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Xbox Live is an online service run by Microsoft that allows Xbox gamers to download games and play with friends. With some features behind a paywall, you'll have to get a 12-month or other subscription to access them. The merchants at hotukdeals offer regular discounts on Xbox Live subscriptions, as well as credits to spend at the online store, so have a look at the deals available now. Read more
12 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership - (EU) £34.99 @ CDKeys
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Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Decent price for the 12 months. The FB like trick should help you shave another 2% off the price. Description You'll get lightning fast online service with Xbox Live Gold than… Read more

I don't know if things have changed with the new Xbox Series X and S consoles. With the Xbox One, we could use any external hard drive. It didn't have to be a dedicated Xbox brand one. :) Yes you can download the games directly onto the external hard drive and play them from there. You don't have to move them onto the internal storage to play them. I just keep my external hard drive always plugged into my console. That's all I use that hard drive for. You have the option of setting the console to download to the internal storage or the external storage. If you find that you're running out of storage on either, you can move the game from internal to external and vice versa. An 80gb game would take a while. Not sure exactly how long it would take to transfer though. When installing games, I always link my console via ethernet cable. I use that to play games too. I don't rely on WiFi. I've got fast WiFi now. For people with very slow WiFi, some games can take a day to install onto their consoles. :o I had VERY poor WiFi when I used to be with TalkTalk. It took over a day for me to install Halo Master Chief Collection. I couldn't believe it. :S


Wow. I thought the only hard drive you could use was the official Xbox one. Isn’t that the case? Can you play games straight from the external hard drive or do you have to move them over to the internal storage first? If the latter, how long does that take for an 80gb game?


I forgot to add, you need space on your Xbox for Xbox system updates too. Some of those can be huge too! :o (lol)


You can delete some games and only keep the games on that you are currently playing. That's a bit of a faff though. It is nice to browse your library and play what you feel like playing too. Once you have the games, you can re-install them again though if you uninstall them. I would suggest that you buy a decent external hard drive though. I bought a WD Passport 1TB one some years ago. That is now full. Get the most storage you can afford. If you have game pass ultimate, you will use download space for those games. Also, when Xbox Games Live Gold you get 3 or 4 games a month that you might end up downloading too. Plus like I said, game updates etc. Game updates can seriously be LARGE! :o Before you know it, your storage is GONE!!! (lol) Have a look on here for deals on external hard drives. I like storing my games on the external hard drive too. That way if I get a new console, or go to a mate's house, I can just plug my hard drive in and game. :) See how you get on. (y)


Thank you @Loubou . Wasn’t aware of that. I’m already out of space! Guess I should delete some games to make space.

Xbox Live Gift Card 15 GBP £11.07 using code @ Eneba / VenomDigital
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Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
We worked with Eneba to offer an exclusive discount code 15GBPPROMO for hotukdeals members. Xbox Live Gift Card 15 GBP Key Buy this Xbox Live card (15 Xbox code) to increas… Read more

I used it yesterday its fine to use. Working on the same principle as Cd-keys


Not true, I got mine directly from Ms in Feb sign up to an app called hotstock and it'll send you a notification when it's in stock at your chosen retailer there's a premium option you pay for which gets you the notification about 10 mins earlier but I didn't bother with that




Is it safe to buy say the maximum 10 cards at £117 odd for £150 credit to use on new Xbox?


It’s just credit added to your account which will show as an option when buying games etc from Microsoft. I’m not aware of a limit

Outriders XBOX LIVE Key GLOBAL - £21.55 @ Eneba / Gestiones Digitales
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Outriders not bad price

All good now


Personally I have been playing it since launch on Xbox series x cross platform with ps5, on Xbox series x side I have not yet seen any issues as such in terms of servers. As for pc version I have been playing it solo YouTube streaming with out issues as such from outriders servers. Welcome to check out my channel, you will find both gameplays there, max live I have done so far with the game is 2.4hrs or something and that’s just me stopping:


Soz bud, I played on vanilla xb, worked fine


This game is yet another example of the joy of Gamepass. I'm playing it and enjoying it but would never have bought it based on the reviews. But as I could download for no cost on Gamepass I gave it a go. Likewise its a bit glitchy which would have annoyed me if I'd sunk money on it but can live with when it hasn't cost me anything extra.


Don't buy it's DEAD 🥶🥶🥶 Wait till it 99p and then and only then will you be getting a deal...

6 Months Xbox Live Gold Membership - £19.99 @ CDKeys
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Don't buy this if you currently have a GPU sub and are looking to Top-Up. Buy THIS for £17.85 as it will give you 4 months of GPU Gaming takes on a whole new dimension when yo… Read more

Would also like to know this. Also new to Xbox


Can this be stacked? Can I buy two of these and use second one after six month? Sorry, completely new to xbox.


Yes as far as I’m aware, you don’t need to be in the same house. Google Xbox Game Share. It’s dead easy, you make the other box your Home Box. And your son makes your Xbox, his Home Box. I’m a bit of a Luddite but Microsoft helped me and it was straightforward. Good luck.


Does that work if xbox is on a different ISP ? and if so how do I do it, or can you give me a link to an explanation? cheers


You do know you can share live gold/gpu/games with your son by configuration of your xboxes as each other’s ‘home box?’ Saves me hundreds of pounds as I have twin lads. I only need to buy one sub, one FIFA, one COD etc and they both play at the same time.

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EA Play 12 months Xbox Live Key GLOBAL £15.96 using code @ Eneba / Obsidian Codes
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Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Good price, with the year converting to 4 months Game Pass Ultimate for current subscribers (effective £3.99pm). We worked with Eneba to offer the discount code EAPLAY4MOXGPU , … Read more

If I were you guys I would stack those 65p one week codes up to three years game pass ultimate sub while you still can. No doubt they will stop or increase in price before long. I'm keeping mine topped up to three years while the cheap alternatives are still available. One day it might be full price only


They changed it to 2months a couple of days ago, Mr Gates need to save as much money as possible now he's losing half (:I


Do not buy thinking this converts to four months of game pass ultimate. Only converts to 2 months.


Just bought this and it is offering to convert to 2 months of GPU?! I thought it was 4?


when i tried to redeem as a current game pass subscriber it only coverts to 2 months! so had to create new account and then sign in and use that as the home user