Posted 30 March 2024

Get PlayStation Plus Extra for the price of Essential

Did anyone else get this email yesterday?

Yet every way to buy PlayStation plus extra it's normal price

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    Essential plan just run out. Looking for another, but may hold off until June....
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    Yes try and hold off until very early June for the expected 25% off deal for expired subs then you should be in sync for future 12 month deals.

    Alternatively if you're desperate buy 1 month normal price and let it expire and then do the above.

    You should buy Shopto topups now though as the Sale is still on.

    No interest in the Extra tier, it's a no brainer if you like games and want to save money? (edited)
  2. LeeWorrall's avatar
    I'll accept their apology with a free years of extra tyvm
  3. Deedie's avatar
    Where does it say that in the picture?
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  4. User552850's avatar
    Seen a few people get this email, no discount for anyone. Seems like a mistake to me.…084
  5. samtman's avatar
    Yep I got the email as well. Checked the price on both console and online saw it was full price and though maybe it was sent too early or it’s a mistake.
  6. OutSpoken's avatar
    Didn’t receive email but on a separate note, I’m very annoyed there hasn’t been a sale on essential sub since xmas. Ive been hoping for an offer every public holiday since. I want to get back into wreckfest(annoyed)
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    It changed how they do sales last year.

    They have sales in June, Black Friday and Christmas but to be able to take advantage of these 25% off sales you need your sub to be EXPIRED and some sales are only if you're willing to upgrade your tier level.

    The next expected sale is around very early June but as previously said make sure that sub is Expired, the goal here is to get your sub synced which future deals, with auto renewal turned off and taking advantage further with cheap 15% off topups.
  7. WhichWord's avatar
    This month’s essential peplums games are some of the best that there ever has been.
    I will stick with what I have got thx.
  8. Moss.b's avatar
    I saw that and knew they were trolling me right away. Didn't even bother clicking links.
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