Posted 8 February 2024

Cheapest way to buy PS Plus

Hi all,

Just wondering what is the cheapest way to buy PS Plus? Is using a VPN still a viable way :/

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    If you get a UK account then there is currently a deal that may be offered to you, it expires on the 11th Feb so now is the time to check, buy top-up cards from places like shopto to get it a little cheaper and then decide which tier level you want, the Extra tier(no brainer tier) maybe good for you if you're new to Playstation.

    VPN is generally not a thing but you could sign up to slightly cheaper countries like US, Indonesia and start your PS life a fresh and pay via top-up cards for the respected country.

    The current deal going around.…826 (edited)
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    Thanks for the info. I will check out the deal that you linked
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    Hey guys, can anyone recommend the cheapest way to get a PS plus subscription please?
    I've just ordered a ps5 and would like to grab a subs to try games etc

    (I'm not a gamer per se and would occasionally play, although it might change if the other half is on board)
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    The best way is to buy cheap top-up credit for the amount you need and redeem the code on the PS+ Store, and purchase the PS+ tier level there, I recommend tier 2(the extra tier) as this gives you loads of games to play, plenty AAA games.

    I would purchase the credit from Shopto as they have a 15% off sale, I'm not sure when it ends so snap it up today.
    Tiers levels…us/

    Unfortunately you missed the 15% off deal on topups as the sale ended at midnight and I replied 6mins after you posted.

    Your next best is the offer.…439

    Edit 2-

    15% off top-ups at Currys still works, I've just bought 2x £50 codes from Currys. (edited)