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The bike, or bicycle as it otherwise known, is by far the most popular and most widely produced vehicle in the world. Great for sport, recreation and fitness, bikes are also used by courier services, military, and police for work. Today, there's a whole wide world of different bikes available, at a wide range of prices. The choice can seem overwhelming, which is why we've compiled some of the best deals to be found online, here at hotukdeals, to help our customers make an informed choice. Read more
WEST BIKING 10l Waterproof Cycling Backpack £9.45 delivered using code @ AliExpress Deals / West Biking Official Store
04/06/2020 at 09:00Expires on 04/06/2020 at 09:00Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaPosted 1 h, 18 m agoPosted 1 h, 18 m ago
It is a nice little (10l) waterproof backpack and they also ship them from Spain. Price from Spain is £14.22 or £9.45 from China when you use the code WEST02 New users can use … Read more

Now saying my new account is ‘abnormal’ & won’t let me log in! (fierce) giving up 🥴


Try to delete your address and add it again using United Kingdom instead GB. If i remember right usually this is the problem.


Thanks, ordered!


Need one of these but getting message that it can’t be shipped to UK 🥴

Romet Rambler R6.1 Hardtail Mountain Bike with 17" lightweight suspension frame, V-brakes and 21 speed at Costco - £249.99
Posted 2 h, 44 m agoPosted 2 h, 44 m ago
Hopefully this will help someone. Also available in 14" for the same price. If you do not have Costco membership then you can buy an online membership for £15 which would be cheap… Read more
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Don't buy this bike whatever size it comes in. Everything about it is bad, there are much better bikes even in this low price range. The pre-discount price is a joke.


This isn't really a mountain bike, it's mountain bike style. The components fitted to it are not even entry level for use off-road. I'd be very wary of buying such a bike, they are very high maintenance and inefficient. Keep cheap bikes simple, you don't want suspension or 21 speeds. Something basic with rigid forks and just 6 gears will be easier to maintain and more reliable. It's really down to your requirements but 3x7 freewheel drivetrains need frequent adjustment and maintenance and you have to learn how to avoid certain gears in use because of an excessive angled chain line.






Hello guys... Might be a silly question. I never had a mountain bike. What would you recommend(bike inches) for an adult who height is 5'10".

HOMCOM tow-bar three-bike carrier rack (ride-on style) with brake and indicator lights for £115.99 delivered using code @ eBay / 2011homcom
04/06/2020Expires on 04/06/2020Posted 3 h, 22 m agoPosted 3 h, 22 m ago
This is a great price for this sort of bike carrier rack — high-end ones (made by Thule or Halfords) are around £200+. There is space for three bikes and the rack attaches to your … Read more

+1 for that deal - has locks for both the tow bar and the bikes themselves.


Lol, it cost twice what my car cost! But I wanted to splash out on a keeper. It will do me for many many years.... Oh... Hang on that Brompton Electric looks nice too... Surely there is space in the garage? :D


You should splash out on a moped! But seriously, nice bike. (y)


My Riese & Muller Supercharger 2. 39kgs of biking joy! Has 2 x 500wh tube batteries that make up for about 9kgs of the weight. Yes it's excessive but for touring and long distance it's amazing. 100 miles of assist and a solid ride. Bit of the weight is also from the Rohloff E14 electric shifting hub. So I need every bit of that bike carriers capacity (embarrassed)


Ebikes alot of the time are made from cheap steel frames and bad quality parts unless you start opting for ebikes over £1499 . But they are normally 20KG to 27KG if they have a decent battery and 1000W motor .

Saris Bones 2 Bike Rack £88 at WIGGLE
Posted 5 h, 12 m agoPosted 5 h, 12 m ago
As the Halfords deal is back up to £124, this looks like a great deal. Saris like to keep it simple, made from injection moulded plastic that is, strong, lightweight and won't rus… Read more

Thanks have been thinking about doing this, just need to buy some of that foam paddling I guess (y) 🏼 (y) 🏼


I have a Saris Bones 3 that has never been used but not got round to putting it on eBay. I don’t think I’ve been active enough on here to be able to DM you. Don’t know if you’re able to DM me?


Put padding on the touch points? That’s what I always do on any carrier. Pipe insulation and cable ties work well, as do old inner tubes (y)


I am looking for a Saris Bones 3, and would love to pay £70 new... Only been able to find £80 second hand near me!!


Check ebay and gumtree out first. I got a new saris bones 3 for £70 .

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Ortler Miss Liz women glossy black grey city bike (2020) for £468.99 includong delivery @ Bikester
Posted 5 h, 19 m agoPosted 5 h, 19 m ago
Ortler bikes are famous in Germany for being smooth, well-oiled machines ideal for cruising the city's flatter roads. This one from Bikester is no exception — the Miss Liz is a bea… Read more

I looked at a few bikes from bikester a few weeks ago, but many of their recent reviews are terrible.


It is definitely a city cruiser.


Hub and coaster brakes, chain cover and internal gears all make for a very low maintenance bike. But it's seriously heavy, I wouldn't want to try cycling up any hills on that or carrying it up the stairs to a flat!


Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder - I think this is ugly as sin! Each to their own. I'll stick to my "conventional" bike with a pannier rack on the rear (I don't want anything sat around my front wheel!)

BATM009 Towing Ball Bike Carrier Diamant SG2 2 Bike Capacity Bicycle By Pro-User £191.95 @ carpartsbargains ebay
04/06/2020Expires on 04/06/2020Posted 17 h, 9 m agoPosted 17 h, 9 m ago
Suitable for almost all tow bars, all bicycles (also e-bikes) and wheel dimension. An ingenious folding system makes it easy to carry and store. Extremely easy and quick fitting on… Read more

Good lord, Im glad I got rid of the car and the towbar carrier, the roof racks, have a 5 seater van now and get the back seats out need be for bikes and whatever needs packing in


That's the carrier for lighter bikes. Max load 36kg and I think max a single bike can be is 20kg (don't quote me on that). The Thule XT 933 is the 2 bike carrier rated up to 60kg and so similar to this one. Thule sell it for a crazy £600+. I got one new off ebay for £399. Plus £30 for a carry bag and £40 for the fold up ramp. Most places sell the carrier on its own for around £500. While Thule kit is very very nice it's still kinda crazy money.


Tempted just need to get a row bar first Are they easy to DIY? Have a citreon C4 grand picasso


No worries, you even get a nice carry bag (lol) Happy biking


Good points, not sure where you got that 500 from though

[] Raleigh Pioneer Tour & GT 700 2020 Leisure Hybrid Bike Black - £414.99 @ Rutland Cycling
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
I was looking for my partner a bike, she prefers low step ones, this is like the only place that was still in stock. I ordered one. But you can also get £20 off now with the link… Read more

Worth paying the £50 upgrade to the GT to get a more robust freehub and cassette rather than the freewheel on the cheaper version.


Gotcha! See you in court!


Thank you for sharing. Bought one (y)


Back to the post at hand anyway... this deal is absolutely crap! Hope that helps.


They shafted me this year. Not going into specifics as I’ll end up saying something liable which I’m not willing to risk but I will admit prior to this year they’ve always been my favourite dealer. Just very sour taste left in my mouth after my last and final dealing with them

Shimano xt m8040 platform mountain bike pedals £44.99 @ Freewheel
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Great MTB pedals for trails, BMX etc. Medium/large size. Come with extra pins in the packaging which suit trails more. No voucher code needed, it's on a 50 percent off offer!!
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This week I've been mostly eating tasty shins.


like the football ones?




Bought op thanks. Moving from clip in shoes/ road bike to hybrid and finding the supplied pedals hard to get used to. These'll do nicely!

J1135 Says ladies but the colours look pretty generic to me

Back on your bike - 6 month support package for cyclists - £15 at Cycling UK
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Cycling UK are offering a discounted 6 months membership package for new and returning cyclists for £15, it includes: Free £10m third-party liability insurance and legal assi… Read more
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Glad to hear that :-)


I used to have poor reading skills too but it soon improved at primary school


It may also give you liability insurance.


I cycle to work and have insurance if it’s going to be your main form of transport it’s worth having, for me the most dangerous things on the road are the little islands the council seen to keep building they force cars to come very close to you.


First smart sentence I can read on this thread.

Onebot S6 Folding Electric Bicycle - £515.39 delivered @ Tomtop
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th MayShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Found this Onebot S6 Electric Bicycle for £515 + Free shipping from Germany. It has 250W Motor with max speed of 25km per hour. takes 3 - 5 hours to full charge. Max load 120kg / … Read more

Whatever you say petal (y)


I’m sure you’re free to start making stuff in your shed if you want...


Are you still trying? Pathetic.


When are we gonna bring manufacturing back to the west? Stop giving it to China who are a communist dictatorship that will soon invade Hong Kong, and the rest of the world will do nothing about it.


A 4.5ft dwarf weighing 65Kg even :) They are like escooters with pedals :) More should have been made this way to keep them legal.... maxmix

Kids Outdoor-Play Multi Skate/ Bike Ramp £24.99 Delivered Free From Smyths
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Kids Outdoor-Play Multi Skate/ Bike Ramp £24.99 with Free Delivery Bring the skatepark home with this Outdoor-Play Multi Ramp. This easy to assemble ramp is suitable for inline s… Read more

back in 2015 i hover-boarded over the town center's pond.


Back in' 85 I used two planks of wood and some bricks XD


What year is it, I would have buzzed off this back in '95


Don't forget to protect the NHS? :p

British Cycling Commuter eBook - free
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Lots of new people are cycle commuting, and I'm sure many could do with some advice. I'm a cycling instructor, and this eBook touches on everything I would consider important (choo… Read more

This is full of inaccuracies - there are good drivers and poor drivers, great cyclists and awful worst a cyclist kills someone through their actions, as has been seen with high profile incidents including Allison or whatever the idiot with no brakes was called in London. "Cars" don't kill anyone either, only the people who drive them do. The reason some car drivers get angry at cyclists is law of the jungle - the expectation is that a car is more powerful than a bike, and annoyance that cars (both fuel and the vehicle itself) are taxed heavily and are therefore more "deserving" than bikes. The obverse is also true, some cyclists get angry at pretty much everything... pedestrians, other cyclists, buses etc. Some drivers break the law and some don't, some cyclists break the law and some don't, I'd say the most obvious one being red light jumping. This is all true because cyclists and drivers are all members of the human race, no one has a monopoly on virtue (y)


Personally I think cyclists should be limited to cycling in no more than groups of 4, most problems solved involving inconsiderate idiots cycling as if no one else exists and stopping everyone from overtaking. I'm a cyclist myself before anyone accuses me of bias (y)


Thanks, very useful!


Good advice. I was hit by a car entering the roundabout while I was going round the outside of the roundabout. The driver literally said "sorry mate I didn't see you" after his front bumber and bonnet hit me. He got a slap on the wrist for the offence (sent on a course). I've still got the injuries (mad)


Yes people need to be looking further ahead and behind so that they're ready for anything, you have to be as defensive as possible.

Muc-Off Bicycle Care Products £3.99 each @ Aldi Halewood (In-Store only)
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th MayLocalLocal
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in any store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. Please shop respon… Read more
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Thought these were the genuine Muc-Off products - but are they all fake as labelled as 'Muc - Off Urban' and designed to look like the Muc-Off products


I believe you are supposed to replace helmets every couple of years anyway due to UV damage or some such. I bought one yesterday so I can in theory get back on the old bike I have, had usual standards, not sure if German DIN standard is superior to UK standard. Light included, everything moulded together nicely. Steal for £10.


Muc-Off are another company that has switched to manufacturing anti-bac hand gels too, just so you know. for sale here And they’ve donated most of it to front line workers too. I’ve found their stuff to be ok. Not amazing, but good enough for the Aldi price. I’m comparing it to trade stuff though, so might be expecting too much. Voted hot anyway, it’s worth giving it a go.


I haven't used any of the others, but the protect and shine works wonders on motorcycles after washing them.


Just got back from second trip today, this time for helmet (y)

Carrera Vengeance Mens Mountain Bike 2020 - Green - £325 @ Halfords
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
I’ve been trying to find a Large bike for my son for a couple of weeks and everywhere is sold out it seems. Checked Halfords and they have a few more in stock of the Large size and… Read more
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check also Gumtree, but be prepared to travel a leetle... i personally hate gumtree management and double standards but you won't be buying from THEM. I'm in rural wiltshire and 'do' bikes; i'm stunned by some of the greedy, exploitative pricing i've seen... get a new bike, list at double its RETAIL price! not my 'thing'; - but there ARE a lot of bikes available, just some are 'tat', others are 'BSO's'. i've backed OUT of a couple of sales as i know my bikes ain't what is wanted/needed.


Took the words out of my mouth 8)


More gears isn't always better..


I'll give them £50! ;)


Ah, actually sounds like they might be at least partially right. When bikes claim they have 27 gears, they mean that you have three at the front and 9 at the back so there are 27 combinations. The reality is that you shouldn't "cross chain". That is, don't use the two smallest gears together, or the two largest (so you're already down to 25 gears). You can usually restrict it to just those two gears with good adjustment. It's why "more" gears aren't always better as the extra gears are either unusable because of cross-chaining or because they are duplicates. I.e. if you use the 32 up front with a 16 at the back it's the same gear as the 22 front with the 11 rear. On some road 2x shifters they have "trimming" features so you can do a "half shift" and just move the front mech a tiny amount to stop the rubbing. It always amazes me that bike firms give novice riders a bewildering number of useless gears and keep the simple 1x systems for more experienced riders. (lol)

Indi Balance Bike or Indi Limited Edition Balance Bike (Yellow) - 10" Wheel for £19 / + p&p £3.99 @ Halfords
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Good balance bike now at a low price (y) Was £25, now £19 Indi Balance Bike - 10" Wheel Indi Limited Edition Balance Bike - Yellow - 10" Wheel Your little one will lo… Read more
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That sounds correct actually as my son struggles to balance.. Professional riding school sounds expensive, lol..


My 6 year old went to a professional riding school to learn how to ride. Apparently some kids can pedal but not balance and some kids can balance but don’t know how to pedal. For my daughter she couldn’t balance so they started her off on a balance bike. However, they also just told me to take the pedals off her own bike to save money. She was riding after about 3 or 4 lessons.


Halford web site it’s available at £19


Just paid £390 delivered for 2 x 16in wheel balance bikes, my kids are tall, have development delays and haven't got on using pedals at all. 🙈


Thanks OP I purchased one on Friday, turns out it reserved the store's demo model so will take a little longer!

Topeak Hexus x cycling multitool £12.25 + £3.99 del @ Millets
62° Expired
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Best price with delivery I could currently find for a good multitool

Happy days (y)


Well I was lucky mine turned up (y)


Handy tool!


I didnt realize until I "bought" that bag that their parent company had bought out gooutdoors - I'm expecting that place to go downhill pretty rapidly


Rest assure it will come back in to stock, they like taking your money and keeping it for a while before refunding ;)

Bikehut Front Bike Light - 1000 Lumens £40 free delivery @ CycleRepublic
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Found this at Cycle Republic and it seems like a good kit for £40. High power 1000 lumen maximum output USB rechargeable Intelligent Power Bar Power Bank functionality 8 mode… Read more

One of millions on ebay, etc with grossly inflated output claims. 15,000 lumens for this one? It only claims to have a single XML T6 led if it does have only of those they are good for about a 1000 lumens in ideal laboratory conditions, I.e. a world away from what you'll get with a poor battery, cabling, cold weather, half discharged cells and so on. It probably also doesn't have decent lenses so it'll spill light everywhere or have a tunnel vision spotty beam. Yeah, it's probably better than than an 80s/90s eveready but you're better off getting the one in the OP or similar from a reputable supplier.


Depends how much you cycle, I wouldn't expect this to last very long


Any thoughts about this one ??


Normal price. Not a deal.


Why is bike related stuff so expen

Aldi Cycling Gear-FULL LIST-Items From £1.49 - Hydration packs,bike stands,wireless cycle computer, clothing,helmets etc (National/Instore)
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. Please shop responsib… Read more
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The light grey cycling shorts start at small and are a good fit. Black start from medium, unfortunately but Aldi and LIdl rarely do any clothes or sportswear in small for men, so anything is a bonus. I do like the shorts. Took them for a spin yesterday and would buy again. Only question is longevity as the outer layer does feel a little fragile. I've had Aldi/Lidl sportswear split and tear after one or two wears before. The small trip computer is not worth it. The speed readings compared to my gps phone alongside are about 5-10% out. For short journeys probably not a real issue but if you want to use it to gauge distance over a long period it will be a fair bit out. There are only two buttons and it's a bit of chore to cycle through the options. The screen is a bit dim and not at its best in direct sunlight. The helmet is the same as the ones in Lidl in more contrasting colours. They seem frankly as good as the one I tried on in Costco for £65. Not sure what more money brings you as it seems to be made out of the same stuff. I am happiest with the stand. About half the price of the cheapest equivalent on eBay but the long prongs means that bikes like mine with disc brakes can only have it on the side of the front wheel away from the callipers as mentioned above, which does affect stability somewhat so a sharp knock will still likely topple it. Not sure with the setup on my bike that cutting away most of one of the prongs will help as there isn't enough of a gap between the rear wheel calliper and the axle. Unfortunately, it's only something you can really judge when you try your bike on it.


Depends on your point of view. "The experience of a solicitor specialising in cyclist injuries (BHRF, 1173) supports the view that deaths solely due to head injury are unusual. Furthermore, fatal head injuries typically involve rotational forces, which cycle helmets do not mitigate and may even make more likely (BHRF, 1039)."

No worries. It's a great little computer !


Thanks for everything! Enjoy your weekend!

I think that is the backlight. You can set the times for it to come on/off

Aldi Bikemate Bike Assembly Stand - £19.99 Instore @ Aldi
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th MayLocalLocal
Important . This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item, especially as it is … Read more

Put it all together, clamped on bike, then went to get handlebar stabiliser.. It fell apart as soon as I opened it (:I learnt my lesson I guess


About 8 left in Loughton store this morning


A few left in Newton Abbot store last night.


Testing it out after finding a spare second hand 24" for my boy. Very impressed with the quality and build of the stand!


It definitely wont clamp that narrow bit. These pictures might help showing widest and narrowest opening.

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