Posted 9 April 2024

Alexa down?

Anyone else's Alexa down? Twitter not giving much, a few other people but all 4 on my house are down and not a home network issue.
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  1. jco83's avatar
    A few days ago our single Alexa (Echo ¿Dot? I think it's called) kinda wouldn't do anything, it seemed like it couldn't connect or something. But I'm not sure what caused it
    Claudia_'s avatar
    Ours just tonight started acting up .. saying the internet isn't reachable...but here I am texting lol
  2. John89's avatar
    Yes can't operate anything in my house that's connected to it just now
    Claudia_'s avatar
  3. TinyNinja's avatar
    Down for me, can't operate anything connected to it 
  4. Kid.Crusoe's avatar
    Just tried setting my alarm for the morning and Alexa is saying that’ something  went wrong’
    it appears to be a global problem
  5. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    Somewhere in the World a group of Chinese geeks are having a giggle
  6. jase.2's avatar
    Seems to be ok here
  7. Sophie95's avatar
    All 3 of mine are down 
  8. jco83's avatar
    Oh dear lol Smart Home's that won't work !
    StephenVasey's avatar
    Yup having to use home assistant voice assistant instead of Alexa, at least Home Assistant gave me a backup method. Still can just use my phone to turn stuff on or off.
  9. mandarmoo's avatar
    Down for me south wales
  10. fasda's avatar
    All three of mine down and even alexa app on android.
  11. pink_koo's avatar
    Mine are down too… trying to get little one asleep and no white noise 🤦🏻‍♀️
    Just reset it too thinking it was a single device issue!
    Paddy_o_furniture's avatar
    That's what I did with my one downstairs as it wouldn't play my rocky soundtrack as I was on the dreadmill.
  12. Grey73's avatar
    Ours all down too
  13. jasbos's avatar
    in the last month mine has been cutting out when playing radio I have a good wireless connection spoke to Amazon they said they are looking into it tonight not working correctly for for a lot of users it seems just wondering if that software update in march is causing the problems for me
  14. northeastkev's avatar
    Yep all mine are down as well
  15. ReactorGaming_'s avatar
    im getting "I have trouble understanding right now, try again later.
    its red when saying that, i assume out for me as well in devon (UK)
  16. luvabargin's avatar
    Down through Europe
  17. OldBigKid's avatar
    Mine has just started to work again and app populates with routines and my smart device status again.
  18. MariaNuria_Alizadeh's avatar
    It was down  in Gibraltar too.  It’s back on again 
  19. aLV426's avatar
    Ah that explains why I couldn't control things - it did the blue circle acknowledgement, but didn't follow through on the action - working now though...
  20. Pandamansays's avatar
    Amazon are slowly running down the Alexa service and laying off Alexa staff etc.
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