressed by it for the money. Most I’ve ever spent on a bike is £300 for a Carrera Parva, and I prefer this so much more. Weight is so much better. High point is the 7-speed gears. They’re superb - incredibly smooth and the range is perfect for what I need. Tried it on hills over a major A-road (short, sharp climbs from road level over the top), and it was no problem at all with two lower gears still to call on.

    Brakes work fine for my purposes - definitely improvable but I’m mainly using off-road routes with loads of visibility, so a more gradual stop is perfect.

    Only further investment I’ve currently got in mind is new handlebar grips - those supplied are pretty uncomfortable.
    Sphere's avatar
    Can you send a link for the Bikeroo saddle you got? As you say, the seat supplied is hell! Like you, getting different handlebar grips too!
  25. banton1's avatar
    Sounds like you are in a happy place with that and I am pleased. Of course, they get better if you make it yours, improving some of the finishing kit if you feel you need to. I always buy Nukeproof basic grips and they are good enough for me and maybe gloves are going to change how you feel, upto you. I have summer and winter gloves. Simple fingerless padded and some (believe it or not) builders/warehouse gloves for winter.
    Keep your chain clean, every so often, especially after rain/wet riding. The whole drive train will thank you. PS I use engine oil, cycling oil is proof the industry is awash with overhyped overpriced nonsense.
  26. banton1's avatar
    Stock update : No SMALL size left currently. Price is still the same.
  27. afroylnt's avatar
    Only Superman (or Superdoper?) could get this to Mach 1 but I think it would have broken long before
  28. JC7's avatar
    Seems to be a better deal compared to the other mach 1 bike here. It's lighter 10.9kg vs 12.1kg and faster 7 speed vs 3 speed for £40 less moolah!
    mattd555's avatar
    3 speed has internal hub gears though, much much easier to shift and less to go wrong.
  29. LadyEleanor's avatar
    That would need a new wheel. A 14-34 ebay job would be better for hills.
    3 speed hubs have a very narrow range so are really city bikes. (edited)
  30. jjjwww's avatar
    Anyone know what the sizing is like on Vitus bikes? The small doesn’t look like it goes all that small (need one for someone 5’2”) but some of the reviews complain about theirs being too small so could be okay?
    Sphere's avatar
    One reviewer said he is 5”10 and bought a size large, it fits perfect but if you are taller than about 6”2 you would be too big for the frame.
  31. Lukasz_Zimnicki's avatar
    Alhonga mechanical disc brakes👎
    HotDan's avatar
    Are they better or worse than Promax mechanical discs?
  32. Lil6ix's avatar
    Does it come assembled?

    Edit: not interested after reading reviews (edited)
    JC7's avatar
    What's wrong with it?
  33. banton1's avatar
    An oversight with the seatpost I am guessing means its a 400mm and should be a 350mm. Either way, just take heed of the minimum depth that it needs to be inserted and at least match it when you cut it down. I had to do it for my son on a Cube some years ago. As he badly wanted and loved the bike, I did the same thing so he could ride it easier. Not a great solution but he was fast growing out of what he should have had at the time so chopping the post was an easy solution.
  34. Sphere's avatar
    Thanks, greatly appreciate your response for us novices getting back into it!
    banton1's avatar
    How you getting on with your new bike ?
  35. Sphere's avatar
    Got mine at the weekend, and went for first cycle. Gears are excellent and super smooth, and a good range. As someone else said, seat is uncomfortable, as are the handlebar grips. Brakes are ok. I am 5ft 10in, and in the sizing guide it said to go for a Medium which I think was a mistake, a Large would have been so much better. But other than that, an OK bike.
    dropitlow's avatar
    Got mine on Tues (for work commute & leisure use), no instructions so watched YouTube videos to figure out assembly. I applied some Lithium based grease on Pedals, Seat Post and QR Wheel Rod before assembly but after riding the bike only twice, realised I made the same mistake as you Sphere however I ordered the Size L when I'm only 5' 9" so the problem for me is not the height, it's the reach. I am stretched too far on the handlebars which is bad for my neck and back so maybe we could help each other out ?
    The bike rides nice, love the tyres. The handlebar grips are awful, unpadded, rough and like others have said, the brakes are terrible. Don't think they would hold up well in an emergency stop.
    Has anyone managed to tighten up these disc bakes. I have no experience of tightening brakes but plan to try it) (edited)
  36. Optique's avatar
    Yes, I went back the next morning and was able to purchase, which I have done. Website seems chaotic or perhaps takes stock off at night time, but in any case glad to see this hot deal is still active.
    banton1's avatar
    CRC and Wiggle sites work from the same stock and both sites have just been redesigned. It still has issues, certain sort features missing and I guess more. Glad you got one. Hope it ticks all the boxes for you
  37. banton1's avatar
    I read the typical weight design for an adult bike is 120KG but I also read for this type of bike is about 150KG. You could speak to CRC on the chat feature during the day and possibly get confirmation. I did serch but couldn't see the specified info.
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