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GOOGLE Chromecast - Third Generation, Charcoal - none pristine Box £24 @ currysclearance ebay
165° Expired
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
"Non-pristine" have opened boxes and/or the outer box has minor signs of age or wear - so strictly speaking can no longer be called "New". Looks like its just unwanted stock mo… Read more
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The RRP is £30 so this is not expensive. You may have got a better deal but right now when the whole country is trying to do things like stream their live videos calls to the TV these are hot products.


Thanks, expired I'll unexpire if they add more :)




I paid 10p for a Freddo frog once mate. I can't pay that much now sadly ;)


This is expensive, I only paid £20 for a brand new Chromecast from Curry's just a couple of months ago.

Apple TV 4K 64gb - £169 Refurbished from Apple + free delivery
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Not as good at the BT deal earlier this week, but for those who really want a 4K Apple TV for zwift etc - this is a great piece of kit. From the Apple Refurb Store so you get the … Read more
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You really have to be a mug to pay nearly 170 quid for this. No real extra functionality that any other devices for a third of this price.


lol just because both are called 4k streamers doesn’t mean they are same. they are simply not comparable. you can compare it with Nvidia Shield TV


There’s no guarantees with leaks as always but Jon has had a very good run this year predicting things to the point of the accurate release date and even the exact time for press releases for the last couple of things. Apple hates him now and Phil Schiller blocked him on twitter lol


I’ll hold on a month then... might explain the refurb off load that keeps appearing


The release date wasn’t rumoured but Jon Prosser suggested they are ‘ready to ship’ potentially announcing in WWDC at the end of June or just a press release maybe like iPad, Macbook Air/Pro and SE over the last couple of months

Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019 - £199.99 delivered @ Currys PC World
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Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
In stock. Hurry! Watch the hottest new entertainment Enjoy the best new shows, movies and more in stunning 4K Ultra HD with the NVIDIA SHIELD TV PRO 4K Media Streaming Device… Read more
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Well its not really, it is a different design of the same thing, just like any hardware refresh. Just like both amd and Intel have done many times. So it is new hardware design, so not 5 years old, but also not generational and not worth a premium. As noted though its totally fit for purpose as it ever was.


The short answer is Yes, it will. The problem is that Atmos can be encoded in either lossless (Dolby TrueHD) or lossy (Dolby Digital) format. The files you have must only contain a TrueHD Atmos audio stream. DD+ Atmos files will play via the internal app. The internal app and Plex on the TV support lossy DD Atmos but not TrueHD Atmos. LG have said they wont fix this as the only real use case is pirate content, and fixing it would require changes to the hardware. Full uncompressed audio with TrueHD Atmos needs to come from an external source.


Yes. A certain few people in the U.K. keep buying them up and selling on ebay etc


Gone in minutes..


It's now out stock.

NOW TV 4K SMART BOX - including 4 NOW TV Passes on NOW TV - £24.99 Delivered @ Simply Games
112° Expired
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
The NOW TV Smart Box with 4K and Voice Search. Watch amazing entertainment. No contract. No hidden fees. Plugs into your TV letting you watch amazing entertainment using your broa… Read more

Weirdly you can't & the original (blue logo) boxes are pretty expensive second-hand. I got mine new from a HUKD post about three years ago for £20 & it's still one of my favourite things - you can pause both live TV & NowTV streams, rewind either feed up to half an hour, it smoothly integrates all NowTV passes into the EPG so there's no faffing about, I can't understand why they removed the Freeview tuner from the later 4K (purple logo) model.


Best option ebay, as now tv no longer make the ones with Freeview HD built in.


No only the original Now TV Smart Box had freeview.


Back to being a busy bee again unfortunately (embarrassed)


Does anyone know if you still can get the now box with aerial port on the back to receive freeview channels has well.

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NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 4K HDR Ready Media Streamer £199.99 + £4.79 del at Scan
-195° Expired
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
As per title, now available to pre-order, go get it...

Damn there were 3 on amazon at 11:45 last night... I dithered and 12:02 all gone! Got fire stick 4K and pi and love my emulation / 4K prime - hence hesitated but too late...


Supposed to be receiving one soon according to this from Scan


Why too much hype? The Nvidia Shield is awesome.


Too much hype


yep, sure as fate, despite the order status page still stating they will dispatch on wed 27th and deliver today got a mail at 23:35 to say will dispatch on 16th June. Given the feedback from others on this thread I'm going to cancel and get my money back (has indeed came off PayPal already). I'll close the deal as well - sorry folks saw this and it was linked directly from the Nvidia page so thought it was a good idea!

JVC LT-49CF890 Fire TV Edition 49" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV with Amazon Alexa - £299 delivered @ Currys PC World
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
….seems to be a decent price at the moment. Fire TV Edition All your favourite Prime shows and movies are just moments away on the JVC LT-49CF890 Fire TV Edition 49" Smart 4K… Read more

Cheers mate, I’ll have a chat with the mrs before ordering, as I’d want the series 8(y) .


Yeah any brand mate, but I'd wait n see wot u think of the sound first. I'd say there's a few noticeable difference between series 6+8 they improve each TV in steps, there mite be a 7 series for a good price thinking of it


Yea I saw that too but I didn’t think I’ll notice much of the difference. Might aswell save £100? I’ll decide later before ordering lol. Also any Soundbar suggestions? Can I use any brand ?


Yeah there fine for basic gaming mate. If u could spend £100 more there's a 50inch series 8 on Curry's £399


Yea that the perfect size 43-50 inches with the tv stand. I’ve been looking for days I’m just gonna go for the ambilight. Thanks for your help. Hope it’s good with gaming aha

Nvidia Shield Pro (2019) £197.53 delivered @ Amazon Spain
468° Expired
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
*Update* Amazon are taking orders again, in stock June 6th ********* Also in stock at .fr and .de but for some reason it works out slightly cheaper through the .es version using … Read more

currys had stock this morning but now out of stock. Worth checking on them on the regular.


Aaand gone again


Amazon are taking orders again, in stock June 6th


after an anxious wait mine has shipped, thanks to the OP for highlighting this stock


You and your nits lol

Apple TV 4K 32GB New - £161.55 With Code @ eBay / Currys PC World
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Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Was taking advantage of the current 5% off eBay offer which also stacks with Currys eBay store 5% off promotion giving you 10% off! I’m still rocking my trusty Apple TV 3 from day … Read more

Even though I’m someone who uses multiple ATV4K a lot, I wouldn’t need any more power from one as they are just 4K players for me (ripper my ex yes I’ve UHD library for playback on Plex) What might be a selling point for some is the availability of the new streaming codec (AV1). I’m not sure if ANY TVs support that yet so if that’s the case it may be another reason to upgrade. But as I rip all my stuff to H265 MKV and thats plays fine and storage isn’t an issue for me, I’m more than content with the current model (and at £109 ish that I’ve paid for each) I’m more than happy


Sell it now whilst it still has value.


(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


Agreed re storage size. I guess if you play lots of games that has a use but I have PS4s gathering dust for that (although they have just gained a new lease of life)


We use ours (we have 3 and a 4th incoming from the grade B BT Shop deal) everyday. We use them to steam 4K UHD rips of our purchased discs across the house using Plex and Infuse Pro and it’s faultless I understand for those watching iTunes material and stuff from their phone, most new TVs do a great job but for anything above and beyond, in my honest opinion you’re going to be looking at this or the Nvidia Shield and nothing else comes close to the overall speed and agility of those systems for proper 4K viewing of uncompressed material. That said not everyone needs this and for many things like Firesticks are fine. That said 4K really prefers hardwiring a device(yes a I know WiFi can work) but as someone who has hardwired ethernet everywhere, it simply can’t be beat) If you want to sell your 4K box, let me know. Could always do with a 5th one ;)

Apple TV 4th Generation (refurb from Apple) £119 at Apple Store
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Seems to be a decent price for a direct from Apple refurb, currently selling for ~£100 on eBay and around £130-140 from other retails (CeX, etc). Overview Originally released Se… Read more
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No idea sorry. I came across this one on here.


WhEre can I get a similar price? So it's the 4k better than the 4th generation then? Thank you


Could be display so not on sale


ItS not sold out if says one... Been trying for 3 hours lol


Says only one in stock so could be sold out when you try

Refurbished Apple TV 4K 32GB Grade B for £109 delivered inc HDMI cable at BT Shop
1025° Expired
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Back in stock, currently showing 50+ available. Refurbished (probable customer returns) with six month warranty. Ensure you select the bundle deal further down the page to get the… Read more

sounds like it... the apple 4k tv should be very fast and smooth.... and yeh the remote does suck a bit. but you can program any remote you want to work with it if its unbearable. its also compatible with ps4, xbox and most bluetooth gamepads now have you checked if it needs an update? maybe it needs a good reset and update. clear the caches etc...


Urgh, coming from the Apple TV app on my LG C9, I'm finding the Apple TV 4K slow between menus, and the remote is utter turd. Could there be something wrong with the box?


you still got the US code? lol. if theyve not cancelled it you could probably make a few bucks for that...


Yeah you can’t even get two in the same household (if you family share) so you’re good anyway. Not like there’s much to watch anyway


Got mine today. Boxed slightly bashed but the Apple TV itself is in near mint condition with remote, power cable and lightning cable (still in original packaging) and warranty valid until Feb 2021. Haven’t tried to get a trial as I’m already half way through one from my old 4th gen Apple TV

Nvidia Shield 2017 at Amazon Warehouse (Used - Good) for £158.39
-295° Expired
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Three left in stock on Amazon warehouse. Hurry as these will fly.
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Thanks man appreciate your help


For PC I use Moonlight, for PS4, I use a third party app called PSplay, I think it was £2.99, it is well supported in the XDA forums. Both apps will work with third party controllers I bought one of these from Amazon, works very well. But when streaming use 5GHz, 2.4ghz tends to mess with Bluetooth when streaming.


What app for ps4 and pc?


This stock is mythical. They simply don't exist. It's been this way with the 2 remaining items for almost 2 months. It's a glitch on the Amazon stock system. Try putting one in your basket and going to checkout. (annoyed) (confused) (skeptical)


I bought the Samsung 43inch a couple of years ago for 4k gaming, I had a 28 inch monitor before that, the TV I bought had good opinions from the Overclockers UK forum, for less than £250 at the time of purchase, due to a ebay site wide discount code, it gave a lot of benefits over a monitor, price, size, resolution and HDR..

Nvidia Shield TV Pro 16GB - £199 @ NVIDIA Shop
371° Expired
Refreshed 27th MayRefreshed 27th May
Update 1
Back in stock
Nvidia Shield TV Pro back in stock. Nvidia Shield website has it in stock Happy purchasing. :)
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Well, this is still in stock since it came back in stock. It looks like they're finally back up and running at a high stock rate. I've probably jinxed it, but oh well. Lol


Yes. I think I mentioned to you or someone else that if you have a 2017, there's not a huge difference.


Think I may have pulled the trigger too soon on this one, Tegra+ ??? Comparison charts at 11.34.


EBay £1 is still on


Sounds like a plan, the older one may even come with 2 remotes !! Will wait for ebay £1 FVF first tho, lol..

Roku Premiere 4K/HDR Streaming Media Player - £28.49 Delivered @ Currys / eBay
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Decent price for this 4K streaming device, currently reduced to £29.99 at most retailers - however you can purchase for £28.49 delivered as 5% discount will auto-apply at checkout … Read more

Can you sideload APKs onto Roku like you can with Fire TV?


Hi there, a question. I am looking for a stick which works as a receiver ( regular tv or free view) currently I have a 50" screen with a fire stick for Netflix and additional Freeview box for a regular live programs, looking for a stick which do both. Thanks for you help.


I just got mine few days ago.. for some reason, it asked my to 'register' the player and put my credit card details in. The way around it is to create the roku account first, and then just add the player.


Wow! Thank you for taking the time to post that. I'm sure it will be useful for others too. Good karma on you Sir.


Yep thanks for understanding the underpowered isp consumer routers (y) That's an install guide for Windows In-depth guide about the configuration and issues of OpenWRT on home hub

Kygo Bluetooth/Wifi Portable Speaker, Waterproof, Chromecast Audio / Google Assistant £28.98 delivered @ Scan
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Re-posting this because its a whole £1 cheaper and now comes with a free fridge camera (?!). It is basically a Google Home Mini, except it contains a battery, is waterproof and so… Read more
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Well whether the fridgecam works or not the speakers themselves are simply brilliant. Sound quality much better than my echo dot and unlike Alexa it seems to be 100% reliable at hearing 'OK Google' and responding with the result asked for. So impressed I have now bought three of them for myself and family.


It looks a load of crap to be honest, probably why it is free with this item which was already a good deal. Reviews online seem to say they don't really work. Scan probably just want rid of them.


Has anybody used the fridgecam? I presume it remains powered on in standby so that you are able to see it on the network. How often does it need a charge? Or does that depend on how often people open/close the fridge? Can I lay a trap, to see who is eating my chilled Kit-Kat? Description says, " Works with almost All Fridges", I don't see how it interacts with the fridge, or is it stating whether a signal will be able to reach it within most fridges? Can you access live image (does it have its own light) if you are off premises?


Free Smarter Fridgecam Worth £30 EXCLUSIVE


Fridge Cam ?

5% off Currys eBay (most items) plus stack with offers e.g. Amazon Fire tv stick £23.75 / Apple HomePod £179.60 (more in post)
2176° Expired
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Just spotted that Currys have 5% off products on eBay, auto applied at checkout which stacks with any offers and free delivery. Please note the promo works on most items but a fe… Read more

Anyone had issues with buying iTunes from curry’s and it didn’t work when received


No, I’m looking for a TV with HomeKit capabilities. Found one now 😃


Presumably the TV is irrelevant? You'll need an Apple TV box?


Get Nest Hello door bell - rings are rubbish


Just bought a Logitech G512 SE Keyboard and a Logitech G502 SE mouse, total £76, think that is an OK price. Was looking for a mouse and the G502's are around £45-50 on their own. Both get good reviews :) Heat added.

Amazon Fire TV Cube Hands Free with Alexa, 4K Ultra HD Streaming Media Player £83.93 Delivered @ QVC (if new get £5 off with code FIVE4U)
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
seems a decent price for this currently Discover the Amazon Fire TV Cube, offering fast, fluid performance and 4K Ultra HD streaming so that you can experience all your favourite … Read more
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I personally dislike Plex it requires way too much horsepower and electricity to run 24/7, plus the privacy issues mean I avoid it. Jellyfin is a little less resource hungry and it's opensource / free.


I'm not, I can't stand Plex, awful resource hogging application I rid myself of it years ago, I natively play everything.


doesn't play iso's though ;)


Why are you transcoding in the first place? Try direct play and direct stream.


I run a Plex server on my PC for all the media stored on my NAS and it works terribly smoothly and is much less cumbersome and more aesthetically pleasing than Kodi.

Amazon Fire TV Stick £24.99 / Echo Dot £29.99 @ Amazon
579° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Good prices for the Fire TV stick at Amazon. Amazon Fire TV Stick ( Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K - in case of price drop later) Our #1 best-selling streaming media player come… Read more
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I’ve got a gen 1 too and struggle to always get a WiFi signal, will the 4K version be noticeably better for that?


After reading comments I’m gonna wait out for the 4K one, I’ve got gen 1 and it’s laggy as hell now and works when it wants too.


Even more ads?? I feel it’s my duty to point out that an ad banner has now popped up on my home screen below the app tiles (you can see its advertising veet here (confused) I am a man & don’t use it (lol) that aside wtf ) I need to point out I like my firestick but still feel the need to mention this. Did i just not notice it before?? I swear more apps where showing below, now its a permanent ad banner on my home screen, I noticed like yesterday I think feel like we should be getting some extra discount here or something like they did with the kindles thats as well as the giant ad banner at the top of the screen as you can see is saying #at home that plays clips but you can turn off. how long before Home screen is just one giant advert & our apps in a separate heading altogether? as well as recent update lags a bit, it is 2 months old


Has anyone tried using this for PS4 remote play app? Was looking at this last week for the sole use of PS4 remote play. Anyone tried connecting PS4 pad to it? Does it stream well? My TV already has built in 4k apps, so need it for this reason alone. Thanks


Couldn't agree more (y)

AmazonFire TV Stick 4K With All-New Alexa Voice Remote Now only £34.99 + £3.99 delivery @ very
110° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Amazon 4k fire tv stick. Item number: NF76D1W MPN: B079QB9BD7 EAN: 841667159218 The Powerful Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Streaming Stick Gives You Access To A Whole World Of Entertai… Read more
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Now available again. Interestingly at £49.99. I'm very patient and can wait!!!


Really hope amazon drops the price of the 4k. Bought one of these for my son when they were on offer a few weeks back, wish I had bought 2


Says £49.99 for me


Makes complete sense. Thank you very much.


That’s correct you will only really need/want one if there are apps/services missing from your tv that the fire stick has e.g. apple tv, disney+ etc

Hisense Roku TV 65 Inch R65B7120UK 4K Smart LED TV with HDR £449 delivered @ Argos
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Update 1
updated - expired & then unexpired on 28/05 - Hisense Roku TV 65 Inch R65B7120UK still available to order
Roku Hisense 43", 50", 55" & 65" reduced, 65" being the standout at £449 Delivered in my opinion Roku Hisense 43 - £252.95 Delivered Roku Hisense 50 - £302.95 Delivered… Read more

Prices gone back up to £329 for the 43". Shame I was just about to pull the trigger.


Got mine set and working. I have to say, very impressed and the operating system is pretty fast. Quite a decent media player that finds your media server as well.


Cheers fella, means a lot <3


Great prices mate and as you say, especially that 65 inch at 449 🔥


Same panels roku far better operating system.

AMAZON Fire TV Cube with Alexa - £85.49 with code at Currys/ebay
290° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Decent saving, hope it helps. Specification MPN: B07MNBT68T HDR: - Dolby Vision - HDR10+ Processor: Hexa-core Streaming quality: 4K Ultra HD Type: Smart TV box Power: Main… Read more

Just voice control from what I read.


What does this do better than a fire stick? / what’s the diff


What are the main advantages of this over a normal fire stick? Thanks


Very tempting been looking for awhile, anyone use plex and/or iptv smarters on this? And how is it?


Is this any good for running Kodi and streaming from nas, I have a Mibox android box at the moment without Ethernet and it is for ever buffering

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