Posted 7 October 2021

Any hair experts here? (Redken Thickening Lotion 06 alternatives)

My mother, now in her 80s, really likes Redken Thickening Lotion 06 on the advice of a hairdresser once. I used to be able to pick it up for £12 on deals but recently the price has hit nearly £20 for 150ml on Amazon and approaching that from other suppliers.

Can anyone advise if there are any more regularly priced alternatives that would have the same results and keep her happy?
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    I've not personally tried their thickening range, but Paul Mitchell products are very good and of a similar standard to Redken. They do an extra-body thicken up range which has a styling liquid that may be similar and a 200ml bottle is only £16.55 on Feel Unique currently. I use a couple of other Paul Mitchell products and you only need to use a little bit for it to work well so they seem to last ages... I wouldn't be surprised if the thicken up range did too! (edited)
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    Alexanderlocks07/10/2021 17:22

    I found this online …I found this online also|n1c6db818eded4577ae3a4237a1a2db4a14|B00T6FNWLYThis article has other brands just picked the ones that stood out. Hope this helps.

    Thanks - very useful links and clearly the volumiser is working on your hair in your profile picture.

    Thanks too - I will try the suggestions from you both and find one she likes.
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