Does anyone like Tesco's new Everyday Value - "Hearty Food Co"?

Posted 17th Mar 2018
My Tesco has this week switched frozen Everyday Value to the new fake brand "Hearty Food Co", this is similar to the fake farm brands they had started for fruit and veg, meat a few years ago.

I was quite shocked by the price increases. We were looking for cheap fish and chips for the family. Frozen chips that were 90p are now 1.50, peas were 90p now 1.30. The fish fingers are gone, I don't see them or an alternate online either, I think they were last 90p the price had been increased several times in the last year after being 60p for several years.

I doubt Everyday Value customers appreciate the nicer packaging. It makes it harder to differentiate brands now, it is not so obvious what is what now so it takes longer to compare price against quality. On a few items branded was only slightly more expensive for noticeable better quality.

I am very disappointed. When this was done on fruit and veg prices weren't increased like this. I suppose they included it to mask the effect hoping most wouldn't notice and is driven by generally increasing costs due to falling pound and not the posher packaging.
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