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Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB Phantom Grey Vodafone Unlimited mins, 30GB data £130 Upfront/ £26m - £754 with code + £100 cashback
Posted 8 h, 59 m agoPosted 8 h, 59 m ago
Galaxy S21 128GB Phantom Grey Unlimited minutes, 30GB data £130 Upfront/ £26 monthly (£100 cashback) Stream content without buffering with 5G on the Samsung Galaxy S21’s expansi… Read more

Yeah, it seems like a good deal at the moment but nothing too special. Think you might be best waiting if you can


Already posted 4 days ago.

Google pixel 4a 128Gb (Just Black) Vodafone unlimited mins & texts 50GB data Vodafone £21 p/m 24 months £504 @
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
£50gb data, unlimited texts and calls. No upfront cost for phone. £21p/m 24month contract. Possibly also £40 cash back through top cash back. The Google Pixel 4a boasts an impress… Read more

Thanks for taking the time to share your first post @TRICH86 (highfive)


Would of got if it had an ip rating.


Id rather pay more and have coverage. Read comments on Three deals. One network to avoid. No wonder all Three, ID Mobile, Smarty are so cheap as coverage is crap. Great deal by the way


There's limited coverage for ID mobile for me Vodafone is better for me.


431.76 on uswitch with unlimited data

ID Mobile (5g) Unlimited Data/minutes/texts - £18/month = £216 total over 12 months (£11/month after cashback) £10 TCB @
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
I think that this is the cheapest unlimited deal so far and on 5g too. £10 TCB aswell.

Contacted some nice humans on iD Mobile webchat. They were actually helpful, irrespective of where they're based


I think ID use CGNAT so not as good as Three for mobile broadband.


No problems with three 5g on any phones here, tried 2. Great 5g signal.


Three is the same, but if you Google your phone model ie Moto G 5G plus, there's codes you can enter on your device to use 5G with three, hope it helps, happened to me also


Ok if you’re Happy chatting to Bangalore if anything goes wrong. This lot make Three mobile look Competent

Vodafone Sim Only 100GB + Unlimited Minutes & Texts - £16pm / £192 over 12 months (£9.50pm after cashback = £114) +
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
£16 a month before redemption - 12 month contract. Got one myself - switched my number in 24hrs.

Aightz thanks for the guide!


Go to a shop and get payg number


Joined through Quidco on this credit check failed.But guess what can be done through ?


A strange question. I recently moved to the UK and I wanted to get this deal but it is asking for a valid UK number. I want to get my valid UK number with this deal but is not possible?


Mobile got in touch to check details on Quidco will call ruin cashback ?

Google Pixel 4a ID Mobile - £19.99 upfront (after code) £14.99pm: Unlimited min, texts and 20GB data - £379.75 over 2 years @
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Saw this on Uswitch and thought it was a good deal. Once I went through to the site there was a code for £10 off the initial payment. Pixel 4a on ID mobile w… Read more

No 2nd hand, not even grade A Pristine. Brand new & sealed ( (embarrassed) but not too sealed (party) )


@XL3 what say you? (:I


Both (lol) XL can have my wife


For which one? (:I


Looking...... (lol)

Pixel 4a on Vodafone with 18gb, unlimited minutes and texts - £23pm x 24 months - total cost (£552) - £360 after cashback @
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Was browsing on Uswitch for deals after my wife's phone stopped charging. I saw a deal on ID mobile that I was ready to go for but ended up stumbling upon this on the… Read more

I'll probably go for the Poco with a sim from virgin. The Poco is an upgrade on the Google (for me) for £159. Looking at the 20gb with tcb....over 24 months works out at leas than £11. If I could get the Google 5 at your prices I'd be sold....I'm just too frugal for name brands anymore (lol)


I think a lot of people do not like the cashback aspect so I have posted the ID mobile deal separately. It works out slightly more over the 24 months but without having to remember to claim the cashback.


The phone alone is listed as a deal on here for £299!! I've looked at the phone deals and SIM only deals and can't find anything near this price. I have a Google 2, so it's not much of an upgrade for me. So won't be doing it, but still awesome deal for a new phone/sim

iPhone 12 Mini 64GB Refurb on VODAFONE- 18GB 5G Data, Unlimited Mins & Texts, £23pm - £79 Upfront (24mth) - total £631 @
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Found this deal, lower price now. Possible additional £35 from TopCashBack

Isn't this expensive that brand new? Lots of deals posted in last week or so


It's a refurb so stock will be very limited, but they'll keep taking orders. There's a few similar deals been posted before. Took me weeks to get a refund.

Why is it so cold? What's wrong with this deal?

iD SIM only 50GB, unlimited minutes and texts - £12 a month for 12 months - £144 (Potentially £5.75pcm after cashback) via
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
SIM only 50GB, unlimited minutes and texts 12 month contract £144 (£78 after redemption and £69 after Quidco, making it £5.75 pcm)

Where do I start with ID, ugh... -Owned by carphone warehouse, that should of warned me in the first instance -Number ports never worked properly on two phones (all calls in out showed witheld), many hours wasted on chat, emails and complaints ,had to order two replacement sims -Speed is often shocking , In and around Hertfordshire its ok at around 20mb, London area typically crawls at 1-2mbps. A lot of cornwall had no signal at all ( while My partner had 2-10mb with Voda ) On a plus side its cheap , good for a back up or failover sim I guess Steer clear if you want something fast in London !


I've tolerated Three because I thought my area was not a great spot for coverage but unlimited everything for £19 felt like a good deal. Wi-Fi calling is hit or miss on two Samsung phones in our house. So when I went to London, I just couldn't believe how poor the reception was. I've contacted them many times asking why the reception is poor in my area I've moved to with no reply. After 10+ years of tolerating three's patchy.coverage I'm moving on.


It's just once quarterly, not a biggy in order to slash the price in half... reminder can be set the day after the statement is received....and done. No problem


I hate cashback that have to be claimed at different points of the contract. I would rather pay the entire amount in advance if they just give me the cashback


Yeah id be jumping on this if it wasn’t on the three network.

12GB 5G data/unlimited calls and text SIMO deal- ID Mobile £12 p/m 12 months £144 (effective £3.25 a month after cashback) @
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Monthly cost £12 a month = £144 Total cashback per month from by redemption £8 a month = £96 Quidco cashback for SIMO deals = £9 £144-£96-£9= £39 £39/12 = £3.25 p… Read more

I went for 50GB SIM instead, for £5.75 effective:


Thank you


Yep pretty much and then click on the £9 offer and it should then take you to the page. Use that tab once opened to refind the deal so it tracks then order and pay :)


How do you get Quidco offer, please? Just go to website through Quidco website?


Good deal if you can be bothered with cashback

Google Pixel 5 5G Smartphone + 18GB Data & Unlimited Mins & Texts - £23pm On Vodafone With £35 Upfront With Code @
25/06/2021 at 16:00Expires on 25/06/2021 at 16:00Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
£60 topcashback stacks with the code as well. Under 600 quid with good data.

Anyone successfully take out this contract? I tried and got refused on credit check - Vodafone use Experian and according to the app I have a score of 999.


Decided to bite the bullet and just get a S21 Ultra


Yes it's one of the best phones I have owned recently, running beta 12 and very nice


Great deal with data plan chucked in also. I'd be tempted but my S10 is still doing ok


I have a note 8, bought it brand new just over 2 years ago and is working fine. I was tempted by this but then I compared the specs:

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