Posted 3 January 2024

Can I purchase another PS+ Subscription when I have A subscription?

Hi all, per title I have funds in my wallet and want to use these for the subscription but my subscription doesn't expire until Feb

Is there a way to purchase a subscription or do I have to wait for it to autorenew and then take the funds out of my account in Feb?
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    Yes you can, go into your subscription settings and buy again, turn off auto renewal(cancel) after purchase.

    NEVER EVER LEAVE AUTO RENEWAL ON, this limits your ability to buy at a discount or downgrade tier level.

    You can only buy your correct tier level so if you're on Premium you can only purchase Premium and you can't downgrade until the end of your subscription but can upgrade from the other tiers. (edited)
    xoisthemotive's avatar

    Im on premium, wanting to drop down to EXTRA

    So I guess ill have to wait until feb to do this. Thank you for your assistance
  2. Moss.b's avatar
    Yes of course.