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Best quietest Travelodge to stay in Birmingham center on a Sunday night .....please

recommendation please .... Thank you

Best quietest Travelodge to stay in Birmingham center on a Sunday night .....
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    Not Travelodge but stayed in premier inn by Birmingham new street station and had no problems with noise, usually can get decent deals on a Sunday night.
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    Look at the tripadvisor reviews for each one
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    have done
    dont know the area just after info tnxs
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    My experience with Travelodge is that the visibly older buildings can have rubbish windows and thin walls that let lots of sound in. Also a good ideal to avoid one next to pubs and nightclubs as you'll get lots of noisy drunk people. For both of those reasons I'd avoid the Birmingham Central one.

    Outside of that, it's potluck. Probably not many people who've stayed in multiple Birmingham city centre Travelodges and you always run the risk of drunk people shouting in the corridors at 1am or parents letting their kids run around outside the room.

    Get one with AC, turn the fan on max and have the white noise cover any bad neighbours. (edited)
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    Why Travelodge? They aren't necessarily good value. What is your budget.
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    You could try the one near old M&S on High Street next to Tesco Express. It should be quiet after the buses have stopped. You said Sunday night so should be OK. Not the most salubrious location but central.
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    Why Travelodge?
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    Avoid Birmingham altogether 😏
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