Argos Giftcard to cash possible?

Posted 8th Nov 2016
I have some Argos gift cards but can't find something I'd like to buy in there. Can I somehow convert the gift cards to cash instead, is this even possible?

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not unless you sell them
As above or you could use the gift card to buy items then sell the items for cash?

Probably best if you could just sell the gift vouchers though!
No, if you sell them you'll get less than the value of the gift cards though. Maybe by 10%.

Maybe you can find something on offer and then sell it on.
You could possibly buy another giftcard for a shop/place that you would use it for.
They also sell Prepaid visa cards but there is a £3-£4 charge over the amount on them but that's better than selling the Argos giftcards anyway.
buy prepaid visa cards which you can use anywhere
if your worried about the dates expiring then do this, buy anything such as wipes near the checkout for £1 and hand the voucher, you will be given a new voucher with longer dates, 2 years normally. or give it to someone as a Chris present instead of buying them one
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