Has anyone else recieved random payments from Vodafone?

Posted 28th Aug
I have recieved 2 payments from vodafone. 2 different amounts 1 month apart.
Havent been with vodafone for over 2 years.
Anyone have any ideas?
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refunds for overpayments
Yes about 20 quid
and i havent been with them for YEARS either
My guess is that Vodafone were one of the companies that didn't automatically refund the final bill to customers. In which case they have now probably had to action these refund requests due to some legal reasons. There are quite a few companies that just left old account sitting in credit, and left it down to the customer to have to manually request a bank refund.

This is just my personal guess.
Yeah, £9.50...had a contract with them long time ago
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Because you overpaid. I received a cheque from ee and haven't been with them for a while.
Yes. I queried it and was told:
We have discovered some old cases where customers who left us had a credit on their bill that wasn’t successfully refunded. We are sorry this happened and have started to refund customers, including 2.6% interest.
Ah we had one a few weeks and had no idea why. Thanks for clearing it up!
Not from Vodafone but I did get a cheque from GiffGaff a few years back for the sum of £0.01. They kept reminding me to cash the cheque.
Had a text from Paym today telling me someone has tried to pay me money today, I have had VF in the past, so maybe.

Or I am the heir to a millionaire from Tristan da Cunha
i got a bit worried this morning when i saw 52p from vodafone this morning on my bank account. thought someone had fraudulently used my bank card. but after a minute or so, i realised it was a credit and not a debit, lol. i was going to call the bank as well and ask what that payment was

i closed vodafone some years ago. hubby still hasn't received the 80 odd penny from sky mobile when he closed his account with them in may.
Yes I have too. I’ve never been with Vodafone and they have paid it to a new account and bank I’ve only been with for 4 months which has no connection to Vodafone which is concerning
I just had £28 go in. I was confused! Thought it was something from a cashback scheme but I could have sworn that came from another name. So yeah happy to get it if it's not a mistake. Every little helps
Just had a payment of £13 today.
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