Can I bring more than one laptop on a flight from the UK to Germany?

Posted 3rd Nov 2021

I've got a flight to Germany via KLM from the UK soon and I'm wondering if it would be possible to bring 2 laptops on the plane (Hand Luggage) and a Raspberry Pi 4?

I'm mostly concerned as my Lenovo Legion 5 pro has an 80WHr Batery and My Dell Latitude 5490 with a 68WHr along with my mobile phone (Samsung S10+).

Would this exceed the regulations as the batterys accumulate to over 100Whr?

On the website it says the following:

"Devices equipped with a lithium battery up to 100 Wh may be kept in either your hand baggage or check-in baggage. When carrying them in your check-in baggage, these devices must be completely switched off and must be protected from damage. You may bring a maximum of 15 electronic devices up to 100 Wh per passenger without requesting permission. For devices equipped with a lithium battery up to 160 Wh, permission needs to be requested via the KLM Customer Contact Centre. Devices equipped with a lithium battery larger than 160 Wh are not allowed in either your hand baggage or your check-in baggage."


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