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Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Simply - 3 CD Tin Box Set £4.93 delivered @ Rarewaves
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Daft cheap for this IMO. 3 CDs of FGTH. Relax! This 33-track collection belies the gimmicky packaging and actually looks really quite good with some relatively rare remixes (“Sex M… Read more

Here you go.....


Yeah ... Propaganda -The murder of love.....another banging tune (y)


The Blockheads played on zero released Frankie music. There's supposed to be a demo of them playing Relax but it has never come to light ... and considering every fart and squeak has been uncovered it would have surfaced by now. Norman Watt-Roy did come up with the basslines for Relax and Two Tribes which Horn then recreated on synths.


When I saw them live in 1984 on the Pleasuredome tour they all played live and were also excellent


They did play all their own instruments on the 2nd album.... probably why it's not remotely as good as the 1st one!

Depeche Mode - Spirits in the Forest (Live Spirits Soundtrack) (2 CD & 2 DVD Box Set) - £12.59 delivered at Base
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Disc: 1 1. Chapter One 2. Chapter Two 3. Chapter Three 4. Chapter Four 5. Chapter Five 6. Chapter Six … Read more

They are still much bigger in Europe than the UK but still sell out major arenas here.


Their early stuff was ground breaking, once they decided to be all synths. That was back in the days when synths were still kinda new and you had to switch them on well in advance for the electronics to stabilise and even then the things did what they wanted. The first moog i had was a mare. The shaft encoder went faulty and it kept changing parameters it`s self :) Vince Clark was the man behind a lot of the early synth stuff and DM changed direction when he left. But look at all the great bands and colabs that spawned just around Vince himself. The fact DM are still doing massive gigs tells us they got something going for them, although a lot of their newer stuff doesn`t work for me. This is good deal if you want to start a DM collection.


Thanks DealDroid. This deal is certainly an exciter.


And I wanted to be your personal Jesus.


Which is all a "question of time" :)

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Back The Way We Came: Vol. 1 [Deluxe 3CD] Deluxe Edition £12.99 (Free C&C / £2.99 NP) @ Amazon
176° Expired
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Cracking price for this Deluxe 3CD edition I thought. This title will be released on June 11, 2021. Deluxe 3 CD – 32 page Casebound book with bonus disc including previously unrel… Read more

Clearly no taste at all.


Reminds me I must search out and comment on deals that I have absolutely no interest in <yawn>


Don't look back in anger, eh? ;)


Would rather listen to a cat fight at 3am in the morning then Noel's boring voice.


Yes I think she has started cutting hair again however she performs wearing a face shield

Electronic 80s: The Collection - Ministry Of Sound (4 x CD Boxset) £3.79 delivered @ Rarewaves
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Update 1
In stock again
Cheapest I've seen this and packed with loads of top 80's tunes "Music is shaped by the time and place it’s created… And in the 80s, changes in politics, technology, art and cultur… Read more

Hi, this is in stock again


The best cars have CD players in them


It's sold out now but there were a fair few in stock shortly after you posted OOS


Y I click and all I get is Sold Out instead of add to cart option


Bought thanks

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Muse - Simulation Theory (Deluxe) CD £3.41 delivered @ RareWaves
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Excellent price for this 'Deluxe' edition which comes with 5 bonus tracks 1 Algorithm 2 The Dark Side 3 Pressure 4 Propaganda 5 Break It to Me 6 Something Human 7 Thought Contagi… Read more

Yes, many to stray to stay in Vogue, Green Day, Biffy Clyro to name a few but Royal Blood nothing they can do could get into them ;)


They all seem to these days. Loved Muse in the late 90's / early 2000's, Black Keys after that, Royal Blood more recently, and they've all strayed a long way from what got me into them in the first place, so I kind of left them behind. I get that they want to experiment and evolve, but I've been buying album's since the late 1970's, and none of the bands I liked back then seemed to feel the need to abandon the sound that got fans into them in the first place. Yes, they experimented, but most of them kept their sound in the roots of what inspired them to form their bands at the start. Still, as ever, we have choice (y)


It’s a pretty decent album actually


I'm so old I remember when Muse were good. I'd like to hear their early albums remasterd with less dynamic range compression please.


Used to be a big Muser but this is the only album I don't listen to. Lost their way with this one

Boney M - Gold, 3-CD Boxset - £3 Prime / +2.99 non Prime @ Amazon
340° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Three discs, 49 tracks,just dropped from £6.99 to £3. Just had my emails from Amazon and this includes Autorip too.

£8.08 now damn


All gone at this price by the looks of it


Bobby is not in a position to receive royalties


You’re evil (skeptical)


We used to live next door to a pensioner back in the late 70's who spent loads of money on the latest cutting edge audio equipment. He was always inviting us round to sample his collection on the latest equipment he had just bought and to show off the sound quality. His favourite album was 'Nightflight To Venus" and he played that bloody thing to death every night whilst I, as a 13 year old was trying to get to sleep for school the next day. Parents didn't go round and complain as he was quite frail and saw it as one of his few pleasures. Must admit though, Rasputin, Daddy Cool and Ma Baker are cracking tunes.