Yoshi Wooly World with Poochy amiibo 3ds back on preorder at Smyths for £39.99

Yoshi Wooly World with Poochy amiibo 3ds back on preorder at Smyths for £39.99

Found 21st Jan 2017
It is only £5 more than the regular version without amiibo and £5 less than the same game at Nintendo UK store.

You can download free demo from eshop.
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Thanks, cancelled my Nintendo store preorder
its acutally £10.24 more to get the amiibo as the game on its own is £29.75 here http://www.thegamecollection.net/poochy-yoshi-s-woolly-world-3ds/

but still a good deal if you want it with the amiibo as its cheaper than elsewhere with it
I consider this a must have Amiibo really for the kid, they do to. Also consider it a must have Amiibo for me

HEAT for good price on another exciting game on the nations best portable handheld console.

EDIT: Just spotted this on Gameseek for £39.75, so 25p less - https://www.gameseek.co.uk/pd/VideoGames1w4ybsmbrz/Poochy-and-Yoshis-Woolly-World--Amiibo-Bundle
I consider Gameseek to be a far better options as (a) You will get some points for it, (b) You might even have points to use up, (c) Smyths are not on QUIDCO, but Gameseek is and always pay the cashback.

Interesting and quite bizzarely Gameseek can't be posted as a deal as merchant is banned by HUKD. Never had any issue with Gameseek and they are a very reputable retailer. Presumably HUKD have a problem with them signing up to their referral program?
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