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Posted 1st Mar 2016
How can I drain Petrol from full tank of my car before will be collected by Copart as was written off please?

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Get underneath and pop the pipe off at the fuel filter, then open the filler cap and it should drain down.
does exist another way Please?

does exist another way Please?

An old hose and good lungs!
There will be anti-siphon technology in place if you thought you might do it that way. Simply as Deerbrinker has said, just pop it off around the fuel filter. Its a 5 min job, might need to take a back wheel off. YouTube "how to change a fuel filter".
Do what the bad boys do go under the car and pierce the tank and let it drain.
It would take hours to get it out the filter without a pump. If its the 3 cylinder petrol i popped off an injector pipe and cranked it over to get diesel out of one i hired. Do it in stages or starter will burn out
There's a 12v pump for sale at Aldi or Lidl, I can't remember which, that you can put on the end of your fuel filter as people have said and just connect it to the battery and let it pump it out. The pump is only £13.
remove the rear seat & open the tank from above & siphon from above. Dont use electrics & use a tube that fills your container outside & on the ground.
Oh & have a fire extinguisher handy & dont swallow
What year / model corsa b/c/d ?
As all are different
You should be able to siphon from the petrol tank to a container lower down.

Stick a tube in, suck till petrol comes out, spit some petrol out your mouth and let the tube drain into the container.
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Loads of vids on YT but this one looks really easy and best of all - no fuel in your mouth! Some of the 'comments' are great to read, too.


Best regards, Phsy.

2010, but first registration January 2011

Hose pipe with angled end
Slice with Stanley blade
These can be syphoned from the filler
Push and twist hose
Best to buy a cheap plastic syphon hand pump
Petrol tastes disgusting
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