Does anyone like Tesco's new Everyday Value - "Hearty Food Co"?

Posted 17th Mar 2018
My Tesco has this week switched frozen Everyday Value to the new fake brand "Hearty Food Co", this is similar to the fake farm brands they had started for fruit and veg, meat a few years ago.

I was quite shocked by the price increases. We were looking for cheap fish and chips for the family. Frozen chips that were 90p are now 1.50, peas were 90p now 1.30. The fish fingers are gone, I don't see them or an alternate online either, I think they were last 90p the price had been increased several times in the last year after being 60p for several years.

I doubt Everyday Value customers appreciate the nicer packaging. It makes it harder to differentiate brands now, it is not so obvious what is what now so it takes longer to compare price against quality. On a few items branded was only slightly more expensive for noticeable better quality.

I am very disappointed. When this was done on fruit and veg prices weren't increased like this. I suppose they included it to mask the effect hoping most wouldn't notice and is driven by generally increasing costs due to falling pound and not the posher packaging.
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This is the same thing that happend to their Everyday Value bread too. I have noticed that a lot of the everyday items have been vanishing from my local Tesco and haven't been replaced.
I guess this is what they are doing at my local too then, been huge amounts of space cleared in the freezers and on the shelves for the last few days, obviously to make way for this. Becoming more and more put off shopping in Tesco with their price increases and lack of choice, and find myself travelling between Aldi and Asda to save money and have more choice.
I rarely shop at Tesco. Treated their customers with contempt in recent years. Vote with your feet
I like the cheap veg brand, good value.
I just love your hearty meals,they are tasty and great value for money ,also the easy open boxes are fantastic as I've severe arthritis and find every day it gets harder to compleat many things that I could do before so your boxes are a god send .Thank You .Mrs Sandra Whitbread
I think the hearty food company meals are horrible. Chicken dinner yuck. The chicken is slimy the potatoes rock hard the carrots were like rubber the gravy was slimy. Won't be buying them again. Tesco is taking advantage of their customers who are on a lower income. Shame on them
I have just started using your hearty food range,it seems value for money
Tesco Everyday Value stuff and hearty food company are the same products they just changed the name to make it sound better and jacked the price up to make customers think it is a different company but in reality it is the same
It’s rubbish, this hearty food co. The product is poor quality but I’ve noticed that all super markets are doing this…250 Fish fingers... Not tried them yet 72p. Chili Con carne / Rice seems ok with a bit of Naga pickle in it Chicken curry/rice seems fine.. Again with naga tastes good. 65p for those 2.
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Four packets of Hearty Food Co. Sliced Beef in Gravy over two to three weeks. Quality poor with two packs inedible, question if this is beef.
Hearty food Co your fish in butter sauce is horrible. You must have tried really hard to ruin such a simple delicious dish
Awful stuff, buy a pack of pasta and a jar of passatta instead, save money and it tastes better. Pretty much do the same with the entire range.
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