Cheap living room flooring ideas?

Found 20th Nov 2010

OK my grandmother's living room is only about 10ft squared roughly, but she has dreadful old patterend carpet which is ruining the room, so looking at putting down some new flooring for her this christmas, and also getting some sofa covers but thats another story.

I'm trying to bring the price down as low as possible and looking at the cheapest option, but not sure what exactly would be cheapest. I've had a look into vinyl flooring, although this actually seems to work out a lot more expensive than I thought! If were were to go vinyl, a wooden effect would be nice, same goes for laminate. And then of course theres carpet.

Can anyone give me any advice or tips on tracking down a good cheap option? And are there any deals on anywhere at the moment or cheap offers which could help?

Thanks all, looking forward to your replies.
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Go to your local carpet shop,tell them your budget etc.
There's always laminate deals on at the large DIY outlets, just have a quick look on t'net before you set off.
Or rip up the carpet and see if there's boards underneath, if there are you could sand them down and varnish?
I hope you've asked her, because that dreadful patterned old carpet might be lovely to her. I wouldn't suggest anything other than another carpet, it's warmer underfoot - quite important I would imagine, for older people. (Well, for younger people too... I love carpet!!)
She will no doubt slip on vinyl or laminate so go for another carpet...
maybe even ask her

why is her room 10 sq foot? is she living under your stairs?
Thanks for everyone's replies! I appreciate every one of them. She's not your typical old lady, she comes across a lot younger than her actual age, she's not frail at all so slipping is not an issue, she already has a nice big rug that can sit on top of it. She knows the room needs redecorating and would appreciate anything thats an improvement.

Also, I got my measurements mixed up, the room is bigger than 10 sq foot! Sorry, I think its about 6m squared roughly.

Going to take a look at local carpet store to see whats on offer then, I noticed B&Q and Wickes have a percentage taken off flooring, however the Ikea suggestion seems to be cheaper than all of their offers, thanks for that! And I know underneath the floor is either solid tiling or concrete.

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