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Mens Shoes

I'm looking for smart black shoes (mens) with a sole that doesn't wear away easily as I do quite a bit of walking from work and back. Does anyone have experience with Cole Haan shoes if their sole is stronger then other shoes or if anyone has other suggestions would be very helpful.
I've ordered a pair- my wife is very keen I keep them I'm just a bit hesistant to pay £80+ without knowing how durable they are.
Thanks a lot!
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    £80 for a pair of shoes you wear daily is not that much tbh.
    You can replace soles if the shoe is still fine.
    Or wear trainers as you walk then change.
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    Check your local cobbler if you have one. Whilst the initial outlay will be greater, they will pay for themselves with longevity. If you are near Southampton I could offer you a proper cobbler / shoemaker