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The bike, or bicycle as it otherwise known, is by far the most popular and most widely produced vehicle in the world. Great for sport, recreation and fitness, bikes are also used by courier services, military, and police for work. Today, there's a whole wide world of different bikes available, at a wide range of prices. The choice can seem overwhelming, which is why we've compiled some of the best deals to be found online, here at hotukdeals, to help our customers make an informed choice. Read more
Hiplok GOLD: Sold Secure Rated Wearable Chain Bicycle Lock £50.99 @ Amazon
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Hiplok GOLD bike lock on a decent discount, usually £65-89, I myself bought for more than this a few months ago and a great lock, still have my bike luckily

So you mean that this lock isn't a bad idea then?


They don't exist. Maybe a big dog?


I've owned a hiplock for many years and it's really good. Reassuringly heavy. Personally I'm paranoid about leaving any of my bikes in public, this comes with me if I have to leave it out of sight.


What's your recommendation for a feather light lock that has a gold secure rating?


You still need something for the front wheel, if they integrated a loop into this it would be far better. You can get a Ulock for the nearly half the price. You can fit to bike or stash in your bag.

Jobsworth Bike Repair Stand and Torque Wrench Set Bundle - £56.99 Delivered @ Planet X
30/05/2021Expires on 30/05/2021Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
- Jobsworth Pro Torque Wrench Set - Jobsworth Bicycle Repair Workstand

They are fairly generic products often sold under many brands, Oxford springs to mind. I've had some Jobsworth stuff and its been excellent for the price. However concerning your last point I tend to agree, if I had a £3k CF frame I probably would look for a better torque wrench. However some firms like Canyon provide fairly basic torque wrench's with their high end bikes for assembly. Admittedly they are probably meant just for assembly rather than long term use.I'd think the Jobsworth torque wrench would be more accurate and stay accurate for longer.


10% off code in the newsletter, so i bought this along with one of their cafe locks.


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They were selling the torque wrench the other day for £20.


Has anyone used this workstand and/torque wrench and can comment on the quality vs othe brands? Thanks

Lapierre eXelius SL 600 Carbon Electric Road Bike with Shimano Ultegra - £2,000 @ The Bike Factory
411° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
This is an excellent bike at a bargain price. RPP of £4700; between £3800 and £4300 in any other retailer. Free delivery to UK, physical store at Chester. Only Large available (55c… Read more
confusedx They just added this trek to the clearance section with 2k off.......not sure if it compares to the Lapierre spec wise.


Depending of the specs they might even be expensive (:I As an owner of a cheap, heavy, not efficient electric bike with over 3000miles on the screen, I’ll suggest is worth it to spend some money and buy something better; but of course if you can afford it.


I've just picked up a leaflet from Aldi and there advertising electric bikes for 699 pounds from Sunday and pay online.


why...i do it all the time on my emtb... :)


i just paid over 4 grans for an emtb... it's not a poor mans hobby :D

3 Wall Mounted Bike Hangers Bundle - £3 + £6.99 Delivery @ Planet X
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Getting your bikes up off the the floor and onto the wall is a sure fire way to clear up a whole load of space in your house. The Jobsworth Wall Mounted Bike Hanger is perfect for … Read more

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Hanging ideas :)


Great first deal @thiccfish - thanks for posting :)


Normal price. Just bought 2 of these for just over 6 quid on ebay (included screws and raw plugs too)


Just pray that your kids never start racing competitively...!

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Garmin Varia Rearview Radar RVR315 - Rear view bike radar £89.99 at Halfords
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Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Just dropped in price on Halfords, CRC and Wiggle, not sure for how long! Garmin Varia Rearview Radar RVR315 Rearview radar provides awareness of vehicles approaching from behin… Read more

I got this exact model in the Black Friday sale at Wiggle (£100), after I heard many good things about it. It is indeed very impressive tech, and the integration to the Edge has been done very nicely. As mentioned it's extra information. I still look over your shoulder at junctions and changing lanes of course, but checking behind me during normal riding (just to see if anything is following) is simply not necessary now, because it's just so accurate at detecting vehicles. The other huge advantage is when a car passes you then if another car is still behind then you'll still have a blob on screen (or several blobs if there's a queue). This is something which you'd never really be able to know, without looking behind all the time.


Yes, my car has a similar rear monitoring system and the same as the bike it doesn't replace checking over your shoulder, it's an additional tool to assist because regardless of whether you're on the bike or in a car you cannot look behind you all the time whereas these systems can.


You obviously fail to recognise it wasn't the measurement unit I was highlighting, but the spelling!


When these first came out I was dead against them. I thought they would give you false security and reduce the amount of time I spent doing safety checks. Having used one for a year I wouldn't be without it. Great for country roads that are narrow, especially if you are holding quite a central position to avoid potholes Great on the bike leg of a triathlon when you have your head down Great when riding in a group - although if someone is right up your ar$3 they can obscure vehicles Great for uploading to and checking how many cars passed you and how fast! Would be great if it had a camera too Very few negatives - battery life is about the only one and price (of course, this is HUKD)



Garmin Varia RTL515 rearview radar with tail light £119.99 when bought with Edge 530 Bike Computer £259.99 @ Garmin
30/06/2021Expires on 30/06/2021Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Save £50 off Garmin Varia RTL515 when bought with Garmin 530 @ £259.99. Just add both items to cart, and the discount will appear.

Exactly this. It’s greatly enhanced my rides.


It is great at letting you know there is a car behind you, but the light output and battery life does not compare to a £30 ish moon nebula rear light. The only time I think it is any use is when cycling with a buddy, you can be 2 abreast and then quickly drop to single file way before you can hear the car......and before anyone starts I know you are allowed to cycle 2 abreast.


totally agree ,great bit of kit....the my opinion the people who diss this product are the people who dont like paying for safety


I have the Radar and its a great bit of kit, expensive i admit and it tells you how many cars are behind you which is a great feature. it works with my garin edge and also i have a wahoo bolt and it works with that as well. the bike computer beeps and clearly tells you how many cars are behind you and how far they are. i have used bar mirrors which are cheap and effective ,but in my opinion the radar is a great bit of kit.


Regardless of it alerting you that a vechle is behind you, they will still overtake you leaving inches to spare and put the fear of God up you just like they always do 😡