Posted 6 days ago

Burnout Revenge: FREE Xbox Live Car

Get this exclusive Xbox Live branded car now to play in the backwards compatible Burnout Revenge (XBox 360)
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  1. MadeDixonsCry's avatar
    Now theres a name i havent heard in years...good times...shame. (edited)
  2. vicinity's avatar
    Burnout Revenge crash parties were the best.
  3. jabski's avatar
    Release date 12/04/2006
    Piranha_Plant's avatar
    On the 360 yes
  4. UltimatePhoenix's avatar
    Got this on disc, set up my X to play some old disc games, the games not in the box so I guess its in my older Xbox 😔
  5. angusyoung's avatar
    Paradise City still one of the best race/crash games.
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