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Posted 30 January 2024

Find the winning envelope year of the dragon celebrations

Find the year of the dragon celebration in your Asda rewards Cashpot and win Cashpot prizes
NO Purchase necessary
Log in to your rewards account and tap to play Enter your email and select an envelope.
Prizes to be won
£50 - 50
£100- 25
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  1. Liz_E's avatar
    Been on my reward app today and can't find anything in regards to this, have I missed something
    Adriatique's avatar
    On mine it’s on the home page right at the bottom
  2. hugzee1's avatar
    No win for me (once I found it), but thanks for posting.
    tourlk's avatar
    You can try to open the envelope everyday (until all the prizes are won)
  3. Adriatique's avatar
    Thanks for posting, not a winner today
  4. favfilm's avatar
  5. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    It opens the app, then just crashes for me
    Halima_Hajat's avatar
    Same for me
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