Posted 27 April 2024

Best place for PSN credit

Is cdkeys the cheapest option to get playstation credit seems much cheaper than shopto bronze.
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    on's homepage near the very bottom there's an email newsletter sign-up box, the other day I put my email in and hit Subscribe, and surprisingly a pop-up appeared with a code but it didn't say what it did, so I tried it and it takes 10% off everything just tried PlayStation Gift Cards and it works. the best saving is the PS£84 for £78.25 (6.85% saving) and with a newsletter sign-up code makes it £70.42 (16.2%* saving). plus you always get 2.5% of what you spend back in Reward Points as standard, so that would be £1.76 worth (704 Reward Points) 52655774-c28Sz.jpg
    as I said - the PS£84 for £78.25 represents the best percentage saving, the other PS£ amounts range from a 6.78% saving on the PS£90, down to a 5% saving on the PS£10
    52655774-CpR1o.jpg(these savings are before the 10% off code of course)

    I imagine you can only use 1 newsletter sign-up code, but you can order as much as you like when you use the code

    *Edited as I got the overall percentage saving wrong on the PS£84 for £70.42 (edited)
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    Great deal , thanks for the detailed information. Bought one and the payment went through but got no order details (edited)