Posted 23 December 2023

Best ~£100 device for Steam Link & Xcloud

Hi all, need some advice on the best mobile/laptop device that is fast and will continue to receive updates for a while that can use the Steam link and Xcloud apps.

The obvious contenders so far (new/used):
An android/windows tablet (Lenovo M10 gen 3 looks promising...)

A retroid pocket 3+ (might get cheaper now 4 is on its way)

A windows/Chromebook laptop

Rejected options:
Steam deck - too big, too expensive.

Logitech G cloud - too expensive.

Odin Pro - too expensive..

Any apple device - I don't like how restrictive their OS is.

Any Amazon Fire tablets - I want stock Android not another company's version.

Backbone or kishi for an existing phone - my phone screen is too small and I don't trust they'll keep updating the controllers.

I already have a fire stick and Nvidia shield that can use the Steam link app, but I need a mobile device for when those are in use.

Thanks in advance
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    honor x9? nice screen and speakers
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    This looks great thanks . Decent screen, double the ram of the Lenovo and long battery life.

    The only minor downside is that it doesn't have a headphone jack, but because it has Bluetooth 5.1 it can connect up to 7 devices at once, so for my use case (headphones & controller) it will be fine.