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Posted 28 March 2023

Vodafone 100GB 5G data sim- upgrade + £90 cashback = £16pm /12m (£8.50 pm after cashback) = £192 / £102 @ Mobiles.co.uk

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Send your claim in line with the Cashback Claim Process below and we will credit you by cheque with £18.00 each time.

This will save you £90.00 over the 12 month duration of the contract. In effect this means that your average line rental per month over the contract period is £8.50 per month.

Cashback Claim Process:
Claiming your cashback couldn't be simpler. You will need to send in your mobile phone bill at months 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12

It's so simple to workout when you need to claim your cashback, please see the below table on when you should send your bills to us.

Bill Claim Amount:

Bill Dated June 2023 £18.00
Bill Dated August 2023 £18.00
Bill Dated October 2023 £18.00
Bill Dated December 2023 £18.00
Bill Dated February 2024 £18.00

You can make your claims via your My Account which you'll be able to register for once you've placed your order. It's a quick and easy process which will allow you to redeem your cashback throughout your contract.

Remember to register an account with your chosen network provider too, this will allow you to download the bills for the required months to claim
Mobiles.co.uk More details at

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  1. Carbon9990's avatar
    I got a similar deal from last year. I haven't really had any issues with checks being issued or any issues with customer service. I set a reminder in my calender every 2 months to send my bill and the check comes a few weeks later.
  2. zeberdys's avatar
    Just to echo comments above as regular cashback sim user i wont be using these people again very slow to send cheque and have to be chased up Avoid !!!

    I think they where ok before getting wrapped up by the carphone warehouse dixons group

    Affordable mobiles who often have similar deals where very prompt and paid direct into bank account. (edited)
  3. Galaxien's avatar
    I bought a similar deal last year (which expires soon) and I am now waiting on two cheques from this lot now.

    First two claim's were paid promptly but since then it's a fight with customer services who are really poor to get my payments from them.

    It's up to you but I'm definitely not using mobiles.co.uk ever again for these type of deals.
    adam659's avatar
    I've upgraded my vodafone sim for myself and family via mobiles.co.uk and I only had an issue with them once this year. I didn't receive a check, had a chat and they promptly paid into my account the next day. Now they have sent a cheque too.
  4. Sukster's avatar
    Cold !!!!

    based on the fact this company is very poor with issuing cash back cheques, stay clear
    TomBoyNI's avatar
    I have been on this deal which is now about to end its second year and have never had an issue, in fact they normally confirm the cashback within a couple of hours of claiming it, I don't think I have ever waited more than 24hrs for confirmation in those 2 years and I'll be more than happy to go again at renewal time.
  5. lukemack's avatar
    Always a nightmare getting these cashbacks
    Charlie_78's avatar
    How do these cashbacks work
  6. Myriad's avatar
    Like others it seems they have some real issues at the moment. It has been fine last 2 years until last 2-3 months. Cheques are missing or delayed by 1-2 months from when they should have been received.

    It is annoying as now need to keep noting down and keep checking to make sure I got X months cash back.
  7. hdem's avatar
    I am still waiting my cheque from January, I won't use this company again, keep clear, not worth it. (edited)
  8. kingp1n's avatar
    Will this price increase by next week or is it exempt?
    Firehorns's avatar
    same wondering this but im gonna wait till april ill be safe then
  9. Keep-it-Tea's avatar
    Affordable mobiles are just as bad if not worse.

    Been declined twice, want stupid things like your DOB and email address (from the very same email address you are sending from)

    Affordable mobiles try everything to avoid paying out

    Personally I always take the autocashback option.

    It's not worth the time hassle and headache with any other sort of cashback deal
    999's avatar
    Good. Probably because you support Ruzzia
  10. flexing123's avatar
    I'm waiting on my first one from Feb too
    flexing123's avatar
    Has this happened before?
  11. Nas93's avatar
    Does anyone else have an issue with the 1p payment verification. Everything should work as name is the same on card and address is the same but I am not sure what address format they need for it to make it verify. For example the town name is sometimes just london in other places its the Borough and in other places its the "town"/ neighborhood. Any combination I tried does not go through.
  12. shadyboss's avatar
    Anyone can comment on talkmobile vs vodafone coverage and if its exactly the same as the talkmobile deal works out a bit cheaper
's avatar