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The bike, or bicycle as it otherwise known, is by far the most popular and most widely produced vehicle in the world. Great for sport, recreation and fitness, bikes are also used by courier services, military, and police for work. Today, there's a whole wide world of different bikes available, at a wide range of prices. The choice can seem overwhelming, which is why we've compiled some of the best deals to be found online, here at hotukdeals, to help our customers make an informed choice. Read more
100 Black & White Plastic Valve Caps Car, Bike, ATV - 99p delivered @ chw1951 / ebay
Posted 14 h, 9 m agoPosted 14 h, 9 m ago
Here you have a packet of Black and White plastic valve caps, which would look good on any bike,car,ATV or even tractor, so you will rec 50 White and 50 Black dust caps.
Avatar benhornsby1999
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Reliant Robins! Reliant Robins.


Must have purchased my fleet from then.


OOS but Green and White available:




If you had a fleet of them you’d know they’re Reliant Robin’s.

Elvedes Inner Cable Brake Universal Steel Galvanized 2250 mm 2 Nipples Fits Shimano And Campagnolo - Black 77p @ Amazon
72° Expired
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Seems a pretty good deal for a decent branded cable. It's described as "reliable" which is always a selling point on a brake cable. The cable is unisex so if you have delicate lady hands yo…
Avatar CynicalNurse
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Great deal description :D


£17.50 on my acc




Looks like someone cleared up the shelf



Minoura 1 Tph-1 Handlebar Tablet Holder £8.39 @ Amazon
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Fits between 28-35mm handlebar diameter and complete with a spring-loaded clamp system which is easy and simple to use. Fastens securely to the handlebar to ensure phone stays in place durin…

Someone on the defensive ha ha. I think the reviewers who posted their opinons know well from first hand experience. Just because a brand is well known and has had a good run of good products in the past it doesn't mean every product of theirs is good, every company has experienced a junk product in their time. I will hold judgement until mine arrives but several reviews do say its poor quality hence why I only gambled on buying 1. Phone and tablet holders are notorious for being crap especially if mostly plastic.


Minoura is well known japanese make producing bicycle accessories since 1933 but some experts here knows better XD


If somebody told you to jump off a bridge...


I was happy to see this deal then cancelled immediately after reading the review :D


need a couple of these for the spin bikes but not impressed with the negative reviews. May chance one and make up my own mind and return if needed

Jobsworth Bike Repair Stand - 22.49 + 6.99 Delivery @ Planet X
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
*Ordered Tuesdau, came Wednesday, good bit of kit for the price, easy to set up, holds my 14kg bike well, easy to adjust and includes a magnetic bowl. Gets an extra 10% off if you sign up t…
Avatar MyWifeDoesntKnowImHere
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Yeah I've one of the Aldi ones too


Yes, if @jerrysimon is referring to the HOMCOM one, that seems anything but robust. I have one from Aldi that looks very much like this one and can recommend. Sturdy and storable.


That one had done really poor reviews. I can't recall hearing anything bad about these ones


There's a bloke I know that would love one of them, think the name would suit him.


Ordered this last week and used it on the weekend and it works brilliantly. Its worth the money id say.

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HOMCOM Bicycle Maintenance Repair Workstand - £14.99 Delivered @ Amazon
524° Expired
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Dropped to £14.99 on Amazon now, which beats any offer with the current eBay code by a really good amount. (The lowest is £28.79 after code) Nice and cheap and simple returns should you ha…

I've got a very similar one that I've had for years. The plastic has broken yet but I keep knocking off one of the feet that is pushed on and keep meaning to superglue it on. These are more of a permanent setup but I feel they are more stable that the type with extendable feet because the bike is directly over the feet themselves. Mine flexes more the heavier the bike (obviously) so its better with lighter bikes. I do clamp the top tube all the time depending on bike because if its cheap bike with a thick straight gauge top tube then there isn't a problem and it balances the bike better but if you have a lightweight frame the top tube is often where they save more material so the top tube will be butted with thin sections or just thin with CF. The top tube is under compression between the headtube and seat tube mainly so its a logical tube to save some weight. I bought another at this price and when I completed it the purchase it looked like it went out of stock yesterday. This is actually cheaper than the one I bought before and looks like it has a few small upgrades. I think I paid £17 or £18 delivered before.


Just turn your bike upside down


How did you even try and attach your bike to it? Did it not fall straight off?


Chinese cheap plastic, incredible! I had an eBay 'Shimano' derailure that did exactly the same, (annoyed)


I would of thought an ebike would be less than 30kg

Vitus Emitter Carbon E Road Bike (Fazua) 2021 - £2499.99 delivered @ Chain Reaction Cycles
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Vitus Emitter Carbon E Road Bike (Fazua) 2021 *Full carbon fiber frame *Shimano 105 R7000 11-Speed groupset *Mid mot…
Avatar mchcreations
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Thanks for your informative posts. On that note, please can you recommend a 2-3k ebike that is a good alrounder? Thanks


Wow gatekeeping much lol doesn't matter how much money you have doesn't mean after a certain point you become brain dead and start throwing it away actually it should be the opposite more money you have more responsability and sensibility of your finances, you don't stay rich by spending nonsensically. So yeah you should be on HUKDs no matter how much you're spending.


You did 43km/h whilst towing your daughter in a trailer? (confused)


Very much disagree with this. Being on this site doesn't mean you're struggling or poor, just that you want to save some money. There's TVs and laptops posted here that cost thousands, are you making the same comment on that? For me, my e-bike is my main form of transport so a key part of my life, being able to save that much on a new one is amazing.


All top flight road bike racing teams and the overwhelming majority of top flight XC and Downhill riders use carbon frames and put many more times more stress through their bikes than Joe Public does. That is indisputable. Recalls are not necessarily about durability but about manufacturing defects. Any item of any material made badly will fail. You've stated that one repairer has said that some frames cannot be repaired. Are you stating that any and all frames made of any other material can definitely be repaired? If not then the point still stands, carbon breakages are not necessarily irreparable and metal frames are not necessarily frames for life.. I put in a couple of smileys to inject a bit of levity as it's hard to not sound harsh when countering someone's opinion online. However you have chosen to jump straight in with the personal insults because I've chosen to disagree with you or show an alternative view. I think that throwing stones from within your glass house is a distinctly risky move. How much of your claim is from personal experience of the various materials? Have you owned and ridden steel, alloy, carbon and Titanium frames in harsh environments or are you just parroting what you've read on the Internet? On the subject of batteries above there you start with "I don't know" so we'll just leave it at that then.