Interior mirror for driving test in own car?

    Hi does anyone know where i can buy a stcik on interior mirror thats needed for a driving test?i just tried one that i bought of ebay which has a suction pad but it just wont suck onto the bloody window and i even broke the mirror when i pushed on it.

    just wondering if any local shops sell them



    have you tried halfords?

    Yes, Halfords. I got a replacement rearview mirror at my local one about 6 months ago.

    I have an extra one so I can see the kids in the back and I got it from Halfords too :thumbsup:

    Make sure it has a plastic surround or they wont accept it (sharp edges)

    Good luck for the test whoever :thumbsup:

    Give the sucker a lil bit o spit

    Seriously go to any motor spares shop. They will be much cheaper than Halfords and just as good quality :thumbsup:

    Try wetting the next one, it will stick better.


    Halfords. I cleaned window with speciall sheet with alcohol bought … Halfords. I cleaned window with speciall sheet with alcohol bought together with mirrow. Didn't work. Mirror felt. My nice egzaminor used peace of paper or tissue and placed between glass (window) and sucker.

    What did your examiner say?


    What did your examiner say?

    You're late.
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