Calling Mums & Dads I need some pushchair suggestions please......

    At the moment I have a Mamas & Papas pliko pramette/travel system.

    After something else that will last.

    Little boy is 4 months old
    Would love rear facing
    Something easy to get on and off public transport

    Can anyone recommend anything that can be used now and will last atleast a year?


    We have the pliko, its too hard to fold and weighs a ton for the bus doesnt it?

    What's wrong with what you have?

    Surely you can use that now and it will last longer than a year?

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    He is almost out of the pramette (big lad) would like a rear facing one, this faces forward and in travel system mode it is just stupidly heavy. I don't find it practical for buses at all.

    we always had huge prams when they were tiny and lil lightweight buggies for buses and the car.

    My best lightweight one for throwing in the back of a car was the maclarens. So much better than mothercare etc and just dont need an expensive buggy just for getting on and off the bus with.

    Best website I ever used was kiddicare

    hope this helps x x x

    Another vote for Maclaren.

    I know they're not rear facing but both of my daughters (9months and 25months) love it!

    I adore the bebe confort loola although really not suitable for buses as its soo heavy

    hmm iv got the phil & teds for my two but its way to heavy to carry about on the bus.. took it on the train to london once & it was a nightmare,.
    bought a chicco explorer just for my upcoming holiday as its super light & folds like an umberella

    i have a thing for prams on my 6th and i love it, i have the mclaren xrl for 7mths and wont change it. it isnt rear facing but it really comfortable for the child and can lie flat which is a bonus. the pram itself is long when folded but i dont find it heavy to carry

    my vote is for mclaren xt as well... isnt rear facing but u will fine in a months time baby wont like facing u so much and wud prefer seeing the world... go for maclaren... it will last u

    The loola is great. Its not that heavy & I found it easier to push than the pliko which I had for my other child. My son loves it cos he loves to talk to me but has grown out of it so he's not happy

    I have 4 kids, 2 are twins .... The best guys for prams are Mothercare, they sell prams that last. You need to ask these questions, are going to use a bus, if yes. Does fold quickly. Is it Light, If no will it fit in your car. Does it come with a rain cover, if not how much is it for the other thing... Toy r us do a lot of prams deals. But the reason I mentioned Mothercare they excellent on refunds and exchanges if there are issues.

    Best brand is the Citylite from does everything on tin...

    Maclaren everytime for me. I hated my phil and ted and went back to my maclaren XT.
    It is a waste buying these expensive travel systems because most people resort back to a light buggy after 6 months. This will last for as long as you need it. If you buy another travel system you will need one of these in 12 months.

    Have a look around at the baby show if you are going. Or Kiddisave in Walsall is the cheapest shop (they are also at the baby show)

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    thanks everyone. Any particular maclaren or they all the same?


    We had a mclaren for both kids, after a pushchair system when they were babies. You cant beat them, little expensive, but durable and very handy for all your needs until they get walking themselves


    loola confort definately, its brilliant! I have used it on the bus too x

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    been looking at the maclarens love them... so many to choose from though lol


    been looking at the maclarens love them... so many to choose from though … been looking at the maclarens love them... so many to choose from though lol

    i would defo recommend is xlr you can get it in brown/ pink or brown/blue
    i really is a fab pram although is quite pricey.. look on ebay i bought mine there brand new and saved about £100 just a thought

    how about the bugaboo bee? its expensive, but u can turn the seat im sure and is very lightweight (sorry no experience as of yet :P ) good luck
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