Unfortunately, this deal has expired 5 May 2023.
Posted 31 March 2023

Voxi Sim only - 30GB Data £10pm - Unlimited Social media / OR Get 60GB Data £15pm - Unlimited Soc Media & Video (Possible cashback) @ Voxi

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Unllimited Socia Media and Video included on £15 plan
Piggyback Vodafone network

If you are planning to stay longer than 3 months - go via TCB or Qudico and you will get some cashback too


  • Unlimited use of social apps without eating your data (UK only).
  • Use our 5G network on 5G-enabled phones.
  • No contract, cancel anytime.
  • WiFi Calling, 4G Calling, and Visual Voicemail.
  • Unlimited calls, texts & picture messages.
  • Unlimited Music - 6 months FREE - Use your favourite music apps without eating any data!

VOXI’s Unlimited Music gives you free music streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, TIDAL, Napster and Primordial Radio, without eating any of your data.

  • This offer is available to new and existing customers. New customers must opt-in to Unlimited Music when purchasing a new plan and existing customers must opt-in via My Account.
  • After 6 months, Unlimited Music will be charged at £5/month. Customers can opt-out and cancel at any time through My Account.
  • If you no longer wish to benefit from Unlimited Music after the free period, you must opt-out before the end of the 6 months to avoid being charged £5/month.
  • You will receive an SMS within a reasonable timeframe before the end of the 6 months confirming that Free Unlimited music is coming to an end giving you enough time to opt-out so that you do not incur any charges.

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  1. f3rritt's avatar
    Been with voxi for a couple of years now. Cant fault the price but at times the speeds are dreadful.
    Scrouge1953's avatar
    I asked on messenger and they solved it my h+ speed went to 5g straight away.49890809-1zeaA.jpg
  2. Poksd's avatar
    Thanks for this. I’ve been on £10pm for 15GB and already thought that was great value
    MartinWiltshire's avatar
    Go on chat to them and ask for upgrade to 30gb for free as that’s the currant offer!
  3. MgBossHogg's avatar
    Nae bad speeds on the outskirts of Edinburgh. 5 days in and data counter not going down either

    Mooney_70's avatar
    The unlimited data lasted for around 8 months when I was with Voxi. So it does seem like it's a common theme for many customers.
  4. RavensNest_OfTech's avatar
    49948353-MnTqb.jpgEvery network is different, here are my speeds with O2 and a lot of people will experience massively different speeds because of so many variables. Pick the best network for you, like me try as many 30 day rolling contracts you can find,.
  5. brundy's avatar
    Been with Voxi for years, best provider I’ve used!
    alex_uk's avatar
    The same here, as no limitation on speed as I do get the same speed as Vodafone! Just very cheap and unlimited data for less - the data don’t count any usage, zoom and ms teams using zero data on video calls
  6. Anonymous...'s avatar
    I've been with them for few years and I have been having no issues and would recommend to others

    Also you may end up with a glitch plan if you go with them I am on 30gb data but the data never decreases so I call it unlimited glitch plan
    JamesFallon's avatar
    Never mention this and it shall stay this way.
  7. ovi_andre's avatar
    Terrible slow 🐌 😪 😴 Internet speed...the worst network I've been with...luckily, I had a monthly sim card only £10 pounds wasted
  8. JamesFallon's avatar
    49897253-hgjn5.jpgNot sure how people get slow speeds, they must live in very rural areas or have potato phones. Had similar results in 5 cities I tested it at.
    BasculeTheTeller's avatar
    Yep. Pretty good speeds for me too...

  9. Conkers816's avatar
    Slightly misleading title as the Unlimited Music pass is only available for 6 months.
    blonk's avatar
    Where does it say that?
  10. Orange_swan's avatar
    I've been on this £10 plan since last year, yes slow internet. On a slow redmi note 9 phone (edited)
  11. Gopichandu_Avirni's avatar
    Customers service is awful
    one_eight_seven's avatar
    Just how often do you need to contact customer service?
  12. Midge's avatar
    Is Voxi on a recommend a friend program or just a straightr thru Buy deal?
  13. Jaws1973's avatar
    Vodafone's network
  14. ziobog's avatar
    i was with them for a good while and signal / internet speed was always much better than giffgaff - for me
    i had to move back to gg tho because of the roaming fees in EU, £2/day with voxi, nada with GG.
    if Voxi dropped the charge somehow i would actually go back, or if GG started charging too...
    jakbli's avatar
    No one is going away for one day so £8 for 8 days isn't that bad
  15. Jakzek's avatar
    Joined them a couple of months ago. Already about to leave them. Cant get 5G anywhere and the 4G speeds are the slowest I’ve ever encountered. My download speed is 1.6mbps and it won’t even give me an upload reading on speed test. My phone is essentially not a smart phone unless connected to wifi.
  16. slboo's avatar
    Signals shocking. Lucky to get 1 bar in my village
    alex_uk's avatar
    So you don’t get any signal on any provider, have you tried to check the coverage before buying?
  17. tonymgx's avatar
    Currently with Labara, but going to go back to Voxi - the speeds are slower on Labara I am finding
    Scrouge1953's avatar
    Its the same network
  18. BasculeTheTeller's avatar
    I've just switched to VOXI from giffgaff. I'm on the 15GB £10 plan. 3 weeks in. I presume I could just upgrade it to this double data version of the same plan? :/ (edited)
    JamesFallon's avatar
    Yes. It will update to the new package on your next renewal.
  19. JediDealz's avatar
    Been with Voxi for ages. Started out on 15gb £10, free upgrade to 30gb and again to 45gb last Black Friday. I have no issues bar a couple of dead spots around West Yorkshire/Leeds. (edited)
  20. StuH's avatar
    Don’t see 6 month free music included on the site. Am I missing something? Thanks
's avatar