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FAULTY YAMAHA CRXN470D----looking for CD RECEIVER /AMP replacement

I had to return the Yamaha CRXN470D CD unit as faulty on arrival. I did pick up a good deal on the Yamaha NSBP182 speakers so now just looking a basic CD /amp receiver unit. Do not need Dab or internet radio just a half decent budget type ...not much choice from what i can see so far..any recommendations? Budget is up to £300...richer sounds ireland has the Denon DCD600NE for £259 and the Cambridge Audio AXC25 Lunar Grey for £279.Would Cambridge Audio be the better brand regarding build quality and reliability? Prefer to buy new with warranty..just my preference.
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    Very interesting.
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    I used to like Morse on TV ....
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    ... --- ... --- except on Fridays
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