Posted 26 December 2023

Beneath a Steel Sky (Steam Deck Playable) :- Free to keep - PC…ky/

After being abducted by brutal soldiers and his kinfolk butchered, Robert Foster finds himself in Union City - a vast metropolis under the tyranny of a fascist AI. Alone, save for the circuit board of his best friend, Foster must discover the sinister truth - and why they specifically came for him.

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  1. mikefgroves's avatar
    Well happy with this one. Got Beyond in a bundle recently and wanted to play this again first. 
  2. digweed's avatar
    Nice one
  3. Deleted041071960810's avatar
    It's been free for years, and because of how it works, it's available to play on virtually everything under the sun.

    Lure of the Temptress is free on as well.

    Quite looking forward to Broken Sword 6 (and possibly the re-re-make of Broken Sword 1 as well)
  4. InfoAddict's avatar
    This series' titles would make great subtitles for FFVII.
  5. aLV426's avatar
    Heat added (well I would if I could!) - thanks for sharing! (edited)
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