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Posted 3 September 2022

Voxi Sim Only, 30GB data £10 / 75GB for £15 / 200GB for £20 a month + Topcashback up to £21 / Endless social media and Video @ Voxi

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    No roaming anymore for those who need it but great service with them otherwise until I left in June
    There is roaming, no inclusive free roaming.

    I enjoyed getting the wife's uncle - he mentioned us leaving Europe & I asked if we were going to Africa - now you may think that harsh, but he was a teacher, geography I believe, and... how to phrase it... he would have loved correcting similar mistakes on others, not with the same motive I had! Touché really was the hardest word!
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    I am on the 15£ 75gb. Unlimited social media etc. Have been tethering ps4, kids phones, tablets, laptops and the 75gb stays the same, been on the plan for 3 months.
    Thanks. I’m gonna switch up then. No brainer in my opinion
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    Does endless data work on tethering or does it not detect
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    I wish the Openreach Broadband/Fibre world was as competitive as the Sim-only world is 😞
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    Are they better than 3
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    Been with voxi for a couple of years. No problems at all. £10 for 30gb. Looking to move to EE but only because of the signal situation in our new home.
    Looked at plus net, who use EE. Same deal on their website until I saw the small print about the yearly price rise. Inflation PLUS 3.9%... So in March (and every march) I'm looking at a massive increase with plusnet 15%? Voxi never increase the monthly cost and if you keep an eye on offers you can always bump up your data for free (edited)
    Heads-up about Plusnet, they do not have access to the EE 800MHz band meaning you may get worse signal in some areas Vs EE.
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    9215861551662219627.jpgSo I'd lose out on unlimited video but gain an extra 5gb whilst saving £2p/m?
    Don’t change your data isn’t down like mine, your on unlimited practically , if you change the data will start going down ..
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    Title needs a tweak - no endless video on the £10 offering.

    Decent prices, but check out Talkmobile too.
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    I had a voxi SIM for a couple of months, absolutely awful customer service, disgusting in fact, the live chat agents are the worst, I will never ever recommend anyone goes with this awful awful company
    Hard to believe and sounds full of BS, I think you misspelled your nickname
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    In 2022 + proliferation of streaming apps, and everything being online. The average mobile data usage for every normal human should be not less than 30GB data per month. Anything below 30GB data allowance per month is not practical and an electronic handicap.
    What a load of rubbish!
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    I took the last deal for £12 for 25GB. Just wondering if I should go for the £15 for 75GB Seems a better offer. Also it’s funny how there are now soo many good 1 month sim only/payasyougo deals. I think since three stopped free roaming, and some people ditching 3 network, other networks are cashing in (edited)
    £15 for £75 sounds like a bad deal!
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    My data hasn’t gone down for a year nearly ..
    Exactly the same here
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    What’s the point of data when you can’t stream with it
    Why do you say that?? I have Voxi and use Netflix and YouTube (plus my son's tablet tethered on it when out) with absolutely no effect on my allowance. In fact I've never seen my 30GB allowance ever go down in over a year of having it.
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    I've been with voxi since 2018 I think, and I'd honestly recommend it in comparison to o2, ee or any others I've been on in the past. I constantly was left without any connection on other networks ie when o2 went out for a full day at a time etc yet with voxi, 4 years, I think in total, had around 4 hours spread over the years where signal went down...prob even less tbh!

    Anyway point is, voxi is good. And in my experience, the customer service isnt bad because you hardly need em too. They deal with any queries efficiently.
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    I'm on the £12 for 25gb plan including unlimited video that they did a while ago. So it's a toss up for me, save £2 a month, get 5gb more, but lose unlimited video. I watch a fair bit of YouTube on the go and my data usage is almost zero at the moment due to the unlimited video. But do I watch more than 5gb worth, I don't know as phone doesn't seem to report any real data usage for YouTube :/ 🤷
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    Thanks OP
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    no streaming £10 cold
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    Awesome, dropped £5 off my unlimited plan in a few clicks Use the sim in a 4/5G router at home and defo make use of the unlimited data through 4k streaming etc. (edited)
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    Is this 5G or 4G? I signed up with O2 for a year 2 weeks ago 🤦‍♂️ Will consider this next time. £10 per month at the minute for 80GB
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    I'm more impressed the OP has over 4 grand in cashback