Brake fluid oil for a bmw 1 series?

Found 3rd Dec 2014
Asking for a family member who has a Bmw 1 series, it has a built in computer and says brake fluid oil is needed.... is there a specific brand or anything we need?


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Dot 4 brake fluid would be the one. if u type your reg into eurocarparts and then click brake fluid it will come up. Normally a brake fluid change from a dealer is around £50

Is the car the new 1 series or older one. Are you sure the computer is telling you it needs more fluid? Bmw 1 series have a service light for brake fluid change. I'd double check first. I'n the older 1 series the resevouir is hidden under a square piece of trim top left hand corner of the engine bay. Again in the older 1 series the brake fluid is scheduled to be changed every 2 years. The easiest way to find out if it's a service needed take your key to a main dealer, they then read the service info that's stored on the key and will tell you there and then.

Hope ithat helps

Find the reservoir and have a look?


Find the reservoir and have a look?

It usually says on the top as well, even my Punto tells me I need dot 4.

it is better to change fluid every year. if you haven't or can't remember changing fluid then best to go for complete change. i have used ATE super blue which will visually show rather than conventional colourless ones.

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