Posted 26 December 2023

Best 4k UHD TV for under £250?

On a budget to get a 4k TV for my PS5 and basic streaming like netflix etc. Seen a lot of 43" TVs but seems too big for my bedroom.

Any recommendations?
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  1. KodaBear's avatar
    "Seen a lot of 43" TVs but seems too big for my bedroom"

    43" Is about the smallest you can go for a 4K Resolution. If you step down in size your 2 main sizes are 40" and 32" and most of these will be 720p or 1080p at best unless you pay a lot more than £250 for a specialist TV or a computer monitor.
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    £205 43inch 4k hisense
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    If 42/43 is too big. Your only options are a 32 inch full HD 1080p TV or gaming monitor. Samsung do make a 4k 32" tv, but it's very expensive at about £400.
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    Or opened box or damaged box same tv £198
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