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Humble Bundle Choice April - Returnal, Assassin's Creed Valhalla + 6 more PC games

From April 2nd
  • Returnal
  • Assassin's Creed Valhalla
  • Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood Champion of Gaia Edition
  • Noita
  • Fashion Police Squad
  • Paquerette Down the Bunburrows
  • Spirittea

Here is source. Note please it is OP there who said 'one of the first 3 titles is likely to be modified at the last minute
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  1. JonJon1239's avatar
    What's the deal with these bundles then? Is it a subscription and you get access whilst you're subscribed?
    Sherbat's avatar
    No, you pay for the month the games are available then you can cancel. They give keys so you own the games on Steam or other platforms as though you'd buy them. Cancel at anytime.

    Check their FAQ. (edited)
  2. EugeneVictorTooms's avatar
    Ooh I've wanted Noita, Fashion Police Squad and BLACKTAIL for a while... Luckily, I stopped buying AC games at Odyssey too, so Valhalla will be a good add! Cracking month for me! (edited)
    v1n's avatar
    Willing to trade all the keys (bar returnal), if you dm me I.e. you don't need to purchase the bundle.
  3. sdotpdot's avatar
    It doesn't seem that this deal is live yet
    GOODSTUFF's avatar
    people are saying it goes live from 6pm
  4. Shinkso's avatar
    Damn thats a deal!

    Returnal can be played with the UEVR mod as well.
  5. ps3ud0's avatar
    So when does this get confirmed? The old deal is on and from what I read the new deal will start at 6pm our time right?

    I need to still pick up March's Choice but was gonna do it in the morning once April's is announced.

    Or should I just get it now?!?

    ps3ud0 (edited)
    shak's avatar
    Humble don’t announce, they just replace old bundle with new, if you want the March bundle get it before 3pm to be safe as changeover could happen earlier due to hour change.
  6. Raz23's avatar
    First humble choice I wont be pausing since the Crash Bandicoot/Spyro/Shenmue/CODWW one.
    theflyingdutchman's avatar
    That was years ago lol! Funnily enough I haven't bought a humble bundle since then. Have their actually been any great ones since?
  7. corey1993's avatar
    if i sub now would i get the current games plus these ones? also, do you have to be a member to get access to the games. similar to ps+ where you only have access to the games as long as youre a current member

    fancy getting returnal
    Sherbat's avatar
    No you won't, wait until Tuesday 6PM for the switchover. We'll know for sure what the games are then and you can buy them.

    You'll get your keys and can cancel immediately. No subscription needed.
  8. TripleMike's avatar
    Little disappointed I forgot to skip last month, but this one more than makes up for it
    AFR's avatar
    If you didn't redeem any of the keys you can get a refund.
  9. arron.cawthorne's avatar
    Looks awesome. But I'm sure returnal doesn't work on the deck
  10. Daniel_Richardson's avatar
    Are humble bundle games steam keys just wondering for the deck cheers
    adamtattonreid's avatar
    Generally yes, separate steam keys. Be interesting to see if/what AC is given as - though this 'deal' hasn't been confirmed. (edited)
  11. GOODSTUFF's avatar
    If I buy membership for this month then cancel do I still keep these games in my library or do I lose access till I renew membership like PS Plus?
    freedms_stain's avatar
    It's a purchase of game codes for 3rd party storefronts (mostly Steam), they can't take them back once redeemed.
  12. AdamAG's avatar
    Ridiculous - I told @mangosushi that this was fake and that the source was referencing the Reddit post and was knocked down. A complete waste of everyone's time just so a HUKD user could get clout. They owe everyone an apology.
    mangosushi's avatar
    It would of been posted by someone else anyhow, site allowed it and posted it in the magazine so

    hotukdeals.com/mag…702 (edited)
  13. reddeviluk's avatar
    So this "deal" isn't confirmed.... So how is it a deal?
    Sherbat's avatar
    Posted on Dealabs. Has happened before and line-up has changed, rumour should be put in as a disclaimer to be honest. (edited)
  14. -LG's avatar
    I'll accept the vram leak for this price. (Returnal) (edited)
    Weirdfishy's avatar
    I just put over 90 hours in to it and didn't get this once. On a 3090 though, so a lot of VRAM to eat up to be a problem.

    Btw, Returnal is an absolutely amazing game. I've since had to uninstall it to get my life back.
  15. LukeyWolf's avatar
    Doesn't look all that amazing
  16. Sherbat's avatar
    This seems too good to be true (even if Bilkun confirmed it), would be a cruel April's fool joke.
  17. Venner's avatar
    This is a no brainer
  18. teddy1590's avatar
    Got my gaming PC arriving on Tuesday, and was considering Valhalla and Returnal for PC eventually(have both on console but didn't get too far with either) so that will do very nicely
  19. copperspock's avatar
    Yeah I saw this on Reddit yesterday and thought it was a joke, but if billbil-kun posted it too then I'm assuming it's legit.


    Absolutely fantastic month if Returnal & Valhalla aren't switched out.
  20. Jason_Orme's avatar
    About time we had a good month.
  21. KayinAmoh's avatar
    Oh hey, cheap Returnal.
  22. RustInPeace2112's avatar
    Hopefully get a nice cheap Noita key when everyone starts reselling
    v1n's avatar
    Willing to trade all the keys (bar returnal), if you dm me I.e. you don't need to purchase the bundle
  23. shak's avatar
    These aren't confirmed BTW. Last leak had 2 last minute changes.
  24. adamtattonreid's avatar
    This isn't confirmed.
    The Author hasn't offered a source.

    Why has this been allowed? Its basically a rumour - should be in discussions not deals.

    **Edit - after reporting it, HUKD have updated the post with a 'source' (edited)
    mangosushi's avatar
    The correct 'source' was provided on submission (edited)
  25. AdamAG's avatar
    This comes from a Reddit post which is tagged with 'Humour' - it's safe to assume this is a joke post and the deal should be removed.

    Link to the Reddit post: reddit.com/r/h…dy/ (edited)
    mangosushi's avatar
    It's a different source.

    Forum police can stand down until Tuesday
  26. mangosushi's avatar
    Looks like leak was wrong
    mangosushi's avatar
    Hmm, funny cos they'd have posted it if quicker
  27. copperspock's avatar
    Here's billbil-kun's tweet about it:

    'This was a terrible miss 😣 I apologize for my mistake (even if it was leaked by other sources), but you won't get these headliners You will get The Callisto Protocol + Humankind among other games'


    That's one of the very rare times they've gotten something wrong. (edited)
    Sherbat's avatar
    I thought he was part of the joke, guess they got fooled too.
  28. Parzival's avatar
    I just bought returnal, gutted
    arron.cawthorne's avatar
    Refund it?
  29. cpt_face's avatar
    What is the source on these early leaks, where do people find them? Is it a specific account on twitter or some other forum?
  30. igrift's avatar
    Worth it just for Returnal
    ChristopherDias's avatar
    Has the pc port been patched? I heard it was plagued with performance issues at launch.
  31. hellachloe's avatar
    If valhalla isn't steam then its worthless.
    teddy1590's avatar
    I prefer Steam, but Uplay really isn't as bad as folks make out, especially for single player games.
  32. SaLaDiN666's avatar
    By Allah, I hope it is true.
  33. copperspock's avatar
    Fashion Police was the only correct one . That's a good game mind. I don't know about the others, but Callisto Protocol isn't a bad main one (though I definitely would've preferred Returnal).
  34. Stebbs158's avatar
    Was looking forward to Returnal, thanks for nothing...
  35. ps3ud0's avatar
    This thread was about as useful as a really cheap game in a single supermarket :p. Glad I got Nioh 2 in time.

    Guess I have to pause this just in case I accidentally press select...

  36. thelagmonster's avatar
    Surely this is a joke? A genuinely excellent Choice offering?
  37. ChristopherDias's avatar
    Just checked recent steam reviews. People with 3090s are still complaining about this terrible port. Sony really needs to start doing good pc ports or just stick with ps5.
    Edit: Talking about returnal (edited)
    -LG's avatar
    It's the complete lack of response or care that bothers me. They caused the bug and others in the last update and there has been complete silence since.
  38. apatia771's avatar
    Damn, that is a disappointing bundle
  39. rapid111111's avatar
    looks good, will be getting that.
  40. kelvinsimkins's avatar
    Ye great value
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