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ID Mobile 5G Sim Only, £18 Ultd data, calls and texts 12 months £216 (£11 per month after manual redemption) at
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Unlimited Data, calls and texts for £11.00 pm Total cost for year £132.00 Cashback Claim Process (Easy to do on-line): Claiming your cashback couldn't be simpler. You will need t… Read more

It is handy to know in case you run out of your unlimited data, calls or texts. I nearly ran out of my unlimited calls once but when I checked I still had some more left.


If you have any of your unlimited data left at the end of the month (according to the marketing bumf) you can roll it over to the next month so will you have more than unlimited data the next month!

Google Pixel 5 (black) on Vodafone - 18GB 5G data for £23 p/m + £20 upfront with code (total cost £572) @
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Been after a pixel for a while now and this is the best combination of price/data I have found so far. Use code PD15 to take £15 off the upfront cost Still unsure if I should w… Read more

Go for the Carphone Warehouse deal, it's cheaper!


Still available, but upfront cost is £50. So the PD15 code brings it down to £35 upfront, from what I can see.


Is this deal still live? Says the code has been extended but I'm unable to add it in the voucher section....


Is this for new contracts new phone number only?


Do you still get the unlimited photos storage?

iPhone 11 - Vodafone 18GB - £120 upfront with code + 24 x £23 = £672 @ Mobile phones direct
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
iPhone 11 on Vodafone at when going via Uswitch. When going via Uswitch the upfront cost drops to £135. You can then enter code PD15 to drop the upfront cost down to … Read more

no harm in trying to negotiate with Three once you get connected. I'm happy with the deal, teenage daughter wants the iPhone, cheapest way of getting a brand new one, I'll have the 100gb contract, she can go 8gb Three sim for £4 a month after cashback from Fonehouse


Ordered thanks Rugman actually did the TopCashback and it’s tracked at around £36 I believe but Every little helps. Was wondering if it could possibly be made even sweater after delivery with a Student Discount ? I believe 3 offer £5 discount on the monthly rental ?? Does that sound Possible maybe.


Thanks for the info, not a fan of Three as had problem with signal. Looking for something with o2, EE or Vodafone. There were some good deals on here with EE recently but look to have expired now


Much better deal here, no upfront cost, £45 topcashback too, claim the cashback from the seller, works out at £23.62 per month for 100gb data contract with Three Total cost £567

Google Pixel 5 30GB - Vodafone £26 pm / 24 months NO upfront fees (total £624) at
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Seen this on moneysupermarket via I think it's great value for a phone that is currently £599. I've no issues with Vodafone in my area and it is £7 cheaper than my c… Read more



I found a slightly better deal from Carphone Warehouse with £110 TCB. Phone arrives Friday, posted the deal with full details.


Great price, average phone - but performs solidly


Yes! This is the one I've been looking for. £30 upwards everywhere else. Love the form factor for one handed use, got a 90hz screen, great camera. Sure it ain't got "premium" specs but the size does it for me. Good find, heat added


Good deal but I think that the one with 18GB 5G network and total cost of 602 pounds suits me better. Thanks for posting.

Google Pixel 5 + Vodafone 5G 50GB contract - £115 upfront with code - £21pm / 24 months - £619 total @
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Saw that this phone went hot last week on the VOXI deal for £510 total excluding network service. This nice deal sees you get network service for 24 months included for just £20 m… Read more

Carphone Warehouse deal is now £125 cash back today, so £529 total.


Mine just arrived, copied all the data and setup from my Pixel 3 and ready to go.


Over 30 months


Yeah handset only


£17 for the 5?

Vodafone 5G SIMO unlimited everything. £25 pm with £80 auto-cashback = £18.33pm x 12 months - Total Cost £219.96 @
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Unlimited data, minutes, texts and speed. It is via Some of their other plans are speed limited, which I think only Vodafone do. This one says unlimited speed. Pr… Read more

I left Voda ages ago and I still receive these messages :/


This 100x. Also their map and CS keep on saying "we are upgrading"," we are aware of the issues".


110% agree with you , for me it constant work on installing 5g work under the guise of planned maintenance which effects the 4g/3g network to the point nothing works for days


Can you choose when your contract starts? Got another week left on mine currently so don’t want it to go to waste.


£220 total.

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Vodafone - 100gb data, unlimited minutes & text - £16 a month for 12 months - £192 Total + £60 Autocashback with code @
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Vodafone (5G) no speed restrictions No cashback redemptions required £60 auto cashback

Anyone tried applying an employee or nhs discount after you take out the contract?


thanks a lot i used top cash back too lets see if it tracks as well as code MSE10 great find OP nice work


Nice one dude (lol) (lol)


Thanks dude


From voda to voda, I move my number to payg, This will happen in 30 days(voda need 30 days notice to terminate) , so I get sim only about 3 to 5 days before the contract end date. then port the payg number to the new contract. Been doing This in the last 10 years, no problem.

Vodafone Sim Only Unl Max 12m £25pm 12 months Total = £300 (£15pm after cashback by redemption) @
Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
Stonking deal for the Vodafone UNLIMITED Max tariff for £15 per month after cashback by redemption. Alternative to the affordablemobiles' one. Edited the deal to reflect the unlike… Read more

I get unlimited data etc for £12.50 on a 30 day rolling using the EE network. First sim £20 then additional just £10. Got four in my family. Got it here


Does this plan come with Entertainment Plan?


My SIM card arrived today after ordering it on Monday night. Filled in the online form to port my number from PAYG ( old contract finished on Sunday and I moved onto PAYG), got a next confirming the switch would be done tomorrow. Not a bad process.


No mate. Can do it within minutes. Just have to give a months notice to cancel your contract.


i thought they say you need to be on pay as you go for 30 days before they can port it. Is it not easier to port to different network and back

IPhone 12 (64GB) Contract 18GB on Vodafone £23 per month, £299 upfront, £851 total. 24 months @
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Might be good for some willing to pay a higher up front fee. £299 up front. £23 per month. 18GB data Unlimited minutes/texts £25 cash back Quidco possible also.

Don’t think it’s available any more but sounds like a good deal (y) 🏼


@MikeG - I bought it from, it was one of their options/deals. Slight trade up your deal +50 for 128gb and +£23 for extra 12gb pcm


Where from


Just bought the 128gb version with 30gb data for £299 + £26pcm with £25 Quidco. Which makes the sim cost ~£2 pcm - what’s not to like. Listed my s10+ on eBay for £325 now looking forward to decent residuals!


I don't know if this a good deal or not but: I hate Apple not including a charger, and making the devices harder to repair by 3rd parties, who offer repairs they don't and are cheaper: by pairing components to the specific phone.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, Refurbished, 128 GB, 30GB Data, Upfront Cost £110.00, Monthly £26 - Total £734 @
Posted 10th AprPosted 10th Apr
Finally after months I've bit the bullet on this one. My P20 Pro has been very glitchy lately. I personally thought it was a good deal. Someone else may hopefully benefit from this… Read more

Has anyone got a refferal code they can send me please?


I also got the same deal... The phone was brand new.


Cheers appreciate that (y)


Still complete the form to claim the voucher, you.never know... To be honest with you, you will just buy stuff you don't really need because you have the credit.. this is still a good deal to me so you got heat.


Well it arrived today and so far can't complain. The phone was new / pristine. As for the 200 off I see some benefit but by the time I put a sim only on etc. The 150 Google voucher would have been a nice to have I guess. Is what it is and I see the deal has gone sub zero. Can't win em all ;)

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