Posted 7 January 2024

Ali Express Citizen Eco Drive watches

This is probably the daftest question of 2024 and we are only 7 days in, but I assume the citizen eco drive watches on ali express aren't legitimate, even though some state 100% original and appear to include all relevant paper work.

Cheers in advance
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  1. WWhite's avatar
    Fake. No mater the price high or low. Always fake.
    Citizen (nor any respectable brand) doesn't authorise or supply items to asian marketplaces or dropshippers.
  2. CynicalNurse's avatar
    Bearing in mind many big brands source from China for a tiny fraction of the RRP, I can believe there are manufacturers in China able to supply identical watches from the same production lines. If you are in China people will tell you where the identical "fakes" are. On Aliexpress assume they're all fake.
  3. steve1221's avatar
    Well, they sell Omega and Rolex for £25 and up. I'm sure they're genuine too...
    szigmon123's avatar
    Can you link to these roles/ omegas, curious to see what they look like (edited)
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    Guess it depends on the seller and the price....the cheapest obviously having a greater likelihood of being fake.
  5. Gollywood's avatar
    I decided to take a look at the site and see what was available.

    The cheap ones 'look' ok but I doubt they'll be waterproof, the strap will be be very light or chain/bracelet might be poorly made with sharp edges etc.

    But for under £15 it'll be fine.

    The more expensive ones that I saw for £40+ I still wouldn't trust as being legitimate.

    But I'd take a punt on the very cheap ones to see what it's like.
  6. szigmon123's avatar
    I've not come across a single one with Rolex or Omega on them, certainly not stating 100% genuine like the citizens
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